The Double-dealer: A Comedy. Written by Mr. Congreve

Jacob Tonson, 1735 - 107 pagina's

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Pagina 39 - May be it is no sin to them that don't think it so ; indeed, if I did not think it a sin — but still my honour, if it were no sin. — But then, to marry my daughter, for the conveniency of frequent opportunities, I'll never consent to that ; as sure as can be I'll break the match.
Pagina 38 - Oh, consider it : what would you have to answer for, if you should provoke me to frailty ? Alas ! humanity is feeble, Heaven knows — very feeble, and unable to support itself.
Pagina 103 - I am confounded when I look back, and want a clue to guide me through the various mazes of unheard-of treachery.
Pagina 39 - Hear you? No, no; I'll deny you first, and hear you afterwards. For one does not know how one's mind may change upon hearing — hearing is one of the senses, and all the senses are fallible. I won't trust my honour, I assure you; my honour is infallible and uncomatable.
Pagina 45 - Or, may be, he thought he was not enough akin to me, upon your account, and had a mind to create a nearer relation on his own; a lover you know, my lord. Ha, ha, ha. Well, but that's all. Now you have it; well remember your promise, my lord, and don't take any notice of it to him.
Pagina 23 - Lord, why can't you find it out? Why there 'tis, in the not laughing. Don't you apprehend me? My lord, Careless is a very honest fellow, but harkee, you understand me, somewhat heavy, a little shallow, or so.
Pagina 38 - O, refleft on the horror of that, and then the guilt of deceiving every body ; marrying the daughter only to make a cuckold of the father ; and then seducing me, debauching my purity, and perverting me from the road of virtue, in which I have trod thus long, and never made one trip, not one faux pas...
Pagina 8 - How can I help it? It is the business of a comic poet to paint the vices and follies of humankind; and there are but two sexes, male and female, MEN and WOMEN, which have a title to humanity, and if I leave one half of them out, the work will be imperfect. I should be very glad of an opportunity to make my compliment to...
Pagina 8 - I should be very glad of an opportunity to make my compliments to those ladies who are offended. But they can no more expect it in a comedy, than to be tickled by a surgeon when he is letting their blood.
Pagina 41 - ... ne'er so far off. MASK. No sinking, nor no danger. Come, cheer up; why, you don't know that while I plead for you, your aunt has given me a retaining fee. Nay, I am your greatest enemy, and she does but journey-work under me.

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