hoped will persevere in contri commenced their labors, and are buting with a ready mind, of joyfully received by the people. their worldly substance, and will The narrative of the labors of daily besiege the throne of grace our missionaries, for the present with their fervent prayers to the season, must be deferred until Lord of the harvest to raise up, the next annual report. In the qualify and send forth, still more mean time, the Trustees, from abundantly, laborers into his har- a confidence in the piety, zeal, Test.

and capacity of your missionaThe present season, six preach- ries, anticipate happy effects ers are employed in the service from their ministrations and of the society. Rev. Payson from the prayers of the society Williston and Rev. Thomas H. and the numerous friends of our Wood, for fifteen weeks in the benevolent institution ; they ancounties of Chenango and Onon- ticipate from Christ, the source dago, in the state of New-York; of gracious influences, blessings and Mr. Royal Phelps, a candi- upon the missionaries, upon the date for the ministry, is to labor people they may visit, and upon for three weeks in the town of a multitude of perishing sinners. Adams, and for four weeks in The books of the society for the settlements called Camden, the four past years have been lying near lake Ontario in the sent for distribution nearly in an same state. These gentlemen equal proportion into the state have arrived at the places of of New-York and the district of their destination and have nearly Mairs. They comprise 220 bi. completed the terms of their bles, 591 othe: bound books, and service.

6254 pamphlets and small reliBut our communications from gious tracts. To this report is them are so few as to make it annexed a document No I. showimpracticable to give much in- ing what books have been sent formation concerning them. The each year for distribution, and in Trustees, however, can state that the same document will be found they are in health and have en- a list of the books which remain tered

upon their work with hap- on hand for future use. py tokens for good, and are cor- In another document No. II. dially welcomed by the people is contained an account of the to whom they are sent.

monies which have been receivRev. Joseph Field, Rev. John ed since the last annual report, Dutton, and Mr. Samuel Sewal, by which it appears that there are engaged in missionary la- have been paid to the funds of bors in the counties of Oxford the society, and Kennebec in the district of Maine. Mr. Field for sixteen From severaltowns and weeks, Mr. Dutton for twenty parishes in the counweeks, and Mr. Sewal for eigh- ty,

$ 860 91 teen weeks. From them less From the new settleinformation has been received ments in New York, 32 62 than from the missionaries in From the legacy of Rev. New-York; but the Trustees are Noah Atwater,

80 00 happy to say, that in health and From sundry individuwith animated courage they have

als out of the county,

27 00 VOL. VI. NO. 5.



From the profits alrea

in entering the annuities and dody obtained on the

nations on the books, together sale of Doddridge's

with the names of the benefacrise and progress,

82 70 tor's where they are known ; From the sale of other

this entry being required by the books,

3 83 act of incorporation. The minFrom the charitable

isters of the respective parishes, female association in

or some other benevolent friends the county,

278 89 of the institution, are earnestly Making in the whole

requested to make such returns the sum of,

1365 95 both of the donations and the doThe expenditures of

nors, to the annual committee the society the year

of the Trustees, as early as may past have amounted

be convenient. The document to,

963 29 No. V. contains an account of The several items of which the sums paid to the funds of the account are comprised in a doc- society by the charitable female ument No. III. appended to this association, in this county, and report.

of the disposition which has been The state of the treasury may made of the monies received. be seen in the report of the soci- The Trustees report to the ety's committee for auditing the society, and particularly to the treasurer's accounts--Document liberal subscribers of the chariNo. IV. There are in the hands table female association, that, by of the committee the sum of an examination of the accounts $ 151 95, reserved for the pur- of the monjes added to the funds, pose

of paying what remains due by the contributions of that assoto the missionaries. Accounts ciation, effectual aids have been of which will be lodged in the afforded to the operations of the treasury the next year.

society, and that the most subAs far as can be ascertained stantial benefits are to be expectfrom the imperfect returns made ed in future from that pious infrom the several towns and par

stitution. ishes, there remains due at the The sums contributed this present time on the annuities year have exceeded, considera. subscribed, the sum of 170 dol- hly, the expenditures for bibles lars.*

and other books ; but this excess It is necessary for an accurate is to be attributed not only to adjustment of the society's ac- the number of books on hand, counts that returns should be but more particularly to the large made of all new subscriptions, appropriations which had been donations or annuities pledged previously made for the purto the funds since the first re- chase and distribution of books. turns. In this way only, can the Rev. Mr. Atwater's legacy of committee discharge their duty eighty dollars, was, by the testa

tor, appropriated to the purchase

of books, and the profits arising * It is not, however, expected that from the sale of the edition of the whole of this sum will be realized, in collection, owing to a change of Doddridge's Rise and Progress circumstances in several of the sub

was consecrated to the same purscribers.

pose, and $ 82. 70 have already

[ocr errors]

been applied from the profits in mots and destitute settlements the purchase of books. These of our country ; and that he will payments have anticipated large open a wide door, and effectuat expenditures from the funds of to increase Christian knowledge the female association, but no among our countrymen, and in such considerable aids are ex- due time, among

the pagan pected in future. And a large tribes which surround our borpurchase of five or six hundredders. of Vincent's Explanation of the Hopeful symptoms, it is tho't, Shorter Catechism, for distribu- presage the approaching contion, out of an edition soon to be version of some of the savages printed, the purchase of bibles of the wilderness, to Christ. It and several other books, will ren- will certainly be a happy prepader large appropriations and ex- ration for their ingathering to penditures necessary. It is there our Redeemer, when the people fore hoped, that the benevolent who inhabit our frontier settlecharities of the female associa- ments, shall imbibe the spirit of tion will be continued, that the Jesus, and shall be made obediother resources of the society ent to his gospel, and thus, by may be applied to the support of their example, allure pagans to missionaries, The Trustees ex- revere the name and religion of press their gratitude to the char- Immanuel. itable female association, and fi- Every friend to Zion is enducially rely upon the mercy of treated to put his hand to this God, through our Lord Jesus work of the Lord, and cheerfully Christ, that in answer to the to come and deposit his offerprayers and liberalities of the ings in the treasury of Christ, daughters of our Zion, the long that so, means may be amply expected and blessed period will provided for repairing the walls be hastened when the seed of of our Jerusalem, and enlarging the woman shall bruise, effectu- the boundaries of Zion. How ally, the serpent's head. can men believe, unless they

A view of the state of the so-hear? How can they hear, withciety's funds affords matter of out à preacher ? How can prea

encouragement and of ardent chers be obtained by the numerI thanksgiving to God, who has put ous, scattered, and divided set

it into the hearts of his people tlements of our country, unless to take of the wealth which he we, and others, like minded, has given them and to conse- appropriate a portion of our crate it to the interests of his property, and lend our unwea. kingdom.

ried attention to this good work Let the society and those who of sending able and pious misfavor its pious designs joyfully sionaries among them, to make say, 6 Hitherto the Lord hath known to them the mysteries helped us.Let them take of the kingdom of God, and courage to pursue their work the gospel of our salvation ?-with renewed ardor, and with a What purpose equally valuable humble, stedfast hope in God, as that of procuring gospel inthat he will more and more in- structions for perishing sinners, crease the means of sending the can lay claim to our worldly sub light of gospel truth into the re- Istance?

By the gospel, we and others. That of the necessary good experience a blessing in the things of this life we shall rethings of this life. By the gos-ceive such a bountiful supply, in pel alone can we learn the way providence, that we may be more of peace with God, and obtain a and more able to bestow, from blessed immortality in heaven.

year to year, abundantly, for the The Trustees report to the help and salvation of others, who society their opinion, that it is are deprived of the rich privihighly expedient that their liber- leges which we enjoy. And all alities be continued and increas- the praise and thanksgiving shall ed from time to time, and that be ascribed to that gracious God it be requested of the several as- and Saviour who hath moved semblies of congregationalits and us to take of his own and give presbyterians in the county to it unto him. Amen. make a public contribution to In the name of the Trustees, the funds of the society, upon SAM. HOPKINS, Vice-Pres. the next annual thanksgiving, or upon some Lord's day near that

At a meeting of the Society, time, as shall be found most

Northampton, Aug. 29, 1805– convenient ; and that this report

Read, accepted and ordered to be read in the several


be printed and distributed to the tions at some suitable time pre

several ministers of the

congrevious to such contribution.

gational and presbyterian parIn ways of charity to ourbreth-ishes, and also to the several ren may we not humbly hope, branches of the charitable fethrough the merits of Christ, for male association in this county. the effusions of divine grace up- Attest, Enoch HALE, on ourselves and our children ?

Rec. Sec. pro tem:


No. I.
Books sent for distributįon in the New-Settlements, viz.

1802, 1803, 1804; 1805. Tot. Holy Bibles,


52 72 220 Doddridge's Address to the Master of a Family,

500 100 400 120 1120 Assembly's Shorter Catechism, 1000

1000 Janeway's Token for Children, 60

60 Select Sermons,


10 6 36 Lathrop's God's Challenge to Infidels, 19

34 Trustees’ Instructions and Address, 80

48 30

208 Doddridge's Rise and Progress, &c. 42 68 49 159 Fuller's Gospel its own Witness,


8 Lathrop's six Sermons,

100 100 40 240 Do. Vol. on Ephesians,


1 Do. Sermons on Christian Sabbath,


150 754 Do. On Stedfastness in Religion,


9 Do. Before the Society,

40 Lyman's do. before the Convention,


36 Williams' do. before the Convention, 11






110 280 199 150

6 176

60 132 18





Trustees' Report for 1802,

60 20 30 Hemmenway's Sermon to Children, 130

100 50 Extracts from life of Henry,

100 99 Familiar Instructions,

100 50 Two Shoemakers,

6 Vivian's Dialogues,


6 Whitaker's Address, &c.

30 30 Plain Truths,

132 Repository Tracts, No. 7, 8,

18 Friendly Visit to the House of Mourning,

20 26 6 Doddridge's Sermon on the care of the Soul,

362 150 Do. on Education,

1 Coleman's Incomprehensibleness of God,

24 50 Watts' Psalms and Hymns,

12 Do. Advice to a Young Man,

50 24 Do. Divine Songs for Children,

50 50 Janeway's Heaven upon Earth,

1 Taggart on Perseverance,

15 15 Trustees' Report for 1803,

48 50 Best way for defending the Bible,


100 Life of Faith,

25 25 Warning against Drunkenness,

13 18 All's for the best,

50 25 Lathrop on the Church,

6 10 Davison's Sermons,


50 Trustees' Report for 1804,

50 Hale's Sermon before the society, 1804,

120 Emerson's ordination sermon of Rev. Mr. Wood,

50 Connecticut Evangelical Magazine,

240 Osgood on Baptism,

12 Address from a Stranger,

50 1746 1441 2230 1648

74 12 74 100

1 30 98 200 50


75 16 150 50


50 240 12

50 7065

List of Books remaining on hand for

future use, viz. Doddridge's Rise and Progress,

No. 322 Do. Care of the Soul,

470 Do. Address to the Master of a Family,

151 Lathrop's six Sermons,

150 Do. on the Christian Sabbath,

560 Religious Tradesman,

4 Connecticut Evangelical Magazine,

480 Hemmenway's Discourse to Children,

90 Address from a Stranger,

50 Best way to defend the Bible,

258 Watts' Divine Songs for Children,

14 Do. Advice to a Young Man,


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