Col. Elijah Williams 400 of Doddridge's Ad

dress to the Master of a Family,
Annual dues from sundry members since the

20th Sept. last, . - - osrami - 10 July 2. From a friend of Missions in Williamstown, 10 Sep. 10. From a friend of Missions - - - 12 18. A constribution from Mr. Collins' Society in

From a friend of Missions, . . .2:
From a friend of Missions, -

A contribution from Mr. Morse's Society in i
Green River, .

. . 8 56 Oct. 24 Addition to the last contribution of Pittsfield, 1 10 Dec. 13. From Rev. Benjamin Wooster, contributed on a Mission,

• 18 Oct. 25. From Mr. Asaph Morgan, collected on a Mis1805. sion,

- - 8 35 January 12. A contribution from Pittsfield, .. • 12 29

18. From Rev. John Morse, collected on a Mission, 21 10 Feb. ll. A contribution from Windsor, - - 20 34 19. Arrearage of annual dues collected from sun .

dry members since the 17th of April last, 4 From sundry members, their 7th annual dues

and entrance money, since the 3d of Octo: ber, 1803, to this time, a. - - 38 April 8. From Rev. Samuel Fuller,collected on a Mission, 31 39

23. . From a Female Friend of Missions, • - 5
29. A contribution from Lee, . . • 23 33

A donation from Rev. Gideon Hawley, . . June 14. From Mr. Samuel P. Robbins, collected on a Mission,

- - 25 5 August 22. Sundry arrearages of annual dues since the 19th February last,

, - 7
From a Friend of Missions, . . - 12
A donation from a Friend of Missions, in Wille

From a' Female Friend of Missions, 250 copies

of a work edtitled, The Great Duty of believ-
ing on the Son of God.

S 1143 73

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- 10

Monies paid by order of the Trustees since the 19th of October,

n. 1802, to the 22d of August, 1805. 1802.

D. C. Dec. 7. Paid Rev. Benjamin Wooster, the balance of his

account for 12 weeks mission to the west and
east of Lake Champlain, (10 dollars being ad-: :
vanced by former Treasurer,)



April 19. Paid Rev. J. Avery, for twelve weeks mission to

the western counties of the state of New York,
his pulpit being supplied by neighboring minis-

ters ten weeks of the time, ... - 45 34 Paid Rev. Mr. Avery his expenses in forwarding

Mr. Harrower's mission, . .
June 4. Paid Rev. Benjamin Wooster, for 12 weeks mis-

- sion to the northern parts of the states of New

York and Vermont, • • • • 72 Aug. 26. Paid Rev. Jabez Chadwick, for 16 weeks mission

to the county of Luzern and its vicinity, . 96 Sep. 20. Paid Rev. David Perry, balance due to him for his

mission in June, 1802, -. • - - 9 41 1804. Feb. 28. Paid Rev. Benjamin Wooster, for 16 weeks? mis

sion to the western parts of the State of Ver..

mont, - . . . - - 96
Paid Rev. B. Wooster in advance of another mis-
sion, -


. . 47 86 July 9. Paid Mr. Asaph Morgan in advance of a mission, 48 · Paid Mr. Samuel P. Robbins in advance of a mission, - - -

• 48 Oct. 25. Paid Mr. Asaph Morgan the balance due to him

for 14 weeks mission to the county of Luzern, 36 Dec. 21. Paid Rev. B. Wooster the balance due to him for

16 weeks mission to N. W. counties in the

State of Vermont, - - - - - 49 14 1805. Jan. 17. Paid Rev. John Morse for 8 weeks mission in the

county of Columbia and its vicinity, - 48 April 8. Paid Rev. Samuel Fuller; for 12 weeks mission

to the counties of Cayuga, Ontario, and their .

vicinity, - - - - - 72 23. Paid Rev. Oliver Ayer, in advance of a Mission

ary tour, - - - - - - 25 June 14. Paid Mr. Samuel P. Robbins, the balance of 22

weeks mission to the counties of Luzern and
Wayne, and in the Ohio, - -

August 5. Paid Rev. Joseph Avery, in advance of a Mis-
.. . sionary tour,

- 36

Total paid out, 874 75 Balance in the Treasury, 268 98

Dolls. 1143 73

WILLIAM WALKER, Treasurer. Examined and allowed-TIMOTHY EDWARDS, Audt.

Lenox, August 22, 1805.

' Officers of the Society for the present year.
Rev. Ephraim Judson, President.
Hon. Timothy Edwards, Esq. Vice-President.
Hon. William Walker, Esq. Treasurer.
Rev. Alvan Hyde, Secretary. ..
Rev. Oliver Ayer, Clerk

Rev. Stephen West, D. D. Hon. Timothy Edwards, Esg.
Rev. David Perry-Hon. Barnabas Bidwell, Esq. Rev. Beriah
Hotchkin-Deacon John Hall-Rev. Alvan Hyde-Deacon Levi
Nye-Rev. Samuel Shepard-Hon. William Walker, Esq. and
Rev. Silas Churchill..

Rev. Sir,

Letter from the Sectretary of the | and 31 in the northern parts of New Hampshire Missionary.Sa-l this state. ciety, to the Secretary of the This, being but little more Missionary Society of Connecti-than three years' service, is the .cut.

sum of the missionary labors

performed or engaged by our Hlojikinton, Sept. 17, 1805. Society

We have distributed, and have RECEIVED, and have com

on hand for distribution, books; Imunicated to our Society,

bibles, sermons, tracts, &c. to a your letter, with the Narrative, I considerable amount, obtained and am directed to return an l by donation ; or procured by a answer. We rejoice to hear cf| recent female society. - the abundant laborg and success

The journals of our Missiones of your Society in propaga-1

opaga aries have been pleasing ; and iting the blessed gospel. And have excited hope that our ex.

would with the greatest cheersertions have not been in vain. i fulness cultivate a friendly cor

The Lord is doing great respondence with them. Our things. We rejoice in contrimeans and services are small buting our mite to aid the great

compared with yours. The fold and good cause. ·lowing is a summary of our mis-1

v of our misd! Wishing the blessing of God sionary services, viz.-

may attend all missionary exerIn 1802, we had performed i tions, I subscribe myself yours 20 weeks, chiefly among the

he with affection and respect. northern frontier settlements of

ETIAN SMITH, Sec. to the this state. In 1803 we had 40

N. H. Mis. Soc. weeks 1 - viz.-12 weeks in the Rev. Abel Flint. Western . parts of New-York | and 28 weeks in this state. In · 1804, we had 52 weeks, viz.-22 weeks in the western parts | Thoughts on 1 Cor. i. 26, 27, of New York ; and 30 in the

28, 29. northern parts of this state. For ye see your calling, brethren, This year we have engaged. 47 how that not many wise men weeks ; 16 of which to be per- after the flesh, not many mighformed west of lake Champlain,' ty, not many noble are called. VOL. VI. NO. 6.


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But God hath chosen the fool- | weak and ignorant of mankind, ish things of the world, to con- to the faith of Jesus? If such found the wise'; and God hath compose the great mass of bechosen the weak things of the lievers, does it not seem rather world, to confound the things to derogate from the divine effiwhich are mighty : And base cacy and glory, wbich are ascrithings of the world, and things bed to the gospel, when it is said which are despised hath God to be, the wisdom of God, and chosen, yea and things which the power of God, unto the salare not, to bring to nought vation of believers? And does it things that are : That no flesh not thence furnish the occasion should glory in his presence, which its adversaries wish, for

| attempting to discredit its diTT is conceived, by the writer | vine origin, by alledging, that I of the following thoughts, it is believed, chiefly, by perthat the construction, usually put sons, whose faith is the result of upon these words, is not agree-/ weakness and credulity ? In opable to sound reason, and the position to the construction here scriptures of truth. The words, considered, it is believed, that are called, at the close of the 26th the apostle has respect to the verse, were supplied, by the tran- instruments employed for spreaslators, and are not found in the ding the gospel, and establishing original text. These words be- the Christian church, when he ing added, the natural construc-speaks of the foolish things, which tion is, that not many of the wise, I God had chosen, to confound the mighty and noble of mankind, wise, and the weak things, to are made subjects of divine grace, confound the mighty. By means and saved by the gopsel. It is of men who were not able to rehowever thought, that this, if it commend the religion of Jesus, were true in fact, was not the with excellency of speech, and thing intended by the apostle, in with arguments devised by men's these words. It was evidently wisdom, but by demonstration of his design, to adduce an argu- the Spirit, and of that divine ment, for illastrating the divine power, to which its efficacy must power of the gospel, and demon- be ascribed, its adversaries were strating the glory, which is due confounded. It was thence deunto God, on account of it. But monstrated, that what was stythis is not done, by the construc-led foolishness, by the pride of tion which has been generally | philosophy, was wiser than men, put upon this passage. Does and the weakness imputed to the God confound the wise men of gospel, stronger than men. Its the world, by choosing the fool- adversaries could give no raish; and the mighty, by choos- tional, and satisfactory account ing the weak, the base and the of the extensive and surprising despised, and inclining them to effects, which they witnessed, embrace the gospel ? Is there upon men of all classes, otherany tendency in his doing this, wise, than by acknowledging, to appreciate the power of the that the gospel, as it claimed to gospel, and the glory of the grace be, was the power of God, to thereby displayed, in its being salvation ; and that it was in effectual, for proselyting the l this view, wiser and stronger

than mes. Bon when folly and own wisdom and strength ; and
weakness are predicated of the for such as have embraced Chris-
instruments emploved, which tianity, to be ashamed of their
is correct, considering them as own folly, weakness and credu.
plain and unlearned men, and lity. But on the construction
thence incapable of persuading here suggested, the apostle's
others to receive their testimo- reasoning appears to be forcible,
ay concerning Jesus, by the and highly interesting. In this
strength of arguments, which view of it, he who glorieth, must
their reason could suggest, the glory in the Lord, for no flesh
inference naturally follows, that can find occasion for glorying in
the excellency of the power, by his presence.
which their preaching was ren-

dered effectual, must be ascri-
bed to God, and not to them.
When, as the truth was, men of
all sorts, as to natural and ac- From the Religious Monitor.
quired abilities, were captivated
into the obedience of Christ, and Account of the Society in Scot-
made to shew forth his praise, land for Propagating Christim
in lives of holiness, and that, Knowledge.
by means of instruments, which
were in themselves, confessedly 1 IT has for some time been
weak, and altogether inadequate our wish to present out Read-
to the production of such migh-ers with an account of the an-
ty and unheard of effects, it is cient and venerable Society in
obvious, that these must be as- Scotland for Propagating Chris-
cribed to God; and that no flesh tian Knowledge. Accounts for

-neither the subjects of his this institution have from time to grace, nor the instruments of time been published by the Socicommunicating it, can have ety themselves ; but whether whereof to glory.

these accounts have been partialWhen, therefore, the apostle ly circulated, or have not been says, Ye see your calling, breth- generally read ; or whatever has ren, he must have respect to the been the cause, we have access to means and instruments, by wbich know, that some very erroneous they were called. An appeal to ideas are entertained by many these was much better suited to concerning the extent and ex. contound the wise, the mighty, penditure of their funds. We and noble of this world, in view were happy therefore to find in of the amazing effects, produced the appendix to the last anniverby the gospel, than appealing to sary sermon, preached before

in the comparative folly and weak- the Corresponding Board ness of the persons, on whom

London, by the Rev. WILIAM these effects were wrought ; and | Jay of Bath, such an account of

... adinitting, at the same time, that I this excellent charity as men of opposite description were

our limits ; while at the same.

time it contains a distinct and cor. proof against them. The latter

proga idea seems to furnish occasion rect statement of its

It afforled us for the wise, mighty, and noble, I ress, and objects. anter the flesh, to glory in their much pleasure in the perusali

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