Roosevelt, Theodore, and Grinnell, G. B., ed.

VDB Hunting in many lands; the book of the Boone and Crockett club. 1895. Forest and stream publishing company. $2.50. (Books of the Boone and Crockett club.) White, Eustace E.

VK The complete hockey player; with contributions by Philip Collins and L. M. and J. Y. Robinson; with thirty-two illustrations, including many special action-photographs and a plan. 2d ed. 1909. Methuen. 5/ Geister, Edna.

VM Ice breakers; games and stunts for large and small groups. 1918. Woman's press, N. Y. $1.00. Balch, Edwin Swift, and Balch, E. M.

W11+ Art and man; comparative art studies. 1918. Allen, Lane and Scott, Philadelphia. $5.00. Nahigian brothers.

WUV+ Oriental rugs in the home; a monograph. 1913. Nahigian brothers, Chicago.



Shorter compositions.

Bach, Johann Sebastian.

VYA+ Piano compositions; ed. by Ebenezer Prout. 2v. 1907-1908. Oliver Ditson company, Boston. $5.00. (Musicians library.)

V. 1.

v. 2. Larger compositions. Brahms, Johannes.

VYA+ Selected piano compositions; ed. by Rafael Joseffy; with a preface by James Huneker. 1910. Oliver Ditson company, Boston. $2.50. (Musicians library.) Chopin, Frédéric François.

VYA+ The greater Chopin; ed. by James Huneker. 1908. Oliver Ditson company, Boston. $2.50. (Musicians library.) Grieg, Edvard Hagerup.

VYA+ Larger piano compositions; ed. by Bertha Feiring Tapper. 1908. Oliver Ditson company, Boston. $2.50. (Musicians library.) Grieg, Edvard Hagerup.

VYA+ Piano lyrics and shorter compositions; ed. by Bertha Feiring Tapper; with a preface by Samuel Swift. 1910. Oliver Ditson company, Boston. $2.50. (Musicians library.) Haydn, Joseph.

VYA+ Twenty piano compositions; ed. by Xaver Scharwenka. 1907. Oliver Ditson company, Boston. $2.50. (Musicians library.) Schubert, Franz.

VYA+ Selected piano compositions; ed. by August Spanuth. 1912. Oliver Ditson company, Boston. $2.50. (Musicians library.)

Davis, Arthur Powell.

Irrigation works constructed by the United States government.
1917. Wiley. $4.50.

"Within less than fifteen years after the date of the first enabling legislation, the
U. S. reclamation service expended about $100,000,000 on the construction of various irrigation
systems scattered over our vast western domain.

Arthur P. Davis, chief engineer
of the U. S. reclamation service, has described twenty-one of the twenty-five projects in
the volume under consideration."-Book review digest.
Brokaw, Harry Clifford, and Starr, C. A.

Putnam's automobile handbook; the care and management of the
modern motor-car. 1918. Putnam. $1.90.
Collins, Hubert Edwin.

Pipes and piping. 1908. Hill publishing company, N. Y. $1.00.
(Power handbooks.)
Neubecker, William.

Kinks and labor saving methods for sheet metal workers. Original
means and devices successfully employed by sheet metal tradesmen
for expediting work and saving material. 2v. 1918, Sheet metal
publication company, N. Y. $2.00.
Bigwood, George.

Cotton. 1919. Holt. $1.60. (Staple trades and industries.)


Brown, Harold Warner.

Electrical equipment, its selection and arrangement, with special
reference to factories, shops and industrial plants. 1917. McGraw-
Hill book company, N. Y. $2.00.
Cook, Arthur Leroy.

Interior wiring and systems for electric light and power service;
a manual of practice for electrical workers, contractors, architects
and schools. 1917. Wiley. $2.00.

"Practical and free from troublesome mathematics. A wealth of clearly expressed and
definite information and instruction compressed into a volume of pocket size."-New York
public library New technical books.
Pagé, Victor Wilfred.

Storage batteries simplified, operating principles--care and indus-
trial applications; a complete, non-technical but authoritative treatise
discussing the development of the modern storage battery, outlining
the basic operation of the leading types; also the methods of con-
struction, charging, maintenance and repair. All practical applica-
tions of commercial batteries are shown and described. Includes spe-
cial instructions for care and repair of automobile batteries and glos-
sary of terms. This book has been written with the co-operation of
the leading American storage battery makers. Thoroughly illus-
trated with special charts, diagrams and photographs. 1919. Norman
W. Henley publishing company, N. Y. $1.50.
Croft, Terrell Williams.

Practical electric illumination. 1917. McGraw-Hill book com-
pany, N. Y. $2.00.

"Non-technical explanation of light, how it is produced and propagated, the significanco
of units used in every day illumination work, and a discussion of actual illumination
problems and their solutions."-Booklist.
Crocker, Francis Bacon, and Arendt, Morton.

Electric motors, their action, control and application. 2d ed., rev.
and enl. 1914. Van Nostrand. $2.50.
Croft, Terrell Williams.

Central stations. 1917. McGraw-Hill book company, N. Y. $2.50,

"An excellent illustrated book the generation, transmission and distribution




LITERATURE Payne, Leonidas Warren, jr., ed.

Y9 American literary readings, ed., with introduction, notes, biographical sketches, some thought questions, an outline of American literature and a brief essay on English metrics. 1917. Rand, McNally. $1.40. Skinner, Hubert Marshall, ed.

Y9 The schoolmaster in comedy and satire, arranged and ed. for the special use of teachers' reading circles and round tables; a companion volume to “The schoolmaster in literature." 1894. American book

$1.40. Skinner, Hubert Marshall, ed.

The schoolmaster in literature; containing selections from the
writings of Ascham, Molière, Fuller, Rousseau, Shenstone, Cowper,
Goethe, Pestalozzi, Page, Mitford, Bronté, Hughes, Dickens, Thack-
eray, Irving, George Eliot, Eggleston, Thompson, and others; with
an introduction by Edward Eggleston. 1892. American book co.,
Snyder, Franklyn Bliss, and Martin, R. G., ed.

A book of English literature. 1916. Macmillan. $2.25.
Braithwaite, William Stanley Beaumont, ed.

Anthology of magazine verse for 1913-1917 and year book of Ameri-
can poetry. 5v. 1913-1917. Gomme & Marshall, N. Y. $8.00.
Masson, Thomas Lansing, comp.

Best short stories. 1918. Doubleday, Page. $1.00.
Schlicher, John Jacob.

Latin plays for student performances and reading. 1916. Ginn, $.75.

Y35 Two dramatizations from Virgil. 1. Dido-the Phænician queen. II. The fall of Troy; arranged and tr. into English verse, by Frank Justus Miller. The stage directions and music for the Dido are contributed by J. Raleigh Nelson. 2d ed. 1917. University of Chicago press. $1.00. Fletcher, Jefferson Butler.

Y36D Dante. 1916. Holt. $.75. (Home university library of modern knowledge.)

"The third essay and the latter part of the second will rank with the best English criticism of Dante." -Nation. Gregg, John Robert.

2ZF Gregg shorthand, a light-line phonography for the million. New and rev. ed. 1916. Gregg publishing company, N. Y. $1.50. Koch, Theodore Wesley.

ZP War libraries and allied studies. 1918. G. E. Stechert & co. $2.50.

"In 1917 Mr. Koch was sent on a mission to England by the Library of Congress. thus enabled to familiarize himself with the work of British libraries in war service. present book contains papers first contributed to the Library Journal, a popular account written for the publicity campaign of the Library war service of the A. L. A. and other papers on related subjects printed for the first time."-Book review digest. Painter, Franklin Verzelius Newton.

ZY Introduction to American literature, including illustrative selections with notes. 1897. Sibley & Ducker, Boston. $1.25.

Shaw, George Bernard.

Arms and the man; an anti-romantic comedy in three acts. 1912.
Constable. 2/.
Shaw, George Bernard.

Cæsar and Cleopatra; a history. 1914. Constable. $.40.
Shaw, George Bernard.

Captain Brassbound's conversion; an adventure. 1913. Constable.

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Rathbun, John B.

Aeroplane construction and operation; including notes on aeroplane
des and aerodynamic calculation, materials, etc. A comprehensive
illustrated manual of instruction for aeroplane constructors, aviators,
aero-mechanics, flight officers and students. Adapted either for
schools or home study. 1919. Stanton and Van Vliet co., Chicago.

the best books intermediate between popular description and mathematical
design."-H. L. Cowing.

“One of


Halsey, Frederick Arthur.

Methods of machine shop work, for apprentices and students in
technical and trade schools. 1914. McGraw-Hill book company, N.
Y, $2.50.
Hartman, William Beeler.

Machine shop practice. 1917. Appleton. $1.10.
Kaup, William J.

Machine shop practice; a manual for apprentices and journeyman
machinists, and for use in trade, industrial and technical schools. 2d
ed., rev. 1915. Wiley. $1.50. (Wiley technical series for vocational
and industrial schools.)


Fairfield, Howard Parker.

Blueprint reading; a practical manual of instruction in blueprint
reading through the analysis of typical plates with reference to
mechanical drawing conventions and methods, the laws of projection,
etc. Blueprint reading, by Howard P. Fairfield; Mechanical drawing,
by Ervin Kenison and Edward B. Waite. 1919. American technical
society, Chicago. $2.00.

“A good practical book of the correspondence school type."-Booklist.
Howe, Charles Burton.

Mechanical drafting. 1916. Wiley. $1.75.
"One of the best short courses, with an unusual variety of applications."--H. L. Cowing.
Weick, Charles William.

Elementary mechanical drawing; theory and practice, with chapters
on geometrical drawing, mensuration and reproduction of drawings;
a text-book for technical, secondary, trade and vocational schools.
1915. McGraw-Hill book company, N. Y. $1.75.

"One of the best books of its type, very good for industrial work. Simple enough
for home study, with illustrations of both wood and metal work. Contains a chapter on
making blue-prints.”-A. L. booklist.



Crane, William Edward.

American stationary engineering; a practical work which begins at
the boiler room and takes in the whole power plant. Contains com-
plete examination for a license. 3d ed., rev., includes indicating and
diagrams. 1917. Norman W. Henley publishing co., N. Y. $2.00.
Hirshfeld, Clarence Floyd, and Ulbricht, T. C.

Steam power.

1916. Wiley. $2.50. (Wiley technical series for vo-
cational and industrial schools.)

"A sound elementary book intended to give the stationary engineer an adequate under-
standing of the principles governing the operation of engines and other steam apparatus."
H. L. Cowing.

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