Tue Author acknowledges with great satisfaction, that he derived considerable information from a former Map, executed by Mr. M'Crea, and in the possession of the Grand-Jury of the county of London-Derry.

He is also indebted for the Tables on the subject of Climate, and on the Rates of Provisions, to his late esteemed friend, Doctor Patterson of LondonDerry.

If there be any other to whom he owes particular thanks, he begs indulgence for unintentional neglects.

OMISSION Page 256, the following paragraph was accidentally omitted : “Mr. · Torrens has lately built a good house on his estate of Derrynoid. Already there is such progress in improvements as affords a good earnest of future embellishment and advantages.”

Page 4, line 6, for year safter read years after.

12, — 33, for noe, read one.

for the date 1515, read 1615, and transpose the same to its true place in the

Chronological order. 184, — 24, for 1 to each two acres (Irish), read lf acres (Irish) to each inhabitant. 297, 14, for rival characters of real, read real characters of rural. 317, 2, for 12 to 20, read 8 to 12. 335, -28, for any another, read any other,

344, — 6, for been abled, read be enabled. The order of precedency of the Companies, as given in the Chart, was taken from a living authority ; but on comparing it afterwards with Oldisworth’s Book of Arms, it appears that the following is the ancient order, and should therefore be substituted after No. 6. 7. Merchant Taylors.

10. Haberdashers. 8. Vintners.

11. Salters. 9. Ironmongers.

12. Clothworkers.

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The Grand Jury of the County of London-Derry, . 1000 guineas. The Honourable the Irish Society, London,

100 guineas. The Worshipful Company of Fishmongers, London, 250 guineas. The Worshipful Company of Mercers, London, . 120 guineas. The Worshipful Company of Ironmongers, London, - 100 guineas. The Worshipful Company of Grocers, London,

£100. The Worshipful Company of Salters, London,

50 guineas. The Worshipful Company of Drapers, London,

50 guineas.
Most Noble Marquis of Waterford, 3 copies.
Right Hon. Lord Viscount Castlereagh.
Hon, and Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Derry, 5 copies.
The Earl of Belmore.
Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Raphoe.
Right Hon. Sir G. F. Hill, Bart. 3 copies.
Robert Ogilby, Esq. Dungiven, 5 copies.
Henry Richardson, Esq. Somerset.
Thomas Bateson, Esq. Belvoir.
Marcus S. Hill, Esq. London-Derry.
John Ross, Esq. Lodge.
George Canning, Esq. M. P. - Pica
Barrè Beresford, Esq. Walworth.
Rev. Francis Gouldsberry.
John Hart, Esq. Ballymagard.
James M'Crea, Esq. London-Derry.
Alexander Ogilby, Esq. Ardnargle.
David Babington, Esq. Grocers-hall.
James Greg, Esq. London-Derry.

William Edgeworth, Esq. Edgeworth’s-town.
Rowley Heyland, Esq. Dublin.
John Alexander, Esq. H, T. Limavady.
Langford Heyland, Esq. Glendaragh.
Andrew Ferguson, Esq. Burt.
William Lecky, Esq. London-Derry.
Lesley Alexander, Esq. London.
Thomas Alexander, Esq. London.
James Scot, Esq. Willsborough.
James Stirling, Esq. Walworth. ''
David Watt, Esq. London-Derry.
Rev. James Knox, London-Derry.
John Mackay, Esq. Prospect.
Rev. R. Babington, Killaloo.
Richard Hunter, Esq. Coleraine.
Conolly M'Causland, Esq. Coleraine.
John Ogilby. Esq. Ardnargle.
Henry Blacker, Esq. Mill-brook.
George Hadfield, Esq. Old Hall, Derbyshire.
J. A. Smyth, Esq. London-Derry,
John Dysart, Esq. London-Derry.
Sir Robert Ferguson, Bart. Tarm.
General Alexander, Boom Hall.
Hon. General Ponsonby, M. P. 2 copies.
Right Hon. George Ponsonby, M. P. 2 copies,
- Dawson, Castle Dawson.
Leslie Ogilby, Esq. Dungiven.
The Rev. Sir Hervey Bruce, Bart.
The Rev. Robert Trail.

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