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to paradise.

med city of York, solve the assertion if you can.

An Irishman went to visit one of his countrymen who lay very ill. “Pat,” said the visitor, supposing an you die. I believe I shall be after coming to your funeral. “And if you do,” replied the sick raian,’ by the holy I shall not go

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Handsome Man and Ugly Wife.

A young man, remarkable for his beauty and elegance of person, was married to a woman exceedingly deformed and ugly ; one evening as they were sitting together, ‘My dear,’ said he, “I congratulate you, I am the messenger of good news ; you and I are certainly to be in Paradise.” ‘May God,” said the woman, ‘ always make you the massenger of good news ; but what is the oecasion of your present warm address to me 3’ “Why," returned the husband, “I shall certainly go It was my lot to have such a woman as you for my wife : I have borne it patiently : you will also go to Paradise, because I was given you, and you are thankful. Now God himself has said by Mahomet, that the pa. tient and thankful are to be blessed in Paradise.

AEvery cre has bis cricket in his head.

St. Albans, (Vermont) Sept. 13. SUICIDE.

On the 2d inst. Elder Smith, of Derry, in this state, returning home from a visit at Windsor, where he was formerly settled as a Baptist minister, was observed by his family to be in a very gloomy state of mind. His wife enquired the cause, to which he replied that he was under strong tempt. ations. This, his wife understood ; as about nine years before he had been in a similar situation, from which having recovered, he told his wife, that on such a certain night, he became almost determined to murder her, his family and himself—of course she supposed on this occasion, that he might recover as before, and desired him to pray for divine assistance. The next day he continued extremely dejected. On the morning of the 4th instant he rose about day light, walked the room a few times, called his wife by name, who being asleep, did not answer him. (This is related by one of his children then awake in the room), He then left the house. The family arose ra, ther late in the morning, and not fining him about the house, his wife concluded he

had retired to secrt prayer.— .

After a while she grew uneasy about him, and sent to one of the neighbours to enquire after him, and finding he had not been there, she became more alarmed. At length two of the little children went to the barn, and there discovered him hanging : They screamed aloud that their daddy was hanging in the barn. The neighbours immediately collected, and finding him lifeless, suffered him to remain in the same situation, till after the jury of inquest brought in their verdict.—Premeditated Suicide.

It appeared evident on entering the barn, he took up an adze, and struck himself with the head of it, two or three time ; then turned the edge, and cut a large gash on the back of his head. From the place where he made this attempt, his bloody traces were followed to the other end of the barn, where he was found suspended by a pair of leading lines.

He was about 36 years of age; has left a widow, 3 sons and 5 daughters, the eldest about 16 years of age.

A woman and a glass are never out of danger.

Travelling Anecdote of Bonaparte.

Bonaparte, during his last journey, did not allow his new wife more rest than what he himself took—scarcely was she arrived in town, than he compelled her, however tired, to get into a barouche, and to visit with him fortifications, dock-yards, basons, canals, &c.— There is hardly any doubt but he will ere long make her leap ditches with him, was she even to break her neck in that exercise, as did Gen. Bertrand. It is thus that this man shews his love. Among other instances, in Dunkirk, where he arrived at 1 o’clock, P. M. he hastened to get into a barouche with her, and visited, always with her, all the works in the harbor and on the fortifications, till half past 6

in the evening—she was then com- |

pelled to hear part of the speeches of the different authorities; and at 9 o'clock at night, after allowing her one hour for dinner and dressing, he sent her to assist at a fete which the town had prepared in her honor. Such is nearly every day the life of that young Princess. Napoleon did not assist at the fete prepared for him by the city of Bruges, but, as usual, he sent there the Empress, who, by the amenity of her manners, made the good Flemish people forget her husband's impoliteness. She gave 4000 francs to the poor of the town. On entering the Cathedral, she could not, although in company of her stern husband, avoid kneeling with the utmost contrition by the mouldering bones,


of her ancestors, the ancient sovereigns of those countries, whose tombs have been broken by the revolutionists. The fragments have since been gathered in that Cathedral, and Bonaparte, no doubt by way of expiation for the crimes of his former friends, has given 12,000 francs to repair those repositories of departed greatness.— The Bishop of Ghent, in congratulating the new Empress on her marriage with Napoleon, said to her, among other things—“Associated as you are, to the destines of an Emperor, whose glory is more vast than the empire is extensive, you appear among us in the spring that smiling Aurora of the year, adorned like it with youth and graces, and nature strews your foot-steps with flowers " Who can say, after that sample of oratory, that Flemish Roman Catholic Bishops are not gallant : His lordship of Ghent highly deserves to be made Poet Laureat to Bona" parte. Lon. fiafi.

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Historians relate that an old woman at Rome gave the tyrant Nero her blessing, and wished him a long reign. This surprised a man who was conscious of his having well deserved the public odium, and he enquired into her reason for such extraordinary benevolence. Why, said she, your predecessors have been each worse than them altogether, that common prudence renders me anxious for your life, lest the Devil himself should succeed you in the empire.

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deaux were arrested on the same day, and escaped the guillotine only by signing an engagement to pay a fine of 100,O00,000 francs—(20,090,000.)

14th of March, 1795–Ad. miral Hotham defeated a French fleet, and took two ships of war.

An Irish gentleman having a party to meet at a tavern, exclaimed, on arriving, (finding the room empty.) “So I am first after all.” The waiter informed.him that he was mistaken, that his friends had been there, but were gone. “Very well,” returned the Hibernian, “ then I have made no mistake ; for as they were all here before me, surely I was right in saying; “I am first after all.” .. o - o * - -o- * * * An Irish soldier, lately arrived from Shain, being asked if he met with much hosfitality 2 replied “a great deal too much. I was in the hospital nearly all the time I was there.”

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The same day a drove of cattle crossing the new bridge at Schuylkill Fall, broke it down by their weight, and fell into the river.

The Baltimore Theatre opens on Wednesday next, under the firm of Warren & Wood, Mrs. Twaits is engaged there, and makes her first appearance, on Friday next, in Hermione in the Distressed Mother.

From the National Aegis, (Mass.J

MR. Rogers,

In the Ægis of the 22d ult: you have given a laudable specimen of female dexterity, in a Miss Triphosa Butler, of New-York, in spinning and reeling in 15 hours and 10 minutes, eleven skeins of woolen yarn, of ten knots of forty threads each, and bid a challenge to “Ladies to outdo this if they can "-This challenge put two young ladies, Miss Lois and Miss Maryamny, daughter of Mr. Jonathan Nye, of New-Brantree, in 15 hours they poduced on common wheels and reels 33 skeins of excellent woolen-yarn, of seven knots and an half each ; which out-does Miss Triphosa

five knots and an half each, in

less time by ten minutes,

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