to fall into a train of thoughts harder, all from a desire to be and contemplations respecting rich, to obtain great estates, and the glorious character, works, to lay up for themselves treasand ways of God, and the duties ures on the earth, because to we owe to him, to our neigh- their hearts the world and the bors, and to ourselves, and the things of it are the chief good. way to be really useful and hap-Such, it is evident, are far from

doing their duty and obeying the

will of God, by laboring in such REFLECTIONS.

a manner and from such moHow deficient in discharging tives. Hence, their duty in laboring are those How directly contrary to the laboring people, who, though real spirit of the divine comthey work early and late, and di-mand for men to labor, and how ligently improve their time to criminal in the sight of God, as the best advantage, in perform- well as pernicious to themselves, ing the business of their respec- is their conduct, whose only or tive callings and occupations, do chief and governing motive in it not willingly, but by constraint, working hard, and laboring dilibeing impelied to it, not from gently to obtain the good things any regard to God, or any incli- of this world, is, that they may nation or desire to obey and ho-consume them upon their lusts nor him, but merely by the ne- that with them they may feed cessity of it, to keep themselves and gratify the lusts of the body, and their families from suffer- and the pride and vanity of the ing with hunger and coll, or to mind, fulfilling the desires of the provide for their comfortable flesh and of the mind ? Should subsistence ?

any of the readers of this be conHow eviciently inconsistent is scious, that such, or similar hath a prevailing love of this world hitherto been the first spring and and of things which are in it, principal motive of their induswith discharging our duty in try, may they become sensible laboring? How greatly do they of the importance of repentance deceive themselves, who think and amendment, and be enabled they are yielding obedience to henceforth to act from a nobler God by working with their hands, principle and to a higher end. and transacting their worldly May they find it in their hearts business wit}, diligence and eco- and learn how even to eat and nomy, when the love of this drink, and to go about and perword is the first spring and form their common worldly buprincipal motive of all their in-siness, with a supreme and ul. dustry ? For it is written, “ Love timate view to the glory of God. not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the worid, the love of On the reasonableness of an imthe Father is not in him.”

mediate Repentance. 1 John ii. 15.

(Contin. from page 79, vol. v.) Men may work early and late, ard labor hard from day to day, Rev. EDITORS, and from year to year', quite as I HAVE been prevented hard as they ought to, and even from discussing the subject of the following observations, up-| feelings, by postponing it, with on which I entered many months inflexible perseverance, from ago, by reasons which need not year to year ? Is this the orbe mentioned. Should you think dinary course of things ? Are proper to insert these addition, not antipathies strengthened by al thoughts, they are at your time? Does not disgust increase service.

by indulgence ? Is it not more

difficult to perform a thing after T is hardly necessary to re- having long contemplated it with


self as addressing those who ac- proving from the natural course knowledge the truth and im- of things, that you will never portance of religion, the abso- repent. Of this, indeed, there lute necessity of repentance in is awful danger, and it affords order to salvation, and that they abundant reason for alarm. are in a state of impenitence and Taking for granted, however, sin ; and who still deliberately what cannot in faithfulness to put off repentance to some fu- your own souls be taken for ture time, when, as they ima- granted by you, that, at some fugine, they shall be opposed by ture period, suppose twenty fewer obstacles, beset with few years hence, you really and truer temptations, or possessed of ly repent of all your past sins, more susceptible hearts ; when, with what additional horror will in short, there shall be a more your minds be agitated, with convenient season, That there how much deeper abasement are many such persons every will your hearts be depressed ? discerning Christian willdeclare. Twenty years added to the long There are many of this charac- and frightful catalogue of your ter who live in religious fami- rebellions ! Twenty years of delies, and receive pious instruc- liberate procrastination, when tion ; many who are heads of the matter to be determined was, families themselves, sober and whether you would obey the orderly, perhaps, and disposed positive commands of

your ļo regard religion as a serious Creator, or continue in bondage thing ; and God grant there to the god of this world ! Twenty may not be some who have years, with all their Sabbaths, solemnly covenanted with God, all their appointments of prayer and become members of his vi- and Christian edification, and all sible church. In pursuing the the labors of love which they subject, I would urge,

ought to have witnessed, will 10. That by deferring repent then be to you irrecoverably lost; ance they are laying an ample while your hearts will be hardenfoundation for future distress and ed, your affections blunted, and anguish, if they are ever brought the chains of your bondage rivetto the knowledge of the truth. ed. If repentance is now disOne great objection to repent-agreeable, will it not then be inance, is an apprehension that it tolerable ? I speak in conformi. is an unpleasant, a painful task. ty to the views which the irreliBut, my friends, can you believe gious frequently entertain of it ; that the task will become more there is, however, such a fitness pleasant, more congenial to your in the behavior of a penitent as more than compensates for all his 11. While men continue imdistresses. Though his sorrows penitent, they naturally and unare great, yet he would not ex- avoidably encourage others to change them, even as to present rest satisfied with

the same enjoyment, for the security of character. Of all influence the sinner. But should you, by which one man can have over the blessing of God, repent, will another, that of example is much you not look back upon the time the greatest. We insensibly foolishly wasted, with poignant yield to its silent power, and are regret, (the more poignant as not prejudiced against it by that entirely unavailing;) and with fear of acknowledging our infethe deepest dismay? How many riority, which often arms us instances will occur to your against whatever offers itself in minds, in which you might have the didactic form. But though been useful to the souls of your always powerful, example is acquaintance, instances which followed with peculiar alacrity,

will never return? How many when it leads the way to which persons to whom you might our passions and natural in. have been useful, will have leftclinations tend. How greedily this world, and appeared before the human race seek palliations God; perhaps uninstructed, un- and excuses for their remaining exhorted, and with all their sins in sin, no considerate man need upon their heads? Will it not be informed. Every person overwhelm you to consider, that must be guilty, then, who quietyou have spent the most actively and knowingly suffers his expart


your life in such a man- ample to be pleaded on the side ner, as to be a grief to your reli- of iniquity ; who calmly allows gious friends, an encouragement himself to be counted a rebel ato the wicked, a servant of Satan gainst his Maker, and rallied led captive at his will, and a re- among the powers of the great bel against Jehovah? But possi- adversary. And must not every hly you may intend to repent on man at once see the guilt of con. a death-bed, and thus have but a ducting himself in such a manshort time for regret and despon- ner, as naturally and of course to dence. First satisfy yourselves, increase the peril of damnation that a single man who put off to those by whom he is surrepentance on such grounds, rounded ? How could any man ever did repent on a death-bed. endure the thought of standing The Lord Jesus Christ has di- by the dying bed of a friend, a rected you to found your house wife, or a child, whom, by his on a rock. Beware, then, if you own example, he had encoura. build your house on the sand, ged in neglect of God and reli. how you indulge a hope, that gion? How could he bear to be when the rain shall descend, the addressed on such an occasion, foods come, and the winds blow as one who had neglected the against it ; when it shall fall, most important of all duties, and be borne away by the im- those of religious instruction ; petuous torrent, you shall em- who had contributed to render erge from its ruins, and, by seiz- others, (and those perhaps highing this straw floating in the ly dependant upon him for all whirlpool, obtain deliverance ayd I their opinions on moral subsafety.

jects,) careless and stupid, while I do behold such instances, must without hope, and without God in we not be lamentably stupid, not the world ; and who'had by his to desire such effects to result silent influence induced them to from our conversation in the hazard their everlasting salva-world ? May the Lord save us tion? How could he bear to re- from this stupidity, and may we frecť that his wife or child was do good to the souls of our felgoing into the world of spirits, low-men by our example, for having received no good at his Christ's sake! hands, but much evil; and that

C. Y. A. he never could in the slightest (To be continued.) degree repair the injury he had committed against one whose fu. ture happiness ought to have been an object of his strictest at- Messrs. EDITORS, tention ? Reader, pause, and an- PERCEIVING an urgent swer whether you wish to make request in your Magazine, for this case your own.

the friends of religion, to supply 12. The mind casily turns you with matter, to enable you from the last topic, to the con- to continue the publication of sideration of the pleasure which the work, I have determined to the consciousness of having set offer my mite, though I have a useful example, must afford to some doubts whether you will a benevolent heart. How re- think it worthy of your attention. viving must be the thought in I shall begin with a short account old age, that, by the grace of of myself.. God, you have been instrumen

CO the souls of those who surround of age ; have been brought you? With what delight will up to labor on a farm from my you hear your children, or other childhood, and have had the relations, impute their first privilege of a tolerable good thoughts of salvation to your af- common school education. It fectionate instruction, or pious is now a little more than two example? With what rapture years, since I humbly hope I may you look forward to the time was brought out of natures darkwhen their children's children ness into God's marvellous shall rise up and call you blessed? light ; from the bondage of sin Possibly it will be objeeted, that and Satan, into the glorious libe every man cannot hope to be so erty of the children of God. I happy as thus to benefit the then lived in a place where many souls of others. But does the of the children of men were cryscripture encourage such an ing after God, and the children objection, when it directs Chris- of God appeared to be eating tians to let their light 80 shine be- bread at their heavenly Father's fore men, that others may glorify table. I now live in the same their heavenly Father ? If we place. But alas ! How are the Look around us in the world, do mighty fallen ? How has the we not see many instances of gold become dim, and the most the blessed effects which spring fine gold changed ? The few, from a religious life? And if wel the mourning few now adopt


the language of the Psalmist, and the only way to expect di“ Help Lord, for the godly man vine assistance, is to be in the conceaseth ; for the faithful fail stant, and diligent use of those from among the children of means which God himself hath

For every one speaketh instituted. And what are the vanity with his neighbor.” Omeans ? I answer, « watch and Christians, you who have an pray.” These are means which interest at the throne of Grace, no Christian can dispense with. who have the spirit to make in- No Christian can thrive or live tercession for you, with groan- without them. They are his ings which cannot be uttered, life, his breath, and his soul's do intercede for Zion. Pray delight. Besides these there for a careless and backsliding are numberless other duties that people. For Zion's sake, hold God enjoins upon his creatures, not your peace, and for Jerusa- which it is their highest inter: lem's sake, do not rest!

est to perform. Particularly Who knows but what your this mentioned by the holy aposprayers will prevail, and we tle, “ Exhort one another daily shall again see such times as in “ lest any be hardened through months past, and as are now 6 the deceitfulness of sin." seen in many places. These are This is very plain. Christians the feeble desires of one who ought always to be exhorting hopes he has just begun to one another, because they live in breathe the Christian air.

a very ensnaring world, and are Several things have induced in extreme danger of being me to write something for this drawn into sin. They must Magazine. One is I am young; exhort one another. of an ordinary education, and The Christian life is combut little experienced in reli- pared to a warfare, and the comgion. And by my coming for parison is very striking. When ward in this way, I hope that a person is converted he is then some, yea very many able wri- a soldier in Christs' army. ters will be provoked to contri- then begins to fight for Christ. bute largely to the support of He looks upon Christ as his law. this valuable work. Another ful sovereign, and rejoices to be

which induced me to in the hands of such a glorious write, is I hope that God will king. He feels the cause of make it a means of animating, Christ to be his cause ; and enlivening and encouraging when Christ is injured he is insome of his dear children to live jured. He is always surroundmore agreeable to the truth, and ed by the enemies of Christ, and thereby promote the declarative sometimes they appear to have glory of his holy name.

overcome him. But he will

finally triumph over them, and An Address to Professors. come off a conqueror, and more

than a conqueror through Jesus YOU who, are professors, his once crucified but now asought always to live to the glory cended Lord. And though the of God while you tabernacle in Christian is so much attached to the flesh. You have engaged his master's cause, yet he is so to do it by divine assistance, I completely hemmed in by ene-.



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