Rev. Mr. Alvord,in behalf of the Monadnock Association,submitted the following:

"Resolved, that we request the General Association of New Hampshire to commence immediately a labour of Christian love and faithfulness with the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States, for supporting and sanctioning the system of American slavery; and to proceed on gospel principles to the final results as soon as expedient."

The above is a copy of the resolution passed by the Monadnock Association. Attest, Z. S. BARSTOW, Clerk.

May 18, 1842.

A Communication was also laid before the Association from the Freewill Baptist Convention. Both these communications were referred to a Committee consisting of Messrs. Bradford, Whiton and A. Richards-to report next year.

The hour having arrived to hear the statements of the agents of benevolent societies, Rev. R. B. Campfield addressed the Association in behalf of the American Sunday School Union; Rev. John Spaulding in favor of the American Seamen's Friend Society; Rev. Daniel Crosby in behalf of the American Board; Rev. Seth Bliss for the American Tract Society; Rev. R. R. Gurley for the American Colonization Society; Rev. S. Lee in behalf of the Presbyterian and Congregational Abolition Society of New Hampshire; Rev. Mr. Miller for the American Peace Society; Rev. S. Washburn in behalf of the Foreign Evangelical Society; and Rev. Dr. Edwards upon the high claims of the Christian Sabbath.

Resolutions expressing the views of the Association on a part of the foregoing subjects were adopted. See Appendix.

Voted that there be a new supply of Schedules for Reports including an additional column for insertion of dates of settlement of Pastors over their respective churches.

A Pastoral Letter was submitted by Rev. Mr. Curtis and J. K. Young, the Committee of last year, which was approved and adopted. See Appendix.

The Trustees of the Widows' Charitable Fund submitted a report which was accepted, and adopted, and ordered to be printed in the Minutes.

Rev. A. Burnham, Treasurer of General Association, presented his report which was accepted, and ordered to be printed.

Re-appointed, Messrs. J. French, E. L. Parker, J. Curtis, A. W. Burnham, N. Bouton, P. Cooke, G. Punchard, N. Lord, D. D. J. Woods, Z. S. Barstow, and A. Bodwell a Committee to certify the regular standing of ministers and candidates, travelling beyond the limits of this Association.

Rev. A. Burgess presented an overture from the Union Association "against any further diversion of the funds of the General Association from the specified objects for which they were raised."

Whereupon, Voted, that we receive the above admonitionand that if the members of the Association from which it comes will pay their tax as formerly, we will do better in future. Adjourned to 2 o'clock, P. M.

Met according to adjournment.

Rev.Mr. Worcester, chairman of the committee on the Narratives, submitted a Report.

Voted it be accepted, adopted, and printed in the minutes. Voted to excuse from further attendance Rev. Mr. Alvord, J. DeF. Richards and Perkins

Attended to the report of Rev. Mr. Burgess, Delegate of last year to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church.

Also of Mr. Clark Perry to General Conference of Maine. Voted to give place to the New Hampshire Bible Society and to the Sabbath School Union to hold their anniversaries.

An Overture was presented from Derry Association suggesting a modification of the 4th standing rule of General Association. Whereupon, Voted, That the 4th standing rule be amended by erasing what pertains to the permanent membership of the Secretary of the New Hampshire Missionary Society.

Appointed Rev. A. Burnham treasurer-and Rev. N. Bouton auditor for the coming year.

After prayer by Rev. Mr. Corser, adjourned till to-morrow morning at 8 o'clock.

August 25. Met according to adjournment.

Opened with prayer by Rev. Mr. Worcester. Minutes of yesterday were read.

Committee on the place of next meeting, and Association to furnish the preacher reported-that with regard to the place of meeting no applications had been sent in.

That Sullivan Association furnish the preacher-which report was accepted.

Voted that the Secretary be authorized to designate the place for next meeting.

Rev. Messrs. E. L. Parker and J. Clement were appointed to prepare a Pastoral Address for next year.

Voted to send Delegates to New School General Assembly once in 3 years. Committee of Nominations and Overtures reported the following Delegates to foreign bodies, viz.

Rev. William T. Savage, Substitute. General Assembly, (New School) Rev. Jonathan Clement, Primary. Rev. Jeremiah S. Young, Substitute.

General Association Mass.

Rev. J. Curtis, } Primaries.

Rev. Erdix Tenney,

[blocks in formation]

The above report was accepted. Voted, That Messrs. Bouton and Greely be the publishing Committee.

Voted that a Committee be appointed to advise with the Trustees of the New Hampshire Missionary Society on the propriety of their relinquishing the appointment of a Preacher for the afternoon of Thursday; and of substituting a Preacher to be appointed by the General Association, with special reference to the sacramental occasion.

Also to consider the propriety of dispensing altogether with a sermon on that occasion-and that this Committee consist of Messrs. Burnham, Bouton and Barstow.

Voted that the same be a committee to consider the expediency of modifying the services of the General Association so as to render them more strictly religious in their character and influence and report next year.

Voted that the Associational tax for the next year be 50 cents on each member of the District Associations.

Voted that the thanks of this Association be presented to Rev. Mr. Young, and through him to his people for their kindness and hospitality on the present occasion; also to the choir of singers for their very acceptable performances.

After the reading of the minutes and prayer Association adjourned sine die.





This General Association shall meet on the fourth Tuesday of August annually: and be opened at 10 o'clock, A. M. by a Concio ad Clerum by a minister appointed by one of the District Associations in rotation.

2. At the close of religious exercises, the preacher shall take the chair, and preside till a Moderator is chosen by ballot.

3. A scribe and assistant scribe shall also be chosen by bal


4. The Association shall be composed of the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Minister of the place of the meeting and delegates from District Associations, according to the following ratio of representation, viz. One from every Association, two from every Association of seven members, three from every Association of thirteen members, and four from every Association of twenty members. No minister shall be counted or represented in two Associations, and no preacher shall be eligible to appointment as a delegate, who has not received ordination.

5. The Secretary shall receive the certificates of the delegates, and report the names of those duly appointed, before the choice of a moderator.

6. The meeting shall be daily opened and closed with pray


7. The Secretary shall previously prepare a docket of business, which may afterwards be enlarged by the committee of overtures, as occasion shall require.

A committee of three shall be early chosen by ballot, who shall nominate delegates to Foreign Bodies, and all committees to whom business or subjects shall be referred, for them to report thereon, and also be a committee of overtures. The acceptance of their nominations shall confirm them as appoint


9. No motion shall be discussed unless seconded. No member shall speak more than twice to the same motion, without liberty from the Association; nor shall the moderator, while in the chair, speak to the merits of a question. Any motion or resolution shall, at the request of the Moderator, or any two members, be reduced to writing.

10. Seven members shall be a quorum. No member shall retire without leave of the moderator, or have leave of absence without a vote of the Association.

11. It shall be the duty of the moderator to prevent desultory remarks.

12. At the opening of the morning session, the minutes of the preceding day shall be read; and the minutes of the last day at the close of the meeting.

13. The appointment of delegates to corresponding bodies shall be certified by the printed minutes, or by a certificate from the Secretary.

14. The narratives of the state of religion in our churches and corresponding bodies shall be written and brief, so that they can be given, in ordinary cases, on Tuesday afternoon.

15. The District Associations shall annually present the schedules of their churches, ministers settled and unsettled, the number of their churches, &c. and the number of young men under twenty-five years of age, and the number who are preparing for the ministry in each church.

16. A condensed narrative of the state of religion in each Association shall be prepared, and reported by a committee.

17. The schedules and narratives of religion shall be lodged with the Secretary, to be kept on file.

18. The publishing committee shall see that the minutes, as soon as printed, are sent to delegates to other bodies, and a copy sent by mail to every member of the District Associations.

19. This Association shall, as far as practicable, meet alternately in the eastern and western sections of the State.

20. These Rules shall be read at the opening of every annual meeting.


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