[blocks in formation]

Scholar who shall unnecessarily soul or injure a puus,
shall be deprived of the privilege of drawing another
for such length ni time as the Librarian may deem

3.–Books should be returned every Sabbath, and on
no account can a Book be detained from the Library
more than two weeks at a time.

4.-The Scholars shall make choice of the Books they wish, from the Catalogue, and each Scholar may select several numbers, any one of which being obtained, shall be accepted.

5.-When all the Books returned by the Scholars are placed in the Library, the Librarian will then select such Books as are called for by the different classes, giving each class, in regular rotation, the privilege of the first selection; the Books thus selected he will charge to the Scholars; and at the close of the recitations, the Librarian will pass the Books drawn by each class to the Teachers, who will distribute them to the Scholars, who will be responsible for the prompt return of the same, or for their equivalent, in case of loss.

6.-Scholars who come in late, and after the selection of Books has been made, will be deprived of the privilege of drawing a Book on that day, unless they are able to offer to the Librarian a satisfactory reason for their lateness,


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