had received the Lord's supper, / struction. Some appeared at and 72 had been buried.

length to get relief, that which The Rev. Mr. Holzberg, in a | I trust is saving, and many more letter dated at Cuddalore, 12th were bowed down with fear and Oct. 1803, reports the much la- trembling before a holy God. mented death of the valuable and May 12th, I preached there, and excellent Mr.Gericke, at Vellore | administered the sacrament. It on the 2d of that month. . was a very solemn season. Three

The loss was sincerely felt by persons were admitted as memMr. Holzberg in particular, as bers of the Church, who had obhe had been accustomed to look tained hopes but a few weeks up to Mr. G. as a friend and a before. Several others were father. The Society, he ob- deeply impressed and very much serves, had lost a most faithful affected. In this place there servant; the mission its second have been no bodily affections. pillar; and all India a benefac- The work proceeds like the still, tor, and an eminent example of small voice of Jehovah, carrying piety and virtue, whose right- the clearest evidence to any obeous footsteps, he prays God serving mind, that it is verily that he may be enabled to follow. the work of Almighty God.;

“ Divine Providence appears wonderfully to favor the cause

of truth in this country. Our Ectract of a Letter from the Rev. infant churches appear to stand

Thomas Robbins, Missonary in firm, to have the visible counteNew-Connecticut, dated June nance of the great head of the 8, 1805.

Church, and to promise to be

.hereafter worthy members of “IT is with pleasure I inform the visible kingdom of the Reyou that the Holy Spirit appears deemer. in some degree to give us testi “ Since the beginning of the monies of his blessed and holy present year, I have been taking presence. In Canfield, divine pains to make an actual enumegrace appears to have called the ration of the families in this attention of many to the inter- county. The work I have just ests of eternal things. In the completed.. There are families winter past, a very great degree in 64 Towns. The number of of stupidity and vanity possess- | families, the first of Jan. 1804, ed the minds of the people gen- was about 800. The first of last erally ; but early in the spring January there were a little more it appeared that several people than 1100 ; of these 450 are were under very deep concern from New-England. There are for the safety of their souls. I 24 schools, and 7 Churches, and went there soon after, and a ve- more than 20 places where the ry great earnestness was mani- worship of God is regularly fested in many to receive in- maintained on the Sabbath.

DE *:8: 0 Donation to the Missionary Society of Connecticut. July 9. From the sale of Summary of Christian Doctrines. $ 3 37

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An attempt to explain several of not, it would amount to renoun

the principal texts, which are cing the Christian religion. The brought forward by those who apostle Peter speaks of such a hold to a Universal Restoration, thing as wresting the scriptures, in support of their system. I which is turning them out of

their natural course, and making A MONG those who profess them speak a meaning, which N to believe the Christian re. the Spirit of truth did not inligion, there exists quite a differ-| tend. We know that the father ence of opinion, what this reli. of lies made such a use of scripgion is. By men, who all pro-ture when he tempted the Son fess to be Christians, very differ- of God, and it is not strange, if, ent opinions are entertained con- with our corrupt hearts, we thus cerning the character of God, corrupt the word of truth. It the person and offices of the must be wrong therefore to conMediator, the natural state of clude that men have scripture man, his duty · here, and his on their side, because they bring prospects in the future world. scripture with a view to supIt is idle to say, that the matters port their sentiments. Their in dispute between the various proofs must be examined in their denominations of Christians are connection, to see whether they trilling, and of no importance. communicate such ideas, as they This may indeed be the case in are said to do. And here I some instances, but often it is would remark, that there are quite otherwise, if the Christian commonly a few, which may be religion itself be of any import called the principal texts, by ance ; for the things in which which any particular system is we differ are often the most es- supported. Now, if upon a caresential things in the systein. ful examination, it shall be

But however great our differ- found, that these firincipal texts ences are, we all pretend to be are wrested, and made to speak willing to have our sentiments a meaning foreign from what tried by the bible. If we did I they naturally speak, we shall

Vol. VI. NO. 3.

have great reason to suspect the sins, and there be no change of truth of that system, which they character after death, then it is are brought to establish. It may of inconceivable importance, that therefore be an expeditious way I should this moment be preparof oversetting a false scheme, to ed for heaven ; for another moexpose the perversion which is | ment's delay may shut the door inade of the most material pas- of mercy upon me for ever ; but sages of scripture, which are if, after death, there be still anothalleged in its support. If upon er probation, though my duty to examining a new house, which exercise immediate repentance had been built with a view to be as great, yet the consestrength as well as beauty, you quences of a delay are, by no should find the posts and princi- means, so alarming. It has pal timbers rotten, you would been the common sentiment of hardly think it needful to exam- the Christian world, that the ine the studs and braces and scriptures teach us, that a part smaller timbers, but would take of the children of Adam will it for granted, that they too were be saved, through Christ, from rotten. You would reason thus : the miseries of hell, and that a Surely if the man could have part will be punished without found any good, sound timber, end. This commonly received he would not have had rotten sentiment is, however, disputed posts and beams. If, for exam- by those, who are called Univerple, it could be found (which we salists. The Universalists are presume it cannot) that those of two kinds, 1. Those who hold who believe in the toial defiruvi- to no future punishment; and 2. ty of human nature, hare en-Those who hold to future puntirely misunderstood and per-ishment in hell, but to a univer: verted those principal texts, sal restoration from that state of which they bring to support punishment to a state of eternal their belief, such as Gen. vi. 5. blessedness in heaven. . It is Pom. m. 9-23. and Rom. viii. the latter class of Universalists, 7, 8. it would do much towards which we shall have our eye convincing us, without proceed more particularly upon in the ing further, that their sentiment following explanations. We could not be supported by the shall now proceed to examine scriptures. But if these pillar several of their most noted texts should appear to be sound, texts. we might couclude the doctrine would stand, even though we

NO. I. should find some texts, which are less depended upon, misap “ Vy hom the heaven must replied in being brought to sup ceive until the times of restiport this doctrine.

tution of all things, which That part of the Christian God hath spoken by the mouth systein, which treats of a future of all his holy prophets since retribution, is exceedingly im the world began.” portant. If men are formning

Acts iii. 21. their characters here for eternity, it is important they should THIS text is taken first, it. If some die in their cause I suppose that the name


of the sentiment, Universal Res- the system of a universal restotoration," was designed to be tá- rátian be built on this text, the ken from the phrase, Pestitution idea of sinners being driven from of all things, which is used in the judgment seat to hell must this verse. If the sentiment de-| be given up; but this would rived its name from this passage, give an entire new turn to the it is natural to suppose, that this | Restoration scheme. They have is considered as one of the prin- hitherto exerted themselves to cipal texts to support it. explain away the endlessness of

The Restoration plan suppos the punishment denounced by es, that at the day of judgment, the Judge, but, if they build their there will still be righteous and system on this text, they must wicked ; that the righteous will explain away the whole of the be taken to heaven and the wick- sentence, which denounces any ed sent to hell, to endure ever punishment to be endured after lasting punishment, that is, as the day of judgment. 2 : they explain it, punishment to After showing that this paslast for ages of ages. After sage does not favor the Restothey have endured this everlast-ration scheme, we shall enguire ing punishment, they are to be what it does mean. Is not this restored to the favor of God. one important idea contained in Now the text before us, if it these words, That before, and prove any thing in favor of a at the day of judgment, all the universal salvation, will prove elect will be gathered in and too much to suit this system. completely restored to the divine If the restitution of all things" image and favor. These are mean the restoration of all men Christ's people spoken of Psal. to holiness and happiness, then cx. 3.--these are his seed menthis text proves that this resto- tioned by Isaiah in the 53d chapration will take place at the day ter of his prophecy. The proof judgment. It is granted on phets never spoke of the Messiall hands, that Christ will come ah as restoring men from the from heaven to earth, at the day place of the damned to the place of judgment. But this text does of the blessed, and they never as much as to tell us, that he spoke of his restoring all' men will not leave heaven to visit the in this world to holiness and earth until the times of restitu- happiness, but that his people tion of all things; therefore, the should become willing ; that he restitution of all things, which should see the travail of his soul. •God hath spoken by the mouth | -The prophets foretold that aof all his holy prophets, is an mong those who slept in the event cotemporary with the day dust of the earth, some should of judgment. According to this awake to life, and some to shame passage, it is evident, that Christ and everlasting contempt; there. is to be kept or retained in hea- fore à restitution of all things, ven until the very time, when which was spoken by the mouth this restitution shall take place; of all the holy prophets, doth then it must take place as early not mean a restoration of all, as the general judgment, else we men to the favor of God. All need not expect to see Christ things at the day of judgment here on that solemn occason. If may be restored, which they

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said would be restored, and yet secure. The strong hand of many be left in a state of impen- divine justice will subdue the reitence and wrath.

| bels-they will never again be Another idea communicated | able to rise. Let us take heed, by the restitution of all things, that we be not then found among at the day of judgment, may be the enemies of the Lord ! this, That things will all then Now like a lion shall my vengeance be restored to order-things will tear not go on any longer in that Thy bleeding heart, and no deliverer mixed, and apparently, jumbled | state as they now do; but then

NO. II. every creature will have his proper place assigned him, and “ The last enemy that shall be there he will be kept. The right destroyed is death.” eous will all be admitted to hea

I Cor. xv. 26. ven, and sinful angels and im- | penitent men will be confined in I TO understand this passage, that eternal prison, which divine we must know in what sense the justice has prepared for the wick-word death is here used. Death ed. When a rebellion is effect is commonly used in the scrip. ually quelled, tho' the rebellious tures to signify one or the other hearts of many of the insurgents of these three things, 1. A ces. are not subdued, things are ne- sation of animal life, which we vertheless said to be restored to term natural death : 2. It is used order. If there is not a single as synonymous with sin, Rom. rebel left in power, but every one vii: 24, and elsewhere. This we is either allured by Mercy, or call spiritual death : 3. Death is conquered by the strong hand used to signify any misery, of government, and either taken whether it be endured in the pre. out of the way by execution, or sent or future state, Present bound by chains, which cannot evil is called death, Exod. x. 17. be shaken off, we may say con- Future misery is called death, cerning this kingdom, or state, Rom. vi. 23. This, when it res, all things are now reduced to pects the future world, is termed the state they were in before the eternal death. Now if we can rebellion took place. The laws understand in which of these are as much respected now as senses the word death is used in before ; the powers that be, are the passage under consideration, as much revered, and the virtu- it will probably not be difficult ous and obedient are no more to understand the meaning of liable to be molested by the sons the whole passage. : of Belial, than they were before. As this is not a detached pasthe existence of the rebellion sage, like a proverb, but stands

The rebellion which has aris- in the midst of a chapter, which en in Jehovah's dominion, will is all of it a connected chain of be effectually quelled at the day reasoning, on one particular docof judgment, though the heartstrine of the Christian religion, of many rebels will still remain the meaning of the word death opposed to God. The perfect may probably be learned from and eternal peace of the holy the context. The words death, part of God's kingdom will be l die and dead are used more than

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