50 24 48 25 3


Coleman's Incomprehensibleness of God,
Davison's real Christian,
All's for the Best,
Lyman's Sermon before the Convention,
Emerson's ordination Sermon,
Hale's Sermon before the society,
Trustees' Report for 1802,

Do. Do. for 1803,
Do. Do. for 1804,

Do. Instructions and address,
Whole number of copies,
Bound books,
Pamphlets and Tracts,


16 118 200 281 4110

586 3574

4110 To these must be added a donation from Mrs. Mary Adams, of Northampton, of the following tracts, viz. 1 Plain truths ; 1 Porteus on distributing tracts; 1 Joseph discovering himself to his brethren ; 11 Address from a stranger ; -8 Best way to defend the bible; 2 Vivian's dialogues; 2 Whitaker's address ; 9 Advice to a young man; 1 Davison's real Christian; 2 Hemmenway's sermon to children ; 3 Bowle's last illness ; 23 Life of faith ; 1 A choice drop of honey ; 1 Lathrop on the Church.

32 58 32 99 55 65

No. II. Monies received for the funds of the Hampshire Missionary Society

for 1805. Names of the towns, D. C. Plainfield,

7 Amherst, 1st par. 35 33 Shelburne,

2 Amherst, 2d par. 2 Southampton,

45 42 Ashfield, 17 90 Southwick,

4 50 Belchertown,

11 19 South-Hadley, Charlemont,

19 60 Springfield, 1st par. Chesterfield,

5 Sunderland, Colrain, 2 Westhampton,

35 19 Conway, 38 83 Westfield,

21 60 Deerfield, 28 66 West Springfield, 1st par.

43 20 Easthampton, 13 44 Whately,

16 15 Granby,

10 50 Williamsburgh, Granville, middle par. 11 Worthington,

28 50 Granville, west par.

5 Greenfield,

Total towns,

860 91 Hadley,

52 15 Hatfield,

69 81 New-Settlements, New York. Hawley, 14 5

D. C. Heath, 11 46 Pompey,

3 59 Leverett, 2 Marcellus Ell,

28 Longmeadow, 40 42 Marcellus Creek,

10 Northampton, 73 57 Marcellus Lake,

3 Norwich, 2 Tully,

1 12 Palmer, 9 76 Herkimer,


45 56 ,

[blocks in formation]

No. III. Account of expenditures of the Hampshire Missionary Society, be

tween August meeting, 1804, and do. 1805. To paid missionaries employed 1804, balance due, $ 276 14 viz. To Rev. Vinson Gould,

$ 105 00 To Rev. Thomas H. Wood,

72 .To Rev. Theodore Hinsdale,

39 14 To Rev. Joel Hayes,

60 00

276 14 To paid missionaries employed 1805 in advance, $ 392 00 viz. To Rev.John Dutton,

$ 80 To Rev. Joseph Field,

80 To Mr. Samuel Sewal,

72 To Rev. Payson Williston,

75 T. Rev. Thomas H. Wood,

60 To Mr. Royal Phelps,


$ 252 45 viz.

392 To paid for printing and purchase of books, 72 Bibles,

$ 49 75 140 Rise and Progress,

60 20 100 Coleman's Incomprehensibleness, 22 50 720 Connecticut Evangelical Mag. 300 Annual Report,

20 00 300 Hale's Sermon before the society, 14 00

100 Emerson's sermon at Mr. Wood's Ordination,

6 00

252 45

To paid for stationary,
To do. for a corporation seal,
For boxes and transport of books,
To postage of letters,
To entertaining the Committees,

1 75 8 50 14 09

5 52 12 33 1-2

963 28 1-2


The Committee appointed by the Hampshire Missionary Society, at their meeting at Northampton, August, 1804, to examine into and report to the society the state of the Treasurer's accounts, beg leave to report as follows :

Having examined the Treasurer's books, find his accounts well vouched and right-cast, and that there is now in the Treasury in money, the sum of

$ 17 90 1-2 Also in promissory notes with good security, the sum of

1801 23

Amounting to

1819 13 1-2 The Treasurer has paid out by order of the Committee of Trustees the past year,

717 55 1-2 Asa WHITE,

NATHANIEL ELY, Northampton, August 28, 1805.

} Committee

No. v.

Monies received from the charitable female association, for 1805, viz.
D. C. Towns.

D. C. Amherst, 1st parish, 14 00 Plainfield,

4 89 Claremont, 7 76 Southampton,

28 96 Chester, 15 25 South-Hadley,

11 44 Cummington, 6 00 Westampton,

22 25 Deerfield, 19 34 Westfield,

9 64 Granville, middle parish, 10 50 West-Springfield, I parish, 13 00 Hadley, 24 88 Williamsburgh,

10 50 Hatfield, 18 07

278 88 Hawley,

5 50 Longmeadow,

20 07 Bal. of last year in Treas. 43 41 Northampton,

32 33 Norwich, 4 50

322 29

An account of monies expended out of the fund of the female asso

ciation since the last Report, viz. For 72 Bibles,

49 75 For 165 copies of the Trustees' Report 1804, taken for distribution,

11 00 For 300 Hale's sermon before the society,

14 00 For 100 Emerson's sermon at Mr. Wood's ordination, 6 00 Expense for boxes and transporting books,

14 09

Total expenditure, 1805,
Deposited in the Treasury,

87 84 934 45 1-2

322 29 1-2

Officers of the Humpshire Missionary Society, appointed at their an

nual meeting the last Thursday in August, 1805. His Excellency Caleb Strong, Rev. Richard S. Storrs, Esq. President.

Ruggles Woodbridge, Esq.
Rev. Sam'i Hopkins, D.D. Vice


Rev. Enoch Hale, Correspond-

ing Secretary. Hon. John Hastings, Esq.

Rev. Payson Williston, RecordRev. Joseph Lathrop, D. D.

ing Secretary.
Hon. Ebenezer Hunt, Esq.

Standing Committee of the Trus-
Rev. Joseph Lyman, D. D.
Justin Ely, Esq.

Rev. Joseph Lyman, D.D.
Rev. Solomon Williams, Rev. Solomon Williams,
William Billings, Esq.

William Billings, Esq.
Rev. David Parsons, D. D.

Charles Phelps, Esq.
Charles Phelps, Esq.

Rev. Enoch Hale.


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Memoir of Mrs. Clarinda Pren- She was peculiarly successful in tice.

conciliating the affections of all

within the circle of her acquaint. daugh- ance. But her greatest excel

Mrs. Reliance Kasson, of Beth- Redeemer and his glorious goslem, Connecticut. She was pel. As a Christian she shone born January 29, 1778, and was with uncommon lustre for sevmarried to Mr. Prentice, June 5, eral years, and on the bed of 1804. On the 31st of March, death, and at the closing scene, 1805, she was delivered of a son, her exercises and prospects were and realized the truth of the de- such as few have experienced, claration, “ In sorrow shalt thou or witnessed, in this vale of tears. bring forth.” Her symptoms A more particular account of for some time were not thought her life and death, will appear to be alarming ; but she con- in the sequel. tinued gradually to decline, and The following is extracted her difficulties terminated in a from a narrative of her father's consumption. She died on the family which she wrote several 25th of May, after having ex- years before her death. re perienced severe bodily pain for she introduces her own characabout seven weeks.

ter and exercises, she observes Mrs. Prentice's natural powers upon the tendency and influence of mind were much above me- of speculative faith, “ It is not diocrity. She had an uncom- more certain that night and day mon taste for human and divine succeed each other, than that a knowledge, which slie assiduous- wrong faith will influence the ly cultivated. Her conduct in life and produce a bad practice. the various relations which she We (meaning herself and the sustained was highly commend family with which she was conable. She was dutiful, affection- nected) practically said unto the ate, benevolent and faithful as a Most High, depart from us, for child, sister, neighbor and wife. I we desire not the knowledge of VOL. VI. NO. 5,


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thy ways. But glory to God, the habit of disputing with a whose tender mercies are over near relative upon religious suball his works -When we lay jects, I often advocated the docin the open field; when there trine of the divine decrees. I was was no eye to pity or arm to not however so firmly on the save ; his own arm brought sal- side of God and of religion, as vation. Tho' in a little wrath to be willing to risk my reputahe hid his face from us, yet in tion in the gay circle, by refusgreat mercy he gathered us. ing to comply with solicitations Thou, O Lord, art able to lead to youthful amusements. Aco the blind in a way which they cordingly, when a ball was aphave not known, to bow the most pointed, and I invited among stubborn will, and to soften the others, I interrogated myself as most obdurate heart at the foot follows :-Shall I go and hazard of the cross.

God manifested the loss of my soul, and expose designs of mercy toward myself, myself to the pains of eternal the degenerate plant of a strange damnation ? or shall I stay at vine. I began to be seriously home, and lose the friendship of impressed about the age of eigh- the world, which has hitherte teen. Conscience thundered, Si- been dearer to me than life? It nai flamed ; and I could find no is true, I could wish they would rest day nor night. I flew to se- not dance now; but no one at cret prayer, and often found my present knows my feelings, It frames such as much relieved may be they will vanish soon, my conscience ; the relief of and I must endeavor to keep the which was the main design of world on my side; for perhaps attending to religious duties. I shall never gain religion, and Having long been inclined to like Naaman, I said, the Lord think and speak lightly of awa- pardon thy servant in this. Afkenings, and of the concerns of | ter I had endeavored to implore the soul, I resolved to conceal the divine blessing, I went to the my feelings as much as possible, ball, and was as gay as the gayand though I imagined I had a est. But an abused conscience new taste for public worship, will not always sleep. I had no and experienced a sort of pleas- sooner returned home and reure in reading the bible ; yet tired to rest, than this faithful my ideas were very confused monitorasserted his rights in the and indistinct respecting the way most commanding terms. Inof salvation thro’ Jesus Christ, stead of rest and the syren song having received but little instruc-of festivity and joy, I felt an intion in doctrinal points. At supportable weight of guilt, times I felt my heart much op- which appeared to me a sure posed to what are commonly earnest of the wrath of God, and denominated the doctrines of of the worm that never dies. Begrace ; but hearing a sermon ing unable to conceal my emowhich so clearly exhibited the tions from my sister, who slept propriety of God's being a sove with me, and who had been parreign, and finding my reason in taking of the same amusement, such a good measure convinced, she enquired after the cause and I resolved never more openly to whether I was sick. I put her @ppose the doctrine. Being in off with a light answer, and with

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