Australian Crickets (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)

Academy of Natural Sciences, 2007 - 477 pagina's
This work began with 12 months of field work in Australia between June 1968 & June 1969. During approx. 46,000 miles of travel the authors obtained data at 905 different localities, & visited all of the major Australian collections. Material in the European museums was examined on the return trip to the U.S. & many types were borrowed later. The National Insect Collection at Canberra subsequently sent their entire collection of crickets for further study & the Univ. of Queensland sent a major part of their collection. This work includes 492 species of which 376 are new. These species are arranged in 85 genera of which 41 are new. Fourteen previously published names are synonymized & 17 names are treated as ¿nomina dubia.¿ Illustrations.

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