In addition to the above, a vast amount of labor has been performed by them in protracted meetings, and meetings for moral improvement, in Bible and tract distribution, and in organizing and aiding Sabbath schools, temperance and other benevolent societies. The missionaries of the Society report the baptism of 1,495,the organization of thirty-six churches, and the ordination of sixteen ministers. Under their supervision or influence 4,654 pupils have been instructed in Sabbath schools and Bible classes, by 589 teachers. Among the churches aided, four meetinghouses have been completed, and the erection of thirteen others has been commenced. Two churches have become able to sustain themselves without further missionary aid. From forty-two of the churches $2,798 61 have been paid for benevolent purposes. In the entire number aided, are twenty-eight young men preparing for the ministry. The missionaries of auxiliaries report the baptism of 2,727 persons, making a total of 4,222 baptisms.

The American and Foreign Bible Society held its fifth anniversary April 26. The amount of all receipts the past year is $25,692 50. - Of this sum $13,320 has been appropriated to printing and circulating the Scriptures in foreign lands. Number of new auxiliary societies recognized during the year, eleven. Life-members and life-directors added to the list, 120. Volumes presented to the Biblical library, 146. Whole number of volumes in the library, 623. Amount of labor performed by travelling agents, thirty-eight months. Two editions of the English Bible were printed during the year, embracing 5,000 copies.

The Baptist Publication Society held its third anniversary April 27. The receipts of the Society the past year have been $12,788 95, and the expenditures $12,489 12. About $1,700 of the receipts were do nations to the Society. The remainder has accrued from the sale of books, the Baptist Record, or has merely passed through this Society as a channel of other institutions and objects.



A Grammar of the Turkish Language, by Major Charles Boyd, has just appeared in London.-Also, a volume on Modern French Literature, by L. Raymond de Véricour, formerly lecturer in the Royal Athenæum in Paris.-Murray has brought out, in 2 vols., a Historical Sketch of the Rise, Progress and Decline of the Reformation in Poland, by Count Valerian Krasinski.-We see advertised, also, the Martyr of Erromanga, or the Philosophy of Missions, illustrated by the labors, death and character of the late Rev. John Williams, by Rev. John Campbell, D. D. Instead of containing the usual details of conversions, &c., it is written in the form of letters to those persons or institutions, who are supposed to be most deeply concerned in the topics discussed in the different parts. Thus, letter first is addressed to the teachers of British and other schools. Another, containing an account of the results of missions on the interests of time, is addressed to Sir T. F. Buxton, James Douglas, of Cavers, and Lord Brougham.-A work on Christian Missions to the heathen nations has, also, just come from the pen of the Rev. Baptist W. Noel.-Joseph Sturge has given to the public an account of his visit, a year since, to the United States. It is spoken of as a calm and impartial work. We should judge, however, from a specimen of its contents, given in one of the London Reviews, that it is not without some palpable mis-statements.-Bagster & Sons have published an edition of "The Famous Genevan Testament," containing "diversities of readings, and most profitable annotations of

harde places." This translation was the work of a number of the principal Reformers, who were driven to Geneva by the persecutions in the reign of Queen Mary. The first edition was printed in 1557, by Conrad Badius; and was the first in our language containing the divisions of the verses. A second edition was printed in 1560, with short marginal notes.


Hengstenberg published in 1841 a work, entitled the books of Moses and Egypt, which promises for the reading of Genesis great value; also, now quite lately, a volume consisting of the interpretation of difficult passages of the Old Testament. This volume is the first of a series, and discusses the history of Balaam and his prophecies.-Bernhardy is bringing out the second and last volume of his history of Greek literature, which, like every thing from him, will be of the highest order.Olshausen's posthumous works, Commentaries on the Epistles, have been published, and are among the best exegetical works which we now have.-Winer published in 1840, the second volume of his Handbook of Theological literature, full of minute statistical learning; also, the present year, a small Chaldee Grammar.-Ewald and Umbreit have each brought out a Commentary on Isaiah.-Stephanus' Greek Thesaurus, by the Dindorffs, has appeared in Paris, as far as the letter K.-Hupfeld has, at length, given to the public a Hebrew Grammar, which has been expected for ten years; and which it is supposed will take rank above all that have preceded it. He was a pupil of Gesenius. -A new history of Rome, from the fall of the Republic to Constantine, has appeared at Göttingen, from the pen of Dr. Charles Hoek, a professor in the University there.


Sargons, of Geneva, is publishing, in a series, a work on the French authors of the Reformation. It is said that the press at Paris is frequently assailing those authors; and this work of Sargons is finely adapted to meet them.


A new Review, now the only one in all Sweden, has lately appeared, and promises to become an important guide to the lovers of Swedish literature. Its title is " Frey," and its contents are almost exclusively short notices and opinions of the new publications. Three numbers have appeared.



MESHACH BROWNING, Green Co., Ill., Jan. 1, aged 38.

JOSIAH BARKER, Franklin Co., Ala., Jan. 6,
aged 51.

GEORGE H. BLACK, Boston, March 16.
WILLIAM CORBIN, Logansport, Ia.
WILLIAM M. DOOLITTLE, Northampton, Ms.,
Feb. 12, aged 23.

JOHN HALL, Troy, Ind., Feb. 18.
N. W. HODGES, Cookham, S. C.
JESSE L. HOLMAN, Aurora, Ia., March 28.
WILLIAM KEYS, Missouri, Jan.
FREDERIC W. MILES, Fredericton, N. B.,
Feb. 2, aged 35.

CHARLES H. PEABODY, North Randolph,
Mass., April 21, aged 43.

JOHN PEAK, Boston, April 9, aged 81.
HADLEY PROCTOR, China, Me.Apr. 12, aged 48.
WHORTON M. RANSDALL, near Shelbyville,

CORODEN H. SLAFTER, missionary, Bangkok,
Siam, April 17, 1841, aged 30.

ISAAC TAYLOR, near Bardstown, Ky., March
13, aged 69.

CHRISTY G. WHEELER, McHenry, Ill., March 23, aged 32.


RICHARD ANDERSON, St. Louis, Nov. 7.
THOMAS D. ANDERSON, 1st church, Salem,
Mass. March 15.

JULIUS C. ANGEL, Camden, Lorain Co., O.,
March 9.

OLIVER O. BAILEY, Milfield, Southampton
Co., Va., April 26.

L. R. BARNES, Miss., Sept.

J. R. BARRY, Oneonta, Otsego Co., N. Y.,
Jan. 20.

IRA BENEDICT, Mohawk, N. Y., Jan. 26.
JOSEPH P. BURBANK, West Plattsburg, N.Y.,.
Jan. 12.

GEORGE BUTLER, Shady Grove, Ky., Jan. 18.
DAVID CALL, Clearfork, O., April 7.
E. W. CLARK, Sardinia, N. Y., Feb. 23.
W. D. CORBIN, Cato, Cayuga Co., N. Y.
DANIEL CRENSHAW, New Salem, Madison
Co., Miss., Nov.

G. W. DAY, Somerville, Tenn., Oct. 17.
NATHAN DENISON, Derby, Vt., Feb. 24.
WILLIAM L. EATON, East Weare, N. H.,
April 21.

H. T. FERO, Wheatfield, Ingham Co., Mich.,

Jan. 28.

[blocks in formation]

A. P. HOWELL, Onondaga, Onon. Co, N. Y., Sept. 8.

CHARLES M. IRWIN, Powelton, Ga., March 5. SAMUEL KINGSBURY, Jr., Brooklyn, Vt., Nov. 18.

V. E. KIRTLY, Frankfort, Ky., Dec. 25. HIRAM MAIN, Milford Centre, Otsego Co., N. Y., Jan. 27.

ROBERT C. MILLS, Colchester, Ct., March 17.
BELA PALMER, Centreville, Alleghany Co.,
N. Y., Jan. 19.

L. PARMELE, Galway, N. Y., Oct. 27.
AMOS B. PENDLETON, Hope, Me., Dec. 8.
D. PHILLIPS, Thomaston, Pa., Dec. 9.
ALFRED PINNEY, Auburn, N. Y., Feb. 10.
ISAAC A. PITMAN, Burlington Green, Otsego
Co., N. Y., April 27.

Y. R. PITTS, Great Crossings, Ky., Nov. 17.
JOHN O'QUIN, Chenyville, La.

JOHN RANSDALE, New Bethel, Marion Co., Ind., Feb. 24.

JOHN RUSE, near New Albany, Ind., Jan. 22.
SAMUEL RICHARDS, West Sutton, Mass.,
March 31.

JOSEPH RICKER, Portland, Me., May 12.
J. M. ROCKWOOD, East Rutland, Vt., Feb. 9.
LAUREL L. ROOT, Butler, Knox Co., O.,
April 24.

LADOWICK SALISBURY, West Winfield, Herk.
Co., N. Y., May 3.

MICHAEL SHANK, Milton, Wayne Co., O.,

Jan. 11.

JAMES SINCLAIR, Beaver, Guernsey Co., O., March.

JOSEPH SKAGGs, Union church, Warren Co., Ky., Jan.

JOSEPH SORSBY, Mound Bluff, Miss., March 14.

JAMES M. SPURLIN, Chambers Co., Ala., Feb. 23.

JOHN TROWBRIDGE, Weathersfield, Wyoming Co., N. Y., March 10.

WILLIAM VERRINDER, Buffalo, N.Y., Feb.16. WILLIAM WADSWORTH, Martinsville, O., April 10.

JAMES M. WHIPPLE, Hinsdale, Mass., March


WILLIAM WILLIAMS (colored), Washington, D. C., Jan. 1.

Taylorsville, Hanover Co., Va., Oct. 9, 1841.
Chester, Randolph Co., Ill., Oct. 10.
Russell, George Co., O., Oct. 21.
Oxford, Butler Co., O., Oct. 29.
Near Clarksburg, Va., Oct. 30.
New Baptist church, Oxford, O., Oct. 31.
Savannah, Madison Co., Tenn., Oct.
Luthersburg, Clearfield Co., Pa., Nov. 1.
Taukhannock, Luzerne Co., Pa., Nov. 3.
Lunenburg, Vt., Nov. 4.

East Nantmead, Chester Co., Pa., Nov. 5.
Tallahatchee, Miss., Nov.
Clifford, Susquehanna Co., Pa., Dec. 8.
Thomaston, Juniata Co., Pa., Dec. 9.
Hadlyme, Conn., Dec. 16.

Buffalo River, Monongalia Co., Va., Dec. 19.
Columbus, Geo., Dec. 19.

Orange Co., Ind., Jan. 1, 1842.
Aurora, Me., Jan. 1.
Hereford, Md., Jan. 5.

Martin's Hill, Chemung Co., N. Y., Jan. 5.
Brownville, Ky., Jan. 15.
Torrington, Conn., Jan. 19.
Jefferson, Switzerland Co., Ind., Jan. 25.
Bryant's Creek, Ia., Jan. 26.
Wheatfield, Ingham Co., Mich., Jan. 23.
Baton Rouge, La.

Crittenden, Grant Co., Ky.
Fairport, Monroe Co., N. Y., Feb. 2.
Hereford, Va., Feb. 5.

Rondout, Ulster Co., N. Y., Feb. 7.
Cushing, Me., Feb. 8.

Jefferson Co., Ky., Feb. 12.

Concord, near Fort Wayne, Ind., Feb. 13.
Belmont, Me., Feb. 20.

Niagara Falls, N. Y., Feb. 23.
Jefferson, Adams Co., Ind., Feb.
Morgantown, Va.. Feb.

Near Smithfield, Fayette Co., Va., Feb.
Ellington, Conn., Feb.
Newark. N. J., March 3.
Lockport, Penn., March 7.

Bath, Steuben Co., N. Y., March 16.
Beaver, Guernsey Co., O., March 19.
Cincinnati, O., 3d church, March 20.
Poplar Spring, Buckingham Co., Va., March


Putnam Valley, N. Y., April 7.
Elk Ridge Landing, Md., April 12.
West Caln, Chester Co., Pa., April 14.
East Pamalia, N. Y., April 20.
Newport Village. Me., April 20.
East Pharsalia, Chenango Co., April 20.
Conklin, Broome Co., N. Y., April 27.
Louisville, Ky. (colored), April.
Lyme, Conn., May 12.
Richmond, Va., 4th church, May.

DEDICATIONS. Upperville. Fauquier Co., Va., Jan. 15. Pontiac, Mich., Feb. 10.

Broome St., New York city, Feb. 20.
Henderson, Ky., Feb. 20.
Tansbury, N. J.. Feb.
Staten Island, March 31.



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