be recollected with deep humili- advanced so much nearer to ty and repentance, 'with fervent death and the judgment seat. and renewed applications to the Have we made equal progress in blood of Jesus Christ, for clean- our journey towards heaven ? In sing. There was, every year, in our preparations for our final the Jewish church, a remem- exit? Are we proportionably brance of sins, and an annual more humble; more abstracted atonement for them. It is of from the world; more heavenly infinite moment that we should minded, more full of love, faith be purged from our old sins. In and goodness ? Have we increasa penitential recollection of themed in all the fruits of righteous.' our graces may be increased and ness? If this be our happy case, the sanctuary cleansed.

what occasion have we of joy Again, we should consider the and praise for the grace, beafflictions of the past year, all the stowed upon us? If it hath been way in which the Lord hath led the reverse, what occasion is Cs, to prove us, and to try what there of fear and trembling? was in our hearts. If we have | Of awaking immediately out of been afflicted on temporal or spi-sleep, and of escaping for our ritual accounts ; if we have suf- lives to the city of refuge ! . fered in name or estate ; if our Further, it may be proper on dear enjoyments have been ta- the commencement of the New ken from us, and our acquaint- | Year, to inake a renewed and şoance removed into darkness, we lemn dedication of ourselves, our should recollect our sorrows with time, talents, and opportunities patience, submission and con- entirely to God, to serve him tentment. We should be great- unreservedly and for ever. The ly ashamed, and sincerely re- / great and numerous mercies of pent, that we have been such sin- | the year concluded, the perfecners, such froward children, as I tions and commands of God, to make it necessary that we challenge this of us all. We should be thus corrected. Re- are his, and not our own. These membering our affliction and are so many cords and bands to misery, the wormwood and the draw us to our heavenly Father, gall, our souls, like the prophet's and fix us for ever in his service.. should be humbled within us. We have received all from, and

There is also a great proprie- owe all to hiin, and are wholly ty in considering in what man- dependent on him for every ner we have spent the year. thing which we can need or Whether it hath been in idleness hope. Shall we not therefore and pastimes? whether we have glorify him in our body, and in stood all the day idle, and done our spirit which are his? The nothing for our souls, for the apostle beseeches Christians by honor of God and the good of the mercies of God, that they men ? Nay, should we not con- | present their bodies living sacsider whether we have not done rifices, holy and acceptable unto much evil? Another important God. This he affirms to be portion of time is passed away. I their reasonable service.* We have one year less to live, It will be proper surther to obthan we had at the commencenent of the last year. We are

* Rom. xii. 1.

serve, That as we begin the created dependencies, we must year with the same uncertainty | repose our whole confidence on with which Paul went up to Jeru- his providence, determining, by salem, not knowing what will his grace assisting us, that come befall us, we should begin it with what may, prosperity or adveran impressive, practical sense of sity, life or death, we will cleave

what may be the events of it unto him, and be found waiting i with respect to ourselves and and prepared for his salvation.

our families, our country and In a word, we should begin the church of God. Our times the year with special prayer for are in the hand of God. He the remission of past sins, that changeth the times and seasons. they may not be remembered He changeth our countenance, against us to blast our expectaand sendeth us away. We know tions, and bring the curse of not what a day, and much less God upon us and all our enjoywhat a year may bring forth.ments, in time to come : That This year we may die Sick- we may have peace with God, ness and death may make our and in our own souls, and conhouses desolate. We may sus- stantly rejoice in the hopes of tain great losses in our worldly glory. We should importuaffairs. Our souls may be fill-nately pray for grace to do the ed with darkness, fear and trou- duties of the year we have beble. We are exposed to nume- gun, and to prepare us for its rous dangers, enemies and mis- events: That we may be enafortunes. It is therefore of in- bled to make the most happy finite moment that our minds progress in the divine life, growshould be deeply affected with ing in grace and in the knowlthese views, and that we should edge of our Lord and Saviour be prepared for the events be- Jesus Christ: That he would fore us. We should be excited grant unto us and all our brethren to watch and pray always, and thro' the whole Christian world to be ever ready for the coming the fresh anointings of his Spirit, of our Lord. We should begin support them and us, in every the year with an entire submis- trial, and cause us to be more sion to the will of our heavenly abundant in all the fruits of Father, with respect to the righteousness : That he would events of it, committing our- 1 bless the United States of Amer. selves and families, the church ica, give us a year of health, of God and all that concerns us peace and plenteousness : That and them, wholly to him.; trust- he would bring all nations to the ing in his wisdom, power and knowledge of the truth, and fill goodness, to direct, and dispose the whole earth with his glory. of us and them as shall seem In fine, That if it should be the good in his sight. We should year of our death, that God do this rejoicing that the Lord would receive us to his mercy, reigneth ; and that he makes and give us everlasting length all things work together for of days in his presence and king. their good, who love him, who dom. Such a beginning of the are the called according to his first day of the first month purpose. Owning his sovereign would greatly serve to cleanse dominion, and renouncing all the sanctuary, and render the

day indeed a happy New Year. / strengthen and beautify the

Would miserable hypocrites, house ? What joy would there who have a name to live while be in heaven ? What joy athey are dead, properly consid-mong the saints, and returning er their danger : That while the prodigals on earth ? How would Father purges all such branches glory be given to God in the in Christ as bear fruit, and caus- highest ? Shall we not all therees them to bear more fruit, he fore unite our importunate, intakes all those branches away cessant prayers, and persevering which bear nonet : That now exertions thus to cleanse, enthe ax is laid to the root of the large and strengthen the sanctutrees, and that every tree there-ary? fore which bringeth not forth These, generous readers, are good fruit is hewn down and the happy purposes, which we cast into the firef : That even the editors wish and pray to this year, they may be cut a- subserve. These are the medsunder, and have their portion itations, views, exercises and assigned them, with their fellow resolutions with which we wish deceivers, in the pit where there to begin the year ourselves, and is no redemption, and now repent which we wish to excite and and become Christians indeed, promote in you. Great indeed how would this cleanse the sanct- have been the goodness and foruary? How would this wipe bearance of our heavenly Father away the spots in our holy towards us, in sparing us anothfeasts? How joyfully might we er year, and especially in the six then hail the day when the Ca- successive years in which we Daanite shall be no more in the have been allowed to address house of the Lordll? When the and congratulate you on the rename of the city shall be, THE turn of the New Year. We LORD IS THERE* ?

acknowledge his kind providence :: Would thoughtless, secure in the success which he hath sinners, who have spent all their given to this magazine; and feel years in vanity and sin, and our obligations exceedingly inhave always been despising the creased to live wholly to him, riches of the divine goodness, and to employ all our powers forbearance and“ long-suffering, and opportunities to his glory, and after their hardness and im- and to serve our generation acpenitent heart, been treasuring cording to his will. While we up unto themselves, wrath a-congratulate you, generous readgainst the day of wrath, and ers, on the return of a New revelation of the righteous judg- Year, and express our grateful ment of God, now so think up- acknowledgments to you all on their ways as to turn their who have been the encourfeet unto God's testimonies, and agers and supporters of this to make haste, and delay not to work, we wish to make you in keep his commandments, how return the most ample and lastwould this cleanse, enlarge, ing compensation. But with

silver and gold we can never + John xv. 2. Matth. ii. 20. compensate you. We pray to i Zecheriah xiv. 21,

God to be enabled to do it with • szek, xvii. 35,

I that which is far more valuable ;

To be helpers of your faith and | A Dissertation on the Atonement, love, of your liope and joy : To

[Continued from page 222.]. bo instrumental of raising you up to sit together in heavenly pla

\UERY II. Did Christ suf ces in Christ Jesus ; to shine U fer the same evils, in kind as monuments of the Redeem- and degree, which sinners must er's love and glory, more pre- have suffered, if he had not died cious and beautiful than gold, for them? when the pillars of brass and It is not pretended that Chrisk marble shall be mouldered away, suffered as great a degree or and the sun shall have lost his quantity of misery, as the everlustre. And shall we for this lastiog punishment of all those purpose add, that these are ex- for whom he made atonementy ercises which are always, in a would have been. Neverthe. greater or less degree matter of less, no solid objection can from duty, to which we are obligated thence be raised against the sufby the perfections, the com- ficiency of his atonement. For mands, the patience and good- as in regard to his obedience, ness of God; and especially, at so likewise in regard to his sufthe commencement of the year : ferings, it may justly be observ. That they give peace and joyed, that the infinite dignity and to the soul ; that they will glo- worth of his person added an imrify God, and cause others to portance and worth to both the glorify him, while they behold one and the other, of which they your good works shining before would otherwise have been desihem. Such a beginning of|titute. And with respect to the vour years, will have great influ- kind of evil suffered by Christ. ence, through the grace of God, it is obvious that he did not, in to prepare you for the duties and every particular, suffer the same events which are before you ; to evil in kind, , which those who give you peace and triumph in are saved by him must have sufyour last hours ; to add lustre | fered, to your crowns, and fulness to | Christ never felt the stings of your joys, when time and years a guilty conscience, with which shall be no more. With what sinners will be tormented in the carnestness therefore should we state of punishment. : Nor have plead with you thus to begin the we any reason to think, that he year? Were you the fruit of ever experienced the distresses our own bodies, were this, as it of total despair, which will doubt. indeed may be, our last address less be a very aggrayating ingre to you, what could we recoin- dient in the torments of the dammend more in character, more ned. This, however, doth not interesting or beneficial to your at all affect the sufficiency of selres, more for the divine hon- the atonement, provided his sufor, or for the prosperity of Zion ?ferings manifest the same things If therefore you love yourselves, and effectually answer the same your Redeemer, or the house of ends, that were otherwise to have God, we plead with you, by all been answered by the punishmeans, on this first day of the ment of sinners. If the same first month, to arise and cleanse ends are as effectually answerthe sanctuary. AMEN.

ed, it is immaterial whether they

are answered by Christ's suffer-sel had determined before to be ing precisely the same evils in done. Acts ii. 23, and iv. 27, kind, or those which are in 28. And the prophet Isaiah some respects different.

tells us expressly, “ It pleased · But the query, to which we the Lord to bruise him ; he hath are attending, was especially de- put him to grief.” And another signed to have it considered, prophet introduces God, as givwhether Christ suffered the ing the order for his execution wrath of God.-Mankind, if no in these words, “ Awake, o, atonement had been made, were sword, against my shepherd, and to suffer the wrath of God; but against the man that is my fel. did. Christ suffer this? I answer, low, saith the Lord of hosts : he did in some sense, though smite the shepherd, and the not precisely in the same sense sheep shall be scattered.”-But in all respects, that sinners were it is needless to multiply quoto suffer it. But to contribute tations. It is plain that the sufsomething towards setting this ferings of Christ were designed matter in a just light, I would by God, and inflicted according observe the following things. to his purpose. The cup which

1. God never was angry or he drank, was the cup which his displeased with Christ; nor have | Father gave him. He spared we any reason to think, that not his own Son, but delivered Christ ever viewed him as being him up, that is, to the death of SO ; but much to the contrary. the cross. Whereas. God is highly dis- Such dreadful sufferings as pleased. with sinners. His an- those to which Christ was delive ger against them is exceedingly ered up by God, and which he great, and in the state of pun: underwent according to the de. ishment, if not before, they will sign, and in conformity to the have a very distressing and tor- will of the Father, are certainly menting sense of his wrath a- effects and expressions of great gainst them. In this respect they displeasure in God against someare to suffer the wrath of God thing. His treating his Son in in such a sense as Christ did such a manner, and delivering not. But

him up to such dreadful suffer2. Christ suffered those things ings, are a full proof of great inwhich proceeded from and were dignation and wrath. The scripexpressions of God's wrath: he tures assure us, that he was well suffered the effects of God's dis- pleased with his Son. They alpleasure and wrath against sin. So assure us, that Christ was de.

Though Christ suffered vol- livered up for us—that he sufa ụntarily, or by his own free con- fered for sins, the just for the sent, he nevertheles suffered unjust. Therefore the displeaaccording to the will and com-sure of God, expressed by the mand of God. All the suffer- sufferings of Christ, had for its ings which wicked men were object the sins of men. Those instrumental in inflicting upon dreadful sufferings, to which he him, took place according to the delivered up his own Son, were determinate counsel and fore- effects and expressions of his knowledge of God, and were no wrath against sinners, for whom more than God's hand and coun-Christ became a sacrifice. It is VOL. VI. No. 7.


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