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for the execution of his Testament. But it being impossible that the
divine nature of God should be capable of Death ; it follows, that
the person, who was capable of Death, and did die as a man, was
also God the Testator. And it is to express the strict and perfect
union of the two natures in the single person of Christ, that what
is true only of one, is predicated of both. Of this, two more exam-
ples shall be added in the articles that immediately follow.

Rev. v. 9. Thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to


A distinction is here observed between the two natures of Christ : and the act of redeeming us by the shedding of his blood is ascribed to the Lamb, the Messiah's Humanity. But in another place it is imputed to his Divinity- -Feed the Church of GOD, which he hath purchased with HIS OWN BLOOD* : not that God, strictly speaking, has any blood of his own to shed; but that he who shed his blood for us, as man, was God as well as man : or, in other words, that God and man were united in the same person ; something being predicated of God, which cannot possibly be true without such an union. So again

Zech. xii. 4.-In that day saith the LORD-v. 10

they shall look on me whom they have PIERCED.

But, according to the Evangelist St. John, this Scripture saith, John xix. 37. They shall look on him (Christ) whom

they have PIERCED.

As it stands in the Prophet the Lord (Jehovah) was to be pierced. So that unless Christ, who hung upon the Cross, was also the Lord Jehovah, the Evangelist is found to be a false witness, in applying to him a prophecy that could not possibly be, fulfilled in him.

Pbil. i. 10. That ye may be sincere and without offence,

till the DAY of CHRIST.
2 Pet. iii. 12, Looking for and hasțing to the coming
of the Day of GOD.

Isai. xl. 10. Bebold, the LORD GOD will come.-

Rev. xxii. 12. Behold I (Jesus) Come quickly, and

Amen: even so come LORD JESUS.

[To be continued.]

* Acts xx. 28.

On à religious Education. governed in childhood. If how

ever the labors of faithful pa« Train up a child in the way rents should not, in every in

he should go, and when he is stance, be crowned with success, old he will not depart from still they have abundant encourit.” Prov. xxii. 6.

agement in the word of God to

hope that their instructions will T is not a new idea that the be blessed to the happiness of


generally formed at an early pe- The care of children during riod. Impressions which are their early years is committed made upon the minds of child to their parents, and they are dren in infancy are seldom, if required by God himself to ever, effaced. If early directed“ bring them up in the nurture in the paths of virtue, and shewn andł admonition of the Lord.” the danger of pursuing contra- They are to restrain them from ry courses, they will seldom de- vicious courses, as well as to diviate from them while they live. rect them in the ways of virtue, In the words of an elegant wri- and ever to treat them with lenter ;

“ If the young traveller belity and tenderness. Still, howdirected to set out well in the ever, they are not to be all lenity. journey of life, there is a fair If their children will not submit prospect, that he will go on to to their authority by mild treatits most distant stages with in- ment, coercion is to be used. creasing honor and happiness.” I know it is a sentiment, embra

It is a duty which parents owe cedby a few, that parents have no society, and it is a duty which right to control their children, they owe their children, to in- that their minds ought to remain struct and govern them in the free from any bias, until they fear of the Lord, “ to train them arrive at sufficient years to form up in the way they should go.” sentiments for themselves. But They are urged to the perfor- leaving children to form their mance of this duty from its own opinions relative to morals necessity to render their off and religion, strikes at the root spring respectable and happy of both the temporal and eternał in life. If they leave them happiness of man. And is it wholly to themselves, freely to uncharitable to suppose, that the act out the depravity of their advocates of bis ' sentiment hearts, or if they train them up in would, were they able, remove the way they should not go, they all sense of moral obligation bave the highest reason to be from the breast, extinguish the lieve they will be vicious and light of divine truth, and leave profligate in their manners, and mankind to grope their way, wretched, in their lives. Should through the wilderness of the we inquire why such multitudes world? indulge in every species of vice The history of Eli and his and give up themselves to work sons recorded in sacred writ iniquity with greediness, we exhibits, the importance of pashould find that it was general- rental instruction and governly in consequence of their ‘not ment and especially, of using cobeing properly instructed and ercive measures with children,

when mild means will not pre-struction and government in or vent their indulging in vicious der to secure the eternal salvapractices. The reason and, tion of children; and the pious probably, the only one, why parent who conscientiously disEli's sons were sons of Belial charges his duty is encouraged was, they were not restrained to hope, that he shall one day from the commission of hein- meet his child in the world of ous crimes. Instead of using glory. that authority over them which It is a melancholy consideraGod committed to him, he, like tion that the religious instrucmany indulgent parents of the tion and government of children present day, simply inquired and youth are so much neglectis why do ye such things ? it is ed at the present time. Is not no good report that I hear.” the grand adversary of God and For thus passing overthe shame- man blinding the minds of paful and abominable conduct of rents, and leading them and his sons, the maledictions of their children captive at his heaven fell upon his house. The will ? Much is said in the word Most High declared that “the of God respecting the necessity iniquity of Eli's house should not of early restraint. The wise be purged with sacrifice and of man, speaking by inspiration, fering for ever, because his sons says ; Correct thy son while made themselves vile, and he there is hope, and let not thy restrained them not."

soul spare for his crying. WithThe subject now under con- hold not correction from a child; sideration is highly important, for if thou beat him with the as the welfare of society and the rod, he shall not die : Thou temporal welfare of children are shalt beat him with the rud respected ; but how much does and shalt deliver his soul from it rise in importance, when we hell.”

one there. consider, that their eternal well fore, who means to conduct being depends, in a great meas- agreeably to the sacred oracles, ure, upon the manner in which have any conscientious scru. they are instructed and govern- ples respecting the propriety of ed in the morning of life-- restraining children? When we consider, that they As impressions which are are candidates for a future ex- made in early life are durable, istence, and that their eternal no time can be so proper as this happiness or misery is suspen- for conveying moral instruction. ded, in part at least, upon the Children should be early taught education which they receive that there is a God; and that he from their parents, is not the is the governor both of the natsubject to which we are attend- ural and moral world. They ing of the first importance ?- should be taught that he is an Can it be viewed in any other infinitely great and an infinitely light by such parents, as love good Being, that they are whol. the souls of their offspring, and ly dependent upon him for life realize that heaven and hell are and every enjoyment, and that but just before them? The sac- they shall, one day, be called bered scriptures abundantly teach fore his righteous tribunal to the importance of parental ir- render an account of their con.

VOL, VI. NO. 10.

Will any


duct. What can have a greater | house, when they walk by the tendency to prevent any one way, when they lie down, and from pursuing vicious courses when they rise up." than an assurance that all his In this degenerate age, too actions are viewed by a Being much pains cannot be taken to who will bring every work into impress upon the minds of judgment with

every secret young persons these two imihing? As soon then as child portant truths, that God reigns, dren become capable of receiv. and that the scriptures both of ing instruction, they ought to the Old and New Testament be taught“ the fear of the Lord” came from him. These constiwhich “ is wisdom, and to de-lute the foundation of all mopart from evil” which " is un- rality and of all true enjoyment. derstanding.” Tbus instruct. Remove this foundation, and ed, we have reason to hope, you remove all virtue from the they will grow up with habits of breast, and happiness from the viriue, be useful and happy in world. In Christian countries, life, and happy beyond the grave. the number of those who deny

No parent can be faithful in the existence of a Supreme Bethe education of his children ing is, usually, small. " But even without making them early ac

in these countries, there are quainted with the sacred scrip- multitudes who deny an orertures. That's all scripture is giv- ruling Providence and ridicule en by inspiration of God” can

the idea of a future retribution. not be doubted by any person They pretend that God is too who candidly examines the ar

exalted a Being to regard the gunents in proof of this inter concerns of men, and to be at esting fact. If then the bible the trouble of calling them to were written by divine inspira- an account.' While they thus tion, is it not reasonable to sup

affect to extol him for his greatpose that it is a book of incalcula-ness they are using every possible worth? Can we doubt but ble means to remove him from its contents regard the best in the throne of the universe. And terests of man, eren his eternal in nothing would they so much interests? Shall children then re- rejoice, as in seeing the Sovemain in ignorance of this book ? reign of the world despoiled of When the light of divine truth power, and reduced under their has shone upon the world, and,

control. When men can make like the star in the East, is guid

themselves believe, ing multitudes to the Saviour of “There is no God who reigns on high, sinners, shall children be left to

" Or minds the affairs of men,” grope in darkness? Will not They are prepared to go all parents who have a realizing lengths in wickedness, and persense of the preciousness of the petrate the most horrid deeds. souls of those whom God hath Should these sentiments become committed to their care, be so- universally prevalent, the whole ·licitous to make them early ac- world would become one vast quainted with the scriptures and field of blood ; and lamentation will they not “teach them dil-mourning and woe, would be igently unto them and talk of inscribed on

every object in them when they sit in their creation.


If then children are to become blindness are themselves in.' members of society, and to volved in darkness more dreadmingle with such characters as ful than Egypt ever experienced. have now been mentioned, ought from the sentiments of such they not to be thoroughly es- men, who are pure

in their tablished in the belief of this own eyes and yet not washed grand doctrine of all religion, from their filthiness,” may God that God is infinite in his per- deliver our youth and children. fections, and that he reigns If the importance of parental without a rival both in the natu- instruction and government be ral and moral world ?

so great as has now been repreBut at the present day, there sented, can this duty be too are many, more who deny the much urged upon parents ? If truth of revelation than there the welfare of future societies, are who deny the existence and if the temporal and eternal happigovernment of Jehovah. It is ness of children so much deno uncommon thing to find men pend upon their early education, who are bold enough to declare, can parents be too often exhorted there is no truth in revealed re-to faithfulness ?

They with ligion. Even in New-England their offspring will soon add to which, perhaps, the most the congregation of the dead, virtuous part of the globe, num- and appear before the judgment bers of such persons may be seat of Christ. At that dread found. Is there not great dan- day, when the whole human ger that children will imbibe race shall be assembled, whon their corrupt opinions, unless, the secrets of all hearts shall be by the repeated warnings and revealed, when the motives instructions of their parents, which have impelled to action they have been made to feel a shall be examined, in what light Teverence for the scriptures? If will the conduct of unfaithful they have never been taught parents be viewed by a righteous that the bible is the word of God, Judge ? When they have been "and that they ought to make it required to train up their chilthe man of their counsel and dren in the way they should go, the guide of their youth, are and thus prepare them for glory, they not in danger of being honor and immortality, what spoiled “through philosophy must be their sensations, if thro' and vain deceit, after the tradi- want of proper instruction in tion of men, after the rudiments youth they are lost for ever? of the world, and not after Can such parents as have negChrist?” That philosophy which lected to instruct and govern is opposed to divine revelation, their children appear undismaya and which is the, favorite science ed before the bar of God, and of atheists, deists and unbe- say, here are we and“ the chillievers, although much studied, dren which thou hast graciously teaches only the way which con- given" us? $ Can their heart ducts to death. Its advocates, endure or their hands be strong." notwithstanding they pretend to when God shall deal with them walk in great light, and to com- , for their criminal negligence passionate the humble followers which occasioned the eternal of Jesus for their ignorance and destruction of multitudes of his

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