There is now a Free Church in Scotland, as there is in New England, because the ancestral piety of both countries was that of a free, voluntary covenant with God.

The Old World are even yet but beginning to learn the nature, the truth, and the power, of a voluntary piety, a voluntary covenant, and voluntary churches.

Men are beginning to see that a state can be religious only in proportion as the individuals who compose it are true voluntary Christians, and the acts and laws that emanate from it and manifest its character are in correspondence with the Gospel ; that the grace of God alone, and not an Ecclesiastical or State-Sacrament, can make Christians; that the grace of God is free, and makes men freemen; that the Church does not include the State, except as God, by his grace, brings the subjects of the State into Christ's fold; and that the State does not include the Church in its spiritual existence and privileges, as contained in its charter in God's word, and has no authority over it, and no responsibility in regard to it, except to protect the Christian and civil liberties of all its members, as of all citizens, from all annoyance and all injury. When these principles are thoroughly learned, and prevalent, then, and not till then, will the fever of intolerance and the fire of persecution die out of existence. When Christ reigns, then, and not till then, will the world rest.

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