The Mechanic and Chemist: A Magazine of the Arts and Sciences, Volume 4


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Pagina 174 - And how well doth it execute its office! An anatomist, who understood the structure of the heart, might say beforehand that it would play; but he would expect, I think, from the complexity of its mechanism, and the delicacy of many of its parts, that it should always be liable to derangement, or that it would soon work itself out. Yet shall this wonderful machine go, night and day, for eighty years together, at the rate of a hundred thousand strokes every twenty-four hours, having, at every stroke,...
Pagina 251 - ... small globules having a high metallic lustre, and being precisely similar in visible characters to quicksilver, appeared, some of which burnt with explosion and bright flame, as soon as they were formed, and others remained, and were merely tarnished, and finally covered by a white film which formed on their surfaces.
Pagina 125 - Pampas ? or in what more powerful creature can we find the cause that has effected the extirpation of his race? His entire frame was an apparatus of colossal mechanism, adapted exactly to the work it had to do; strong and ponderous, in proportion as this work was heavy, and calculated to be the vehicle of life and enjoyment to a gigantic race of quadrupeds, which, though they have ceased to be counted among the living inhabitants of our planet, have, in their fossil bones, left behind them imperishable...
Pagina 66 - It is on the rivers, and the boatman may repose on his oars ; it is on highways, and begins to exert itself along the courses of land conveyance ; it is at the bottom of mines, a thousand feet below the earth's surface ; it is in the mill, and in the workshops of the trades. It rows, it pumps, it excavates, it carries, it draws, it lifts, it hammers, it spins, it weaves, it prints.
Pagina 251 - ... in a state of intense activity ; and a platina wire, communicating with the positive side, was brought in contact with the upper surface of the alkali. The whole apparatus was in the open atmosphere.
Pagina 252 - ... depth of three or four inches of water at the bottom, and a small ladder reaching to the top of the jar. On the approach of dry weather the frogs mount the ladder, but when wet weather is expected, they descend into the water.
Pagina 56 - The height of the mercury in the tube above the surface of the mercury in the basin...
Pagina 49 - ... whom we have employed, (and in saying this I express the experience of every manufacturer on the continent to whom I have spoken, and especially of the English manufacturers, who make the loudest complaints.) These characteristics of depravity do not apply to the English workmen who have received an education, but attach to the others in the degree in which they are in want of it.
Pagina 265 - The worst of all positions is that in which we look downward vertically. 4. If we stand straight up and look horizontally, parallel markings or lines will be seen most perfectly when their direction is vertical; viz. the direction in which the lubricating fluid descends over the cornea. 5. Every part of the object should be excluded except that which is under immediate observation. 6. The light which illuminates the object, should have a very small diameter. In the daytime it should be a single hole...
Pagina 160 - Would he were fatter! but I fear him not: Yet if my name were liable to fear, I do not know the man I should avoid So soon as that spare Cassius. He reads much; He is a great observer, and he looks Quite through the deeds of men; he loves no plays, As thou dost, Antony; he hears no music...

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