Handbuch des völkerrechts: Auf grundlage europäischer staatspraxis ...


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Pagina 499 - International Law, as understood among civilized nations, may be defined as consisting of those rules of conduct which reason deduces, as consonant to justice, from the nature of the society existing among independent nations ; with such definitions and modifications as may be established by general consent.
Pagina 342 - Des droits et des devoirs des nations neutres en temps de guerre maritime. 3* édit. refondue. 3 forts vol. in-8. 2-2 fr. 50 — Histoire des origines, des progrès et des variations du droit maritime international. 2* édition.
Pagina 89 - Jusqu'à la conclusion d'un traité entre la Turquie et la Serbie, les sujets Serbes voyageant ou séjournant dans l'Empire Ottoman seront traités suivant les principes généraux du droit international.
Pagina 496 - Existing rules are the sole standard of conduct or law of present authority ; and changes and improvements in those rules can only be effected through the same means by which they were originally formed, namely by growth in harmony with changes in the sentiments and external conditions of the body of states.
Pagina 22 - ... there really is no positive international law at all. Public international law is neither defined nor enforced by any authority superior to that which its subjects retain in their own hands...
Pagina 400 - Contayning severall discourses of the questions, points and matters of law, wherein the Nations of the world doe consent and accord (1602).
Pagina 414 - ... et naturalem civitatum, quae dici potest lex Gentium, vulgo autem jus Gentium appellatur. Praecepta utriusque eadem sunt: sed quia civitates semel institutae induunt proprietates hominum personales, lex quam loquentes de hominum singulorum officio, naturalem dicimus, applicata totis civitatibus, nationibus, sive gentibus, vocatur jus Gentium.
Pagina 501 - ... have suited both writer and reader better to have had these notes inserted in the text, but stereotype plates put books into a strait-jacket which it is hard to throw off. The title-page describes this work so aptly that a few words only need to be used in regard to its plan and object. The author had been engaged for a number of years in teaching international law and in giving lectures on history. The forward movement of this law over the world, the possibility of a universal law of nations,...
Pagina 405 - Stati il diritto di natura spiega il suo dominio, ed allora dicesi diritto delle genti: " sicut cujusque civitatis jura utilitatem suae civitatis respiciunt, ita inter civitates aut omnes, aut plerasque, ex consensu jura quaedam nasci potuerunt, et nata apparet, quae utilitatem respicerent non coetuum singulorum sed magnae illius universitatis. Et hoc jus est quod gentium dicitur, quoties id nomen a jure naturali distinguimus
Pagina 80 - The law of nations, founded upon justice, equity, convenience, and the reason of the thing, and confirmed by long usage...

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