The Cyclopędia of Practical Medicine: Comprising Treatises on the Nature and Treatment of Diseases, Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Medical Jurisprudence, Etc. Etc, Volume 1

Sir John Forbes, Alexander Tweedie, John Conolly
Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper, 1832

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Pagina lxix - ... formidable monster. But we were doomed to experience the ordinary process of disappointment; the practice, as usual, was found inefficient or injurious, and it was, after a short time, supplanted by the use of the lancet. But this practice was even more short-lived than either of its predecessors; and thus, in a space of less than forty years, we have gone through three revolutions of opinion with respect to our treatment of a disease of very frequent occurrence, and of the most decisive and...
Pagina 223 - There may also be a possibility,' writes Hooke, ' of discovering the internal motions and actions of bodies by the sound they make. Who knows but that, as in a watch, we may hear the beating of the balance, and the running of the wheels, and the striking of the hammers, and the grating of the teeth, and...
Pagina 274 - But, at all events, the Iron Mask and Lauzun had committed heinous crimes. The Iron Mask , whether brother or not of Louis XIV. , it is asserted, resembled King Louis XIV. so strongly that it was almost impossible to distinguish the one from the other. It is exceedingly imprudent to dare to resemble a king. Lauzun had been very near marrying, or did actually marry, the Grande Mademoiselle.
Pagina 13 - And if any person, with intent to procure the miscarriage of any woman not being, or not being proved to be, then quick with child...
Pagina 280 - In the latter the energies of the system were augmented ; in the former the functions of the brain, the lungs, and the heart are singularly impaired. The sensibilities of the brain subside, and the patient is no longer affected by noises as before ; there is, on the contrary, a tendency to dozing, and gradually some of those effects on the muscular system...
Pagina 223 - I was consulted by a young woman labouring under general symptoms of diseased heart, and in whose case percussion and the application of the hand were of little avail on account of the great degree of fatness.
Pagina 223 - I rolled a quire of paper into a kind of cylinder, and applied one end of it to the region of the heart, and the other to my ear, and was not a little surprised and pleased, to find that I could thereby perceive the action of the heart in a manner much more clear and distinct, than I had ever been able to do by the immediate application of the ear.
Pagina 177 - ... to set, he felt on a sudden deprived of the power of respiration, and, to add to his misfortune, was cut off from the means of expressing his distress. His situation, however, was fortunately perceived just in time to save his life, by breaking his bonds and releasing him from the extreme peril in which they had placed him.
Pagina lxviii - ... favorable result is obtained and it appears impossible for any fact to be supported by more decisive testimony. Yet in the space of a few short years the boasted remedy has lost its virtue; the disease no longer yields to its power while its place is supplied by some new remedy, which, like its predecessor, runs through the same career of expectation, success, and disappointment.

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