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which this text ever came to be &c. are sometimes evidently us-
pressed into the service of the ed in a limited sense. It is al-
Universalists is the misappre-ways candid to attend to the
hending the meaning of the word scope of an author, to determine
death. They have considered it in what sense he uses words. By
as signifying either sin, (spiritu- not attending to this, we shall
al death) or future misery, which often do the greatest injustice
is called eternal death. If death to an author. I do not know
in this passage does not mean that Doctor Watts was
either of these, then I do not see considered as a universalist; yet
how this text helps their cause. one disposed to be uncandid, and
We believe in a universal de to catch at a word might infer
struction of natural death, and his favoring such sentiments
yet we believe that some will from reading this verse in one of
awake to shame and everlasting his psalms ;
Remark 2. The way which this

Cheerful they walk with growing

strength, mistake, about the last enemy 6 Till all shall meet in heaven at death, has arisen, is by not com

length ; paring the text with the context ; « Till all before thy face appear, and this is a very fruitful source “ And join in nobler worship there." of mistakes. If we compare this

Do you not see, might this text with the chapter, it fixes the

uncandid person say, do you not meaning of death, beyond a doubt, to be natural death. But when see, that Doctor Watts held to

a general restoration ? Has he a favorite point is to be established, then a mere word, or sounded this sentiment, as plain as

not, in one stanza, twice expressis catched at, without honestly

language could do it?--has he seeking for its true meaning. It is well known that language God's face, and that all will ap

not said all will appear before is so barren, that words, not on: ly of the same sound, but writ: pear in heaven at lengih? This ten with the same .letters, are

appears plausible--this looks a made use of to signify quite dif- good deal like proving Doctor

Watts a universalist ; but by ferent things. In general, there is not much difficulty to deter-only casting our eye back on the

preceding stanza, we can see mine in what sense any accu

that Doctor Watts may still hold rate speaker or writer uses his words, if we will but carefully

concerning the way of the wickattend to all that he speaks or writes, and take it in connection.

“ And down it leads to endless pain :"
It is probable that when Christ for there we find something to
said, “ Destroy this temple and limit all in the stanza quoted.
in three days I will raise it up “ Blest are the men, whose hearts
again,” he pointed to his body,
or introduced the words in such “ To find the way to Zion's gate ;
aconnection, that those who can- “ God is their strength, and througi.

the road,
didly attended might have un-
derstood him to mean not Solo-

They lean upon their helper God." mon's temple, but the temple When in the next verse, he - bis body. The wordsall, whole, comes to speak of all meeting in


are set

heaven at length, it is perfectly thing, which God never designeasy, if we will exercise a grain ed. of candor, to understand, that he This 15th chapter of Corinthimeans all those men, whose ans is considered as containing hearts are set to find the way to much, which favors universalZion's gate.

ism; but there is nothing which Such want of candor they are really favors it, only let the true guilty of, who would attempt to design of the apostle be looked prove from 1. Cor. iv, 5. “ And at. The 22d verse of this chapthen shall every man have praise | ter is one of the most noted texts of God,” that every man living which the universalists bring to will meet the approbation of his support their sentiment. These Judge. The connection leads are the words ; For as in Adus to this idea, that all who are am all die, even so in Christ Christ's, who build on this found shall all be made alive." Since dation will be rewarded of God, this passage is introduced, suflet men say and think as they fer me to observe, 1. That die will of them.

here means natural death, and Remark 3. With this sub- of course made alive, which is ject before us, I would remark its opposite, means the literal upon what is gometimes said resurrection. In the verse which concerning certain errors, That immediately precedes this, it is though they do not believe them said ; “ for since by man came to be true ; yet they acknowl- death, by man came also the reedge, their advocates have a good surrection of the dead.” And it deal of scripture on their side. | is evident, that “ made alive,” in This is as much as to say, either this verse means the same as that the Bible is not the word of resurrection of the dead in the God, or that the God of truth preceding one. The verse which bears witness on both sides, in follows also determines the time favor of the truth and also in when they who are in Christ, are favor of error which is its op- to be made alive, viz. at Christ's posite. If God be true, and the coming. The saints are regenBible his book, we may rest as- erated and sanctified and, in this sured, there is not a single word sense made alive before Christ in it ini favor of an error. The comes to judgment. Besides, testimony of the Holy One is all we notice that Christ himself is on one side, and that the side of the first fruits of this being made truth and holiness. Therefore alive, spoken of by the apostle. let no one say, I believe that is Christ never rose from the death not a true doctrine, but there is of sin ; but it was necessary that a good deal of scripture in favor he should suffer and that he of it. There may be a good should be the first, that should deal of scripture, which is rise from the dead. And the brought to prove an untruth, whole scope of the chapter is but let it be scanned, and it will manifestly to prove a literal renot bear the light let it be ex-surrection. We all believe in a amined in its connection, like universal resurrection, both of the passage just now explained, the just and of the unjust ; a reand it will be seen, that its advo- surrection to life and a resurreccates have made it speak some- tion to damnation. But we would


observe, 2. That if we take this the holy city, new Jerusalem, verse in connection with the coming down from God out context, it is evident, that the heaven, prepared as a bride resurrection of believers alone is adorned for her husband. And spoken of. Let us look at the I heard a great voice out of passage, which


before and heaven, saying, Behold the follows after this noted text : tabernacle of God is with men, Ver. 18. Then they which are and he will dwell with them, fallen asleep in Christ are perish- and they shall be his people, ed : Ver. 19. If in this life only and God himself shall be with we have hope in Christ, we (i. e. them, and be their God. And we Christians) are of all men God shall wipe away all tears most miserable : Ver. 23. But from their eyes ; and there every man in his own order ; shall be no more death, neiChrist the first fruits, afterward ther sorrow, nor crying, neithey that are Christ's at his com- ther shall there be any more ing The verses before and af- pain : for the former things ter seem to determine this to be are passed away:

And he the meaning of the 22d verse. that sat upon the throne, said, As in Adam all his children be- Behold, I make all things come mortal and die : so in

And he said unto me, Christ all his believing children Write : for these words are will be raised up at the last day. true and faithful. And he “ They that are Christ's," in the said unto me, It is done. I next verse, is evidently designed am Alpha and Omega, the to limit the all, of whom it is beginning and the end : I will here said, that they shall be give unto him that is athirst made aliye. If we will but use of the fountain of the water of a little patience in the examina

life freely.

He that overtion of a difficult text, and a little cometh shallinherit all things, candor, we shall commonly be and I will be his God, and he able to see, that the scripture is shall be my son." all consistent with itself-that it

Revel. xxi. 1-7. is not that house divided against itself, which cannot stand. May THOSE, who espouse the God guide our minds into the system of Dr. Chauncey and knowledge of the truth, and es- Mr. Winchester, think this pas. tablish our hearts in the love of sage holds forth a universal resit, that we may not be given up toration, because it speaks of a to believe a lie, and so be dam- new heaven and a new earth, and ned, because we received not the all things being made new ; and love of the truth, that we might because it declares that God be saved!

shall wipe away all tears, and

that there shall be no more deaih, NO. IIÍ.

neither sorrow, nor crying, nor

any more pain : for the former “ And I saw a new heaven, and things are passed away.

a new earth ; for the first hea- It is evident this passage deven and the first earth were scribes the perfect blessedness passed away ; and there was of God's kingdom, and not the no more sea. And I John saw I blessedness of all God's crea. Vol. VI. NO. 3,


tures : For as soon as this pas- sedness of the believer by the sage closes, we have a description word but. They who do not of the misery of God's enemies. know enough of grammar to The passage introduced closes know a conjunction from a noun, with the 7th verse, and the 8th still know that if a man, who has verse describes the misery of two sons should say to the elder, those who are not admitted into Because you have been obediheaven, But the fearful and un- ent to your father, I give you all believing and the abominable, and my estate, but as for you (admurderers, and whoremongers, dressing himself to the younger) and sorcerers, and idolaters, and because of your continued disoall liars, shall have their part in bedience and obstinacy, I entirethe lake which burneth with firely disinherit you ; I say the unand brimstone which is the second learned man would understand death.

that this but, put in between the This cannot be a description character and lot of the two sons of the misery of the wicked did not imply that the two sons previous to their restoration, and were to be treated alike, but on that above be 'a description of the contrary, that all the good their restoration and the glory promised was confined to the which shall follow : for the de- elder son. Should such an unscription of the miserable is lettered man be asked, whether separated from the description he thought the younger son of the blessed by the disjunctive could claim half the inheritance particle but.

“ God shall wipe from the promise of the father, away all tears from their eyes, he would answer, By no means; &c.” “ But the fearfuland un- if the father stands to his word, believing, &c. shall have their the younger son will have no part in the lake which barneth share in his estate. withfire and brimstone.” “ He Heaven and hell are both dethat believeth shall be saved."scribed in this chapter. In the Here is nothing said about any seven first verses heaven is dething but salvation; but it would scribed ; and it is described as be wrong to conclude thence, being all happiness without any that there is no such thing as misery, all pleasure without any damnation : for by reading the pain. And this is, no doubt, true other clause of the sentence, of that blessed place, where we find it written, “ but he Christ will for ever dwell with that believeth 10t shall be damn- his redeemed family. Hell is ed.” This passege in the 21st represented as a place, where chapter of Revelation, is simi- all sorts of impeniteat sinners lar to the one in Mark just are punished in a burning lake. Yeferred to. In both, there Here is torment without any is a description first of the char- After the description of acter of the Christian and his these two different states, there reward ; and secondly of the is not a word intimated, as tho' character of the unbeliever and either of them would ever come his fearful doom. And in both to an end. cases, the character and punish- The future happiness, which ment of the unbeliever is sepa- is spoken of in the passage now ied from the character and bles. | under consideration, is evidently


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confined to those who are pos- | But in the heavenly state, the sessed of a holy conformity to new heavens and the new earth God. The water of life is prom- will be completed

Their comised only to him that is athirst. pletion will not consist in the And it is only to him who over- restoration of all fallen creatures cometh, that God has promised to the favor of God, but in the all things, and to be his God. restoration and perfection of an Here the character to be reward- elect world. “ All the Father ed is brought into view. It is giveth me shall come to me, and only men of this character, from him that cometh unto me I will whose eyes all tears will be wi- in no wise cast cut. And this is ped, and from whom all pain will the Father's will which hath be for ever removed.

sent me, that of all which he I do not see how any thing hath given me, I should lose can be gathered from the phrase nothing, but should raise it up

a new heaven and a new earth” at the last day.”' to support the Restoration sys- Attention to this passage leads tem. The first place in the Bi- to one reflection—it is this, ble where we find this phrase is The universalists, whether the 65th chapter of Isaiah. An upon Dr. Huntington's or Dr. examination of that place may Chauncey's plan, seem to build reflect light on this. “ For be their scheme of a universal salhold, I create new heavens and vation upon this mistake-They a new earth : and the former make a general application of shall not be remembered, nor those promises, which God has come into mind. But be you made, only to those who obey glad and rejoice for ever in that the gospel.

that the gospel. They give that which I create : for behold I which is holy to dogs, when God create Jerusalem a rejoicing and gives it only to his children.-her people a joy." Any one, They do not separate between who has paid but little atten- the precious and the vile ; betion to the language of scripture, tween him that serveth God and knows that Jerusalem is one of him that serveth him not. There the names of Christ's church. are joys unspeakable in heaven ; The creation of the world is cal- but they are prepared only for led creating the heavens and the those who love God. Let none earth. It is natural, that the feel that their heaven is secure, redemption of the church should any further than they have evibe spoken of, as a new creation ; dence that they love God. and as the first creation was called heavens and earth, so that the new creation should be called new heavens and a new earth. In the Millennium, the church

On Reconciliation to God. will be brought to its greatest terrestrial perfection, therefore AN a real disciple of the when Jerusalem shall be a re- blessed Jesus, or even a joicing and her people a joy, professed believer in divine revthe new heavens and the new elation, rea those memorable earth will be, in a more eminent words of the inspired. Paul, (2 sense, than ever before, created. I Cor. v. 19, 20,) unimpressed


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