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gusts of passion are over, in-nish a reply to these enquries it
stead of confessing and lament- will confer an important favor
ing the inpropriety of her con- on your admirer
duct, she attempts to vindicate

and excuse it. She pleads in
her exculpation the natural irri-
tability of her constitution, and
declares that with passions so
warm and impetuous as hers, it
is impossible to restrain the in- Religious Intelligence.
dulgence of them.
even to this assertion, I hardly
know what degree of credit is
due ; since I am not seldom Britishand Foreign Bible Society.
present on occasions in which
she bridles her anger apparently Extracts from the Appendix
with great facility to herself. It to the Report of the British
is rarely, when in


with and Foreign Bible Society. her religious friends, that she suffers any thing to escape which THE first is an extract of a might disclose this feature in Letter from the Rev. Dr. Dal. her character ; and provocations rymple, one of the ministers of are then permitted to pass unno- | Ayr. ticed, which, at other times, “I give you joy, and would would probably excite a most fu- take some small share of it myrious storm.

self, that we have lived to the In short, the whole affair is day of a British and Foreign to me an inscrutable mystery- Bible Society. In the 82d year On the one hand, I see a very of my age, and 59th of my minsurprising change wrought in istry; next to both deaf and my aunt. Cured of her immod. blind; it is little that I can do erate love of the world and its in an active way to assist in so pleasures, I see her become a glorious a design: but that lite most zealous and ardent profess- tle shall not be wanting. This or of religion. But, on the oth- evening I intend to overture our er hand, I do not see in her that Synod for a Collection, after the habitual government of the tem- good example of the Presbytery per, which corresponds with my of Glasgow, and I hope to sucideas of religion. Are my ideas ceed.” (p. 34.) on the subject incorrect? Can Mr. Kiesling a respectable true religion exist where irrita- merchant in Nurenberg thus ble temper's and violent passions writes. are indulged without restraint ? “ Your letter afforded me such Is there any state of the heart | joy that I could not contain myso bad, as that religion cannot self, but immediately went to the administer a cure ? Consequent. Rev. John Godfried Schoener, ly, can any Christian plead in one of the most respectable minability to subdue his evil pro- isters of our city, in order to pensities, as an excuse for grati- communicate to him the joyful fying them? If yourself, or any news from a far country. He of your correspondents, will fu:-) was no less affected than myself,

and we agreed to appoint a meet. | book, the religious wants of the ing of Christian friends on As- people, the critical circumstancension-Day, at which we unan- ces of the times, the present imously resolved to unite for the tranquillity of the States; all formation of a Bible Society, these, besides many other urgent and by a printed letter, to invite reasons, loudly call for attention our Chistian friends throughout to this important undertaking. Germany and Switzerland, to “ O ye, who know and revere assist us in so noble an under the Bible, which yet remains the taking.

Bible' of all religious parties, “ When sometimes I am pri- lend your aid in promoting it: vileged to give away a Bible or Ye, who, on the brink of the New Testament, 'father and grave, can dispose of your propmother, son and daughter, are erty at pleasure, think on the running after me, thanking me words of the just Judge of the a hundred, and a thousand times, world, I was hungry, and ye gave kissing my hand, and my coat me meat ; I was thirsty and ye shedding tears of joy, and loud- gave me drink. If the blessing ly exclaiming ; ' May God bless be already so great for him who you : may the Lord Jesus bless ministers to the bodily wants of you in time and to all eternity.' his fellow creatures, how much Really I felt sometimes a fore- greater will it be for those, who, taste of heavenly joy, so that I constrained by the love of Christ, could not sufficiently bless God, provide for satisfying the hungry for having entrusted me with the after the living word of God, honorable commission of stew- and lead thirsty souls to the pure ard of the kind benefactions of wells of salvation !” (p. 41.) others. But the more I disperse, From the letter of a Roman the more the petitions both of Catholic Priest in Swabia we Ministers and Schoolmasters in- gladly extract a few passages. crease, not only from Austria, “ I had the pleasure to learn, but likewise from Stiria, Carin- from a copy of your letter, adthia, and Hungary, insomuch dressed by Mr. Tobias Kiesling, that I am afraid to present their of Nurenberg, the great number petitions." (p. 36.)

of zealous friends of the Bible The address circulated by thee in London, who are filled with a Nurenberg Bible Society thro’- noble desire to send out the pure out Germany closes with the word of God, as the best preachfollowing appeal.

er, into the world. “ We confidently hope for the count excited in my breast the success of our undertaking. If most heart-felt joy and gratitude in England, according to the towards that God, who is the latest accounts, even hard work only Giver of every good and ing artisans have contributed perfect gift;' but I felt also livetheir mite towards the support ly emotions of unfeigned love of the Bible Society, can wesup- and affection for you, and for pose that less zeal for the good all the Members of that veneracause will be displayed by our ble Bible Society, for whom I German and Swiss reverers of wish a thousand blessings. May the sacred writings?

the Lord Jesus, through whom « The inherent value of the l all blessings are communicated

This ac

We are,

to us, be the beginning and end strongly recommended the reaof their praiseworthy underta- ding of the Bible, chiefly of the king! and may his name be glo- New Testament ; and do every rified for it to all eternity! thing in their power to promote

“ What particularly induced it. I have, for my own part, distrime to write, was your question, buted many New Testaments, Whether the Bible was still pro- and some Bibles, among better hibited to the Catholics ? Being enlightened Catholics ; and sev. convinced thereby, that you was eral of my dear brethren in mindful even of the poor Catho. Christ do the same. Jics I was particularly moved and however, not able to satisfy all edified; for indeed nothing is the demands for Bibles.” (p. more affecting than that love 43, 44.) which embraces all, without the “ I am sure we could dispose Least distinction ; ' for God is of a good number of Bibles and love; and he that dwelleth in love New Testaments. The people dwelleth in God, and God in seem to get more and more dehim.' I felt myself, therefore, sirous of the Bible ; and the constrained to thank you, in the number of clergymen is increas. name of all honest and well dis- ing, who not only would tolerate posed Catholics, for these your but commend the reading of it. fraternal sentiments.

“I feel a very great desire to “ In answer to your question, witness the formation of a simiI observe, properly speaking, the lar Bible Society amongst the Bible has never been prohibited Roman Catholics; and, indeed, to the Catholics. The Council I will make some attempts, tho' of Trent only statesy-Indiscrim. I foresee many difficulties; and inata lectio Sacre Scripturæ in- can hardly suppose that so materdicta est. Well-informed ny active and benevolent friends Catholics took this always in that of the Bible are to be found ar sense only : that not all books of mongst the Roman Catholics, as the Bible, promiscuously, should would be requisite for such an be put into the hands of the com- undertaking. Your question, unon people, referring chiefly to however, respecting the Cathosome books of the Old Testa- lics, inspires me with the hopes ment. Besides, this prohibition that your Society is desirous to of the Council of Trent has nev. extend its beneficial influence er been admitted as binding by likewise to the Catholics, wish, the whole body of the Roman ing only to know, whether a disCatholic clergy in Germany ; persion of Bibles amongst them but so much is true, that all blind would be practicable :mmand, in. bigots of our church have al- deed, it would not only be pracways spread the opinion, that it ticable, but desirable in the high. was entirely forbidden for all est degree.” (p. 44.)' laymen to read the Bible : and “ I cannot express, in terms this prejudice, is, alas ! still sufficiently strong, the fervency deeply prevalent among the of my joy, and love towards all greater part of the people. who, throughout England, hearThere are, however, at present, tily believe in Jesus Christ as many of our clergymen, both their only Saviour, and zealousin Swabia and Bavaria, who l ly endeavor to extend the Re


deemer's Kingdom. I embrace the sold them all, and gave evethem all as the beloved and elect ry farthing he got for them to of God, as friends and brethren wards it ; and this was his whole in Christ, let them be of what- stock, and all the living that he ever name, or belong to whatever had. Innumerable instances of church or denomination. The a similar nature might be menmore distant the countries, and tioned. Great joý prevails unithe more different the outward versally at the thought that poor forms and establishments are, Heathens are likely soon to be in the more I rejoice, if I am privi- possession of a Bible ; and you leged to hear, that our ever-faith- will never hear a prayer put up, ful Lord and Saviour is gather- without a petition for the Bible ing from amongst them a flock Society and Heathen Nations." of believing people. Truly, God (p. 60.) has a numerous

Army of Reserve in England, who do not bow before the Baal of the age, nor sacrifice to the God of the times. From the Christian Observer. Let all who know his name, glorify him for this mercy! May THE following striking octhe peace of God, and the all-currence comes to us weil ausufficient grace of our Lord Je-thenticated. On Saturday, sus Christ be with you all !" June 22d, being the day on which (p. 45.)

a large fair is held at Wellington We add one more extract: it in Shropshire, the house of is taken from a letter dated in WILLIAM and Ann SWIFT was. North Wales, Feb. 22, 1805. opened for the purpose of selling

“ There are none of our poor beer for two or three days at the people willing to live and die fair. But their house was used, without contributing their mites not merely according to the protowards forwarding so glorious a fessed intention, for accommodesign. Their zeal and eager- dating strangers who frequent ness in the good cause, surpass- tire fair: it was also kept open es every thing I have ever be at night for the purposes of danfore witnessed. On several oc- cing, drunkenness, chambering, casions we have been obliged to and wantonness. „To speak of check their liberality, and take the enormities committed achalf what they offered, and what cording to statements, the truth we thought they ought to give of which there is not the least In very many instances, servants reason to doubt, would be to have given one-third of their wa- speak of such things as ought ges for the year. In one instance, not to be so much as named” aa poor servant-maid put down mong Christians. But the eye one guinea on the plate, being of God was upon these midone-third of her wages : that it night, or rather sabbath-mornmight not be perceived what she ing drunkards, revellers, and put down, she covered the guin- blasphemers : and, oh! what a ca with a halfpenny. One little sight for a God of infinite purity boy had with much trouble, rear- and holiness! He could not but ed a brood of chickens; when view them with just displeasure, the collection came to be made, even though he had continued to exercise his long-suffering to-, attendants in a pathetic exhorta. wards all of them. He chose, tion well suited to so solemn and however, to make one of them awful an occasion. On the folan awful monument of the dan- lowing sabbath, the Rev. Mr. ger of following such courses. Gauntlett, one of the curates of Ann Swift, the mistress of the the town, preached a sermon to house, and a partaker in all the a very crowded and attentive iniquities which were practised congregation, from Prov.xiv. 32, in it, after calling for damnation. The wicked is driven away in upon her soul, suddenly exclaim- his wickedness : but the righted—“ O Lord, O Lord, I am eous hath hope in his death.' dying !" and was instantaneous- One of the men present at the ly removed into the world of death of Mrs. Swift had imbibed spirits, and before the tribunal the principles of " Paine's Age of that God whom she was thus of Reason,” and publicly proawfully dishonoring ! On the fessed ipfidelity. Let the profane following Tuesday, her corpse and presumptuous tremble at the was taken into the church-yard justice and holiness of that God amidst a large concourse of peo-against whom they are sinning; ple, and the Rev. Mr. Eyton, and let the penitent adore his the vicar of the parish, who, in long-suffering and distinguishthis particular instance, read but ing mercy for giving them time, a very small part of the burial opportunity, and grace to reservice, addressed the numerous pent.”

Donation to the hilissionary Society of Connecticut,

Dec. 16.

Rev. Asa Carpenter contributed in new set-


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