less designed as types, shadows, Hence, without an evident per. and figurative representations, version of the words and expresof the atonement to be made by sions of scripture from their Christ. Those atonements were most plain, natural and obvious generally made by the shedding meaning, I can see no possibility of blood. The words in Lev. of avoiding this conclusion, that xvii. 11. are very explicit and the blood, the sacrifice, the suffull to this purpose. “ For the ferings and death of Christ, were life of the flesh is in the blood, essential to the making of an and I have given it to you upon atonement for sin, and that it the altar, to make an atonement was by his sacrifice, blood or for your souls : for it is the blood death, that he made the atonethat maketh an atonement for ment. Nevertheless, the soul.” If such an atonement, 2. When the death, or the as is here mentioned, was de blood of Christ is spoken of, as signed to prefigure and repre- essential to the making of an sent the atonement to be made atonement, and in an especial by Christ, who can help conclu- manner, the thing by which it is ding that the true atonement made, the idea of his suffering was made by his blood ?

voluntarily, and therein performSeveral passages containing ing the highest act of obedience, forms of expression, which must be included. seem necessarily to convey the This idea is evidently inclusame idea, have already been ded in the scripture account of adduced, to prove, that Christ the matter. He said, “ I lay suffered on our account and for down my life for the sheep.our sins ; and to these many | Therefore doth my Father love more might be added, full to the me, because I lay down my life, same purpose.

In these and that I might take it again. No similar passages of sacred writ man taketh it from me, but I lay we are told, that Christ was it down of myself.“ Christ lov. wounded for our transgressions ed us, and gave himself for us an that we are healed with his offering and a sacrifice.” “ He stripes--that he gave his life amade himself of no reputation, ransom--that his blood was shed and took upon him the form of for the remission of sins that a servant-and became obedient we have redemption through his unto death, even the death of the blood are made nigh

by his blood cross.” No act of obediencé permare reconciled to God by his formed by Christ, was more acdeath-are washed from

our ceptable to God than this. By. sins in his blood--are redeemed laying down his life in conformiwith the precious blood of Christ ty to the will of the Father, and --redeemed to God by his blood to the commandment which he that his blood cleanseth from had received of him, Christ exall sin and purgeth the con- ercised and expressed the perscience from dead works—that fection of love to God, as well as he hath appeared to put away to men, and the most absolute, sin by the sacrifice of himself, unreserved submission and obe. and hath entered into the holy dience to the divine will. This placé even into heaven, as an was, so to speak, the crowning high priest, by his own blood.- l act of his obedience in the form

of a servant, by which his me- answered by the atonement, diatorial righteousness was per- could be answered by the most fected and finished. Now when perfect obedience, which could we consider the death of Christ, be performed, without the sufor his blood, as making the fering of death. atonement, if we leave out the If Christ, in the form of a seridea of his dying voluntarily, vant and in the likeness of men, and thereby exercising and ex- had performed the most perfect pressing the greatest perfection obedience, which could possibly of love and obedience, what idea be performed by him, without can we have of any thing, which shedding his blood, and making partakes of the nature of an of. himself an offering for sin ; it fering made to God on our be- might thereby have been made half, or for our sins ? For if to appear, that God hath an inChrist is not the offerer, who is ? finite regard to his law as being If he did not make the atonement, holy and just and good in its reby whom was it made ?-But ifquisitions, and worthy of the he had not died voluntarily, by highest honor ; and that he is his own consent, how could it be infinitely worthy of the most pera said with propriety, that he made fect love and obedience. But if the atonement ? For upon that he had not suffered, as well as supposition, the making of the obeyed, how would his obedience atonement was no act of his. have made it appear, that sin

The plain scripture represent is infinitely criminal and ill de- ; ation of the matter appears to be serving that God views it as this, viz. Christ made an atone- being so, and is infinitely disment for sin by the one offering pleased with it that wherever of himself on the cross, when heit exists, he will bear infinite gave himself for us an offering testimony against it—that the and a sacrifice to God, and be law is just in its threatenings as came obedient unto death. His well as in its precepts, and must making the atonement was an and shall at all events be mainexercise and expression of the tained and supported—and that most consummate righteousness God indeed hath such a regard of the utmost perfection of love to his law, to his own honor, and and obedience, and the thing by to the happiness of the moral or with which he made the atone-world, and such infinite hatred ment, was his own blood, his of sin, as are essential to the own self, given and offered for character of an absolutely perus by his own consent. He gave fect being-an infinitely wise his life a ransom, a price of re- and holy, just and good moral demption, for many. He hath governor of the world? The redeemed us to God by his blood. threatened punishmentof sin was He hath purchased the church designed to answer these and with his own blood. He is the suchlike purposes to make purchaser, and his blood is the these things appear—to render thing with which the purchase them visible and manifest But is made. This brings me to ob- how these things could be made

fully manifest, and rendered in3. It don't appear how the contestibly evident to creatures purposes or ends designed to be without sufferings really endur


ed, it is not easy, if possible, to concerns at thy footstool. Pre-
.conceive. For God's displeas- pare me for my great and last
ure against sin is fully manifest change, and enable me to live
ed, and rendered unexceptiona- every day as though it were my
bly evident to creatures, no oth- last, keeping death, judgment
erwise than by its effects by and eternity, constantly in view.
the evils or sufferings produced thou guardian of my soul,
by it or proceeding from it. God keep me from spiritual pride ;
is known, and clearly and con- and save me from every sin, es-
vincingly manifested to crea- pecially from abusing the mer-
tures, to be such a being as hecies I enjoy. They are indeed
really is, not simply by what he innumerable ; but here like a
says, but by what he does. It prince do I riot upon thy bounty,
therefore seems impossible to without reverencing the hand
conceive, how the purposes de which bestows it,"
signed to be answered by the Lord's day evening. ". The
atonement, could be answered Lord is good to the evil and to
by Christ, without his sufferings the unthankful. O wretch that
and death. And hence I am ne- I am! I have been permitted to
cessitated to conclude, agreea- go to the house of God, and to
bly to the most obvious import abuse divine mercy- Have heard
of the general tenor and phrase a sermon upon the glorious doc-
ology of the scriptures upon this trine of divine sovereignty."
subject, that the atonement was Again she writes, “ I have
made by his sufferings--by his reason to believe that the devi!
death-by his blood.


wicked heart have com(To be continued.) bined to draw me down to ever.

lasting destruction. How am I bound and chained to the things

of sense! And am I not pleased Memoir of Mrs. Clarinda Pren. with my bondage ? O God, tice.

thou knowest the secret wedge

of Achan ; deliver me from idol(Concluded from p. 196.) atrous affections.

Had some

comfort this evenitg in pleading RS. Prentice kept a diary, at the throne of grace for the in

the five last years of her terests of Zion, and for minislife. She wrote largely respect-ters of the gospel." ing her exercises and experi- In October, 1800, she writes, ences. Her writings of this kind “ Blessed be God, I have had are sufficient for a large volume. some refreshment in prayer this A few extracts from her private morning. Oh, save me by the diary, it is presumed, will not right hand of thy power, for thy be unacceptable to the readers great name's sake." of the preceding memoir of a Lord's day evening. “ I have person whose graces shone with this day been permitted to cesuch lustre.

lebrate the dying love of Je, In Feb. 1800, she wrote thus, sus. Wonderful love indeed, “ My health is on the decline; wonderful salvation ! O Lord, and o gracious Father, enable my once crucified, but now risme to lay myself and all my I en and ascended Redeemer, par

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don my iniquities ; my very re- day, and been more than usualpentance needs thy divine clean- ly comfortable.” sing. Bless the Lord, O my After describing a scene of soul."

unusual temptation thro' which Nov. 3d. “ Surely I should she passed, she writes, “ I beblush to treat a fellow mortal, as gan to feel more calm ; and beI treat my God, after such spe- gan to sing. I was confined to cial tokens of his loving kindness. no words that I had ever heard. Oh, that my dear Lord would I sung of the glory, majesty, teach me to bear the Cross." beauty, holiness, sovereignty and

Nov. 17. “It is now a year justice of Christ. I thought I since } publicly gave myself up could ascribe glory, and often to God. Do I repent of the repeated it. Glory, glory, that act ? No; but I have reason to God did manifest the awful ato confess with shame, that I have tribute, justice upon his rebeldeen an unprofitable servant.-

lious worms. I had a fear of Will the retrospect of every disturbing the family, or I know year, were I to live many, afford not how long I should have so little satisfaction ? Oh, that I sung." might be enabled to devote

June 7th. “ Grace, grace, has

myself wholly to the Lord, and seek attended every step of my life : Do other interest but that of the So much health, oh, inestimable Redeemer. Enable me to set

blessing. Had some nearness out renewedly in the strength of to the throne of grace this mornthe Lord.”

ing in my retired moments. I

find it the desire of my heart April, 1801. During a disor- that the late visitation of provi der attended with threatening dence may not be in vain to me, symptoms, she writes ;“ I have and that I may have entire and felt the greatest desire that God | perfect submission to "God's would not suffer his chastising will. vod to be in vain--was even led

The following resolutions are to plead with him to chastise me found in her diary, written in the yet more, and give me strength beginning of the year, 1802. to bear it, till I shall become an

« Resolve 1. Resolve never obedient child. Have reason to to judge a matter before I heap bless God, that I feel so few mur it, and then to be very cautious murs arise in my heart, whilst

what I


for my unruly tongue I might have been left to des. hast cost me tears not a few. 2. pise, to wonder and to perish. By the grace of God to mortify would not have it left to myself

a selfish spirit which I find too whether to get well, or die of much predominates in my heart. this disorder.

It is perfectly 3. Never to suffer an angry or right as it is, and Oh, that I hasty expression to escape my might never be left to view God lips, till I have had time to say as a hard master.”

to myself, is this for the glory Soon after she writes, “Sure- of God? 4. To observe this ly no one bas, or can have grea- most precious text of scripture, ter cause for thankfulness than “ Take heed and beware of covo myself. I have been able to at-etousness, for a man's life contend meeting both parts of the I sisteth not in t.. abundance


which he possetheth. 5. To perfect peace, whose mind is appropriate six pence of my stayed on thee. But, O my Jeearnings each week that I am sus, I am utterly unable to trust able to work to charitable pur- in thee, unless thou art pleased poses."

to give the power. Oh, let me Nov. 13th: “ Have enjoyed never more go in my own such a week with regard to re- strength, for I am as helpless ligion as I have not for a long as the child that never walked.” time before ; and if it can be During the months of August ascribed to any mean, it is to and September of this year, she early rising, and denying my-mentions several religious conself of sleep, for the sake of ferences of females, where she communion with God. Oh, how enjoyed familiar freedom and delightful to be indulged in the fervency in prayer ; where her least degree with his presence. graces were much enlivened, His service is perfect freedom. and where the power of vital

January 1st, 1803. “ This is religion was very visible. the first time I have dated 1803. Oct. “ Monday morning, As it is the beginning of a new arose very early, sometime beyear, I would it were the begin- fore day light appeared, and enning of a new course of life. Oh, joyed sweet communion. None why is my love so cold to the dear but such as try it, know the Saviour! Oh, how does it magni- pleasure of being alone with fy the riches of the dying love of God, and of reading and prayChrist, that mercy can consist- ing. O my dear Lord, suffer ently be extended to such a hell me not to wound that holy deserving creature as I am! cause, which I dare to hope I Oh, that

my head were waters, sincerely love." and mine eyes fountains of tears,

Nov.15. Two days more that I might weep day and night and my school closes. Surely for my cruel sins. Oh, the a- I never saw the kind providence bominable sin of ingratitude of of God more conspicuous, at which I am daily guilty.”

any time of my life, than for Jan. 30. “ About an hour six months past. I think I nevsince, my father entered the er enjoyed so great a degree of eternal world. I had reason to solid habitual peace, and never bless God, when his soul was before in my life did I take up released, and as I would humbly so heavy a cross." hope, received to mansions a

Nov. 17. 66 It is now four bove. O Lord Jesus, all we years since I united with the now ask is, that his death may church and visibly united with be sanctified to prepare us, for the people of God. Surely goodour own dissolution, Oh, teach ness and mercy have followed us to live in the fear of God.” me all my days. Make me, O

March, 1803. “ Blessed be Lord, to understand my error's : God that I have peace ! world-cleanse thou me from secret ly circumstances have not pro- faults. I have abundant reason cured it ; it is of the sovereign to bless God for what he hath grace of my dear Lord. O my done for my soul, the year past. dear Saviour, it is eminently In no one year since. I professed true, that thou wilt keep him in religion, have I been enabled to

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