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The General Association of New Hampshire met at the Congregational Meeting House in Dover, August 23, 1842, at 10 o'clock, A. M.

The Meeting was opened with a sermon by Rev. Austin Richards from Heb. 6: 1.

Certificates of membership were presented, and the following were reported as Delegates from the District Associations, viz: Enoch Corser,

Stephen S. N. Greely.
Isaac R. Worcester.
Jonathan Curtis,
Josiah Carpenter.
Edward L. Parker,
Jonathan Clement.
John S. Winter,
Jeremiah Blake.
Austin Richards,
Wm. T. Savage,
Stephen T. Allen.
J. W. Perkins,
Wm. Patrick,
Nathaniel Bouton.
Clark Perry.
Moses Gerould,

Darwin Adams,















Henry A. Kendall,

Alanson Alvord.

Samuel W. Clark,
James F. McEwen,
William J. Newman.
J. DeForest Richards,
Samuel H. Tolman,
Aaron Wait.
Ephraim P. Bradford,
Archibald Burgess.

Gen. Assembly Pres. Church
Constitutional Gen. Assembly

Gen. Association of Mass.
Gen. Association of Conn.
Gen. Conference of Maine



Minister of the place,

Ezra A. Huntington.
John Patton.
James T. Woodbury,
George W. Blagden.
Joseph Eldridge.
Wm. T. Dwight.
Z. S. Barstow.
Abraham Burnham.
Jeremiah S. Young.

The Association was organized by choosing Rev. Nathaniel Bouton, Moderator; Stephen S. N. Greely, Scribe; and William T. Savage, Assistant Scribe.

Prayer was offered by the Moderator, after which the standing Rules of the Association were read by the Secretary.

Rev. Messrs. Curtis, Clement and Burgess were appointed


a Committee of Nominations and Overtures.

Association then adjourned, to meet at 2 o'clock, P. M.

Met according to adjournment.

Voted that Rev. Messrs. Worcester, J. De F. Richards, Parker, Huntington and Blagden be a Committee to take minutes of the state of religion and to make a report.

Narratives on the state of religion within the bounds of the Association and from Foreign Bodies were then communicated.

A letter was presented from the Congregational Union of Canada East. After hearing the same it was voted that the Secretary be appointed to prepare and forward an answer.

Voted that the afternoon sessions of this body be at 2 o'clock. Voted to devote Wednesday morning to the hearing of communications upon the subjects of the American Sunday School Union, American Seaman's Friend Society, Colonization Society, New Hampshire Congregational and Presbyterian Abolition Society, American Tract Society, Foreign Evangelical Society, Foreign Missions, and on the Sabbath, and that each speaker be allowed 20 minutes.

After Prayer by Rev. Mr. Clement, Association adjourned to 8 o'clock to-morrow morning.

August 24. Association met according to adjournment.

Opened with prayer by Rev. Mr. Alvord. After the reading of the minutes of yesterday, the Secretary submitted a letter he had prepared to the Congregational Union of Canada. Voted to accept it.

Messrs. Austin Richards and Corser were appointed ȧ Committee to report the place of next meeting, and designate the Association to furnish the preacher.

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