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THE increased facilities for locomotion and the recognised brotherhood of nations have brought the advantages of travel within the reach of many to whom they were formerly denied. Thousands are every year availing themselves of this pleasantest method of gaining correct ideas of the men and manners of the time, and visiting for themselves the classic spots which have for so many ages inspired the soul of the poet, and guided the pencil of the painter. In this pilgrimage to the shrines of the Beautiful and the haunts of the Romantic, America has not been without her representatives. There is scarcely a spot in the Old World that gems the page of history or lives in the poet's song, where the foot of our countryman has not pressed. Some travel from curiosity, others to gain knowledge, while not a few, like the birdling of Jenny Lind, go, "not knowing why."

In the Spring of 1851, the author found himself in one of these categories-precisely which, he leaves it with the reader to determine. Of one sin, however, he holds himself innocent-the malice prepense of writing a book. During an absence of nearly two years, he had ample time and opportunity to visit all the more interesting portions of the three grand divisions of the Eastern hemisphere. The following Letters are his impressions

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of those scenes, and of the various people that inhabit them. They were written originally for the perusal of personal friends, and not for the critical eye of the great public. The partiality of those friends and their flattering reception of them are the responsible party for their present appearance before this august censorship. They were published some time since in one of the leading journals in Tennessee, and subsequently copied into the prints of other States. For much of the historical matter they contain, the author acknowledges his indebtedness to several European travellers who have preceded him in his tour of observation; and if aught of genial feeling or poetic fervor breathe through the following pages, he owes much of it to the companionship that shed continual sunshine over the weariness of travel, and to the gentle hands that were gathering flowers by his side for this bouquet of A TENNESSEAN ABROAD.



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Thames, Bridges, and Tunnel....


LETTER IX.-Excursion to Windsor Castle-The Palaces of London-The Royal Mews-Ama-

teur performances at the Devonshire House-The Royal Italian Opera, etc.... ..52

LETTER X.-Excursion to Epsom-Tower of London-Docks and Vaults, etc...

LETTER XI.-St. Paul's Cathedral-Meeting of the Charity Schools-The Ragged Schools-

Pauperism-Hospitals-Markets, etc., etc.....

LETTER XII.—Westminster Hall-Public Buildings-Monuments-Parks, Streets, and Gar-

dens-Dinner and Soirée at the American Minister's-The Duke of Wellington, Lord

John Russell, etc.......

LETTER XIII.-Departure from London-Railways and Stations-Agriculture in the Southern

Counties-Scenery on the banks of the Wye-Visit to the Hills of Great Malvern-The

Cureall Establishment-The appearance of Chester, its Antiquity, etc....


LETTER XIV.—Tour through North Wales-Vale of Llangollen-Capel Cerrey-Vale of Llan-

beris-Snowdon-Slate Mines-Character of the Country and People-Tubular and Sus-

pension Bridges-Isle of Anglesey-Marquis of Anglesey's Column, etc...............76

LETTER XV.-Tour through the South of Ireland-Cork Harbor-Cork-Blarney Castle-Na-

ture of the Country and Condition of the People-Lakes of Killarney, etc.....

LETTER XVI.-Appearance of the City Poor-Houses-Police-Parks and Monuments-O'Con-

nell's Vault-Railway to Galway and Line of Steamers to the United States........87

LETTER XVII.-Difference between the Northern and Southern parts of Ireland-Belfast-

Scenery on the Coast-Giants' Causeway-Death of a young Scotchman-Wreck of an

American Vessel-Irish Hospitality-Londonderry-The River Foyle, etc............90

LETTER XVIII.-The River Clyde-Dumbarton Castle-Glasgow-Trip to Ayr-Birthplace of

Burns-Alloway Kirk-Brig of Doon, etc..


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