scribed course is pursued; "schools' preparatory to entrance upon some one of the professions ;" and they can therefore be of little service, as they are at present constituted, to the classes of the community referred to in the argument.

In his concluding chapter, Dr. W. reviews briefly the points, which seem to him to call most loudly for attentive consideration. In this chapter, he offers thoughts on the Boards of Trustees and Visitors of the colleges, the organization, the officers and the discipline of them, and on premiums. But we have not space to give a fuller detail.

We regard the work as presenting eminently sound and important views of the great subject of which it treats; views, which are of vital consequence to the advancement of the cause of education. We commend the book to the serious attention of our learned men. One age cannot effect all the changes in our collegiate system which are suggested, even if they be universally approved. Hasty revolutions may tear up old foundations more rapidly than they can plant new ones. But improvement in some points can as easily be undertaken by one generation as by another. We hope that the distinguished author may yet live to enjoy the first fruits of a harvest, of which in this little book he has sown the seeds. EDITOR.




A Romaic or modern Greek Grammar, with Chrestomathy and Lexicon, by E. A. Sophocles, has just been issued at Hartford, Con.-A new edition of Noehden's German Grammar, edited by Prof. Sears, is announced as in the press of Allen, Morrill & Wardwell, at Andover. This grammar has long stood very high in the estimation of competent judges, and it will be improved by consulting the more recent and best authorities.-Hahn's Greek Testament, which was announced in March last, has appeared. The American editor has prefixed a valuable introduction to it.-Wm. F. Nelson, of Richmond, Va., has ready for the press a translation of Uhleman's Syriac Grammar.-A new Hymn Book for church service, to be published by Gould, Kendall & Lincoln, is nearly ready for the press.-Mr. Colman, the author of a work on the Antiquities of the Christian Church, is preparing an additional work in the department of Ecclesiastical history.


Etienne Quatremère, Jr., is about to issue a Syriac-Latin Lexicon, in 2 vols. All the Paris MSS. are examined in the preparation.

Prof. C. F. Kling, of Marburg, formerly of Tübingen, a disciple of Neander, has been appointed Augusti's successor in Bonn. (March, '42.) Heeren, the historian, died at Göttingen, March 6, 1842, aged 82. The permission to teach theology has been taken away from the licentiate Bruno Bauer, of the University of Bonn, in consequence of the unchristian tendency of his criticism of the Evangelists. Most of the Theological Faculties of Prussia supported this act of the government.

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JEREMIAH VARDEMAN, Mo., May 28, aged 67. Wм. WHAYNE, Hubbardsville, Ky., June 7.


EDWIN ADRIAN, Fairfield, April 25. WALTER BARRY, County Line, Talbot Co., Ga., May 28.



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