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INFERNAL whiskey, first distilled in Hell, Destroys mankind, by it somethousands fell ; It was the nectar modern Poets think; The Stygian liquor, Pluto us’d to drink. By his cursed art, and pestiferous breath Whiskey was sent to ruin us on earth. The noble youths of the Olympic games, Had all their drink, from pure and purling streams, - Their constitution sound, their limbs were strong, Their courage manly, and their days were long : Brave Nestor, lived two hundred years in Joy, And at that age went to the seige of Trey !

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How ill the motion with the music suits > So once play’d Orpheus ; but so danc'd the brutes. -***All kinds of Printing done at this Office, in a meat manner, and on reasonable terms.

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An anxious interval of silence took place ; but when at length, the power of expression returned, Ahmelia urged the duty which she owed to a parent, the scandal which the world imputed to clandesting marriages, and the fatal consequences that might rise from the obscurity of the transaction— But Doliscus, steady to his purpose, again deprecated the folly of pursuing the shadow in preference to the substance, of preserving fame at the crpence of happiness, and of relinquishing the blessings of connubial life, for the sake of its formalities. . He spoke of Horatio’s inflexible integrity, which could not brook even the appearance of deception, and of his punctilious honor, which eould not submit even to the appearance of intrusion upon the domestic arrangements of another, as insurmountable arguments of denying him the knowledge of their union. Finally, he described, in the warmest colouring of passion and fancy, the effects of Amelia's refusal upon the future tenor of his life, and

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ent tears, practised at the arts of flattery and frenzy. The influence of love supercedes- every other obligation : Amelia acknowledged its dominion, and yielded to the persuasion of the exulting Doliscus. The marriage ceremony was privately repeated:—but how will it excite the indignation of the virtuous reader when he understands, that the sacred character of the priest was personated for this iniquitous occasion Ye spirits of seduction whose means are the prostitution of faith, and whose end is the destruction of innocence,—tremble at impending judgement, for “there is no mercy in heaven for such unheard of crimes as these :”

But a short time had elapsed af. ter this fatal step, when the mandate of the commanding officer obliged Doliscus to prepare for joining his corps. A silent, but pungent sense of indiscretion, added to the anguish which Amelia felt in the hour of separation; and not all his strong assurances of inviolable truth and attachment, with the soothing prospect of an honorable avowal of their union could efface the melancholy impressions

bathing her hand with his chedi. of her mind. The farmer, at


whose house the fictitious marriage had been rehearsed, was employed to manage their future correspondence ; and Doliscus, finally, left the cottage with vows of love and gratitude on his lips ; but schemes of fraud and perjury in his heart. The small distance fiom New-York, where he was -quartered, rendered it easy to maintain an epistolary intercourse; which became, during its continuance, the only employment, and the only gratification of Amelia's existence. Its continuance, however, exceeded not a few weeks. Doliscus soon assumed a formal and dispassionate style, the number of his letters gradually diminished, and every allusion to that marriage, which was the last hope and consolation of Amelia, he cautiously avoided.

But an event, that demanded the exercise of all her fortitude, now forced itself upon Amelia's thoughts. She was pregnant ; yet could neither resort for council and comfort to the father whom she had deceived, or obtain it from the lover by whom she had been seduced. In the tendercst and most delicate terms she communicated her situation to Doliscus, emphatically called upon him to rescue her reputation from obloquy, and solicitously courted his return to the cottage, or, at least, that he would disclose to Horatio the scoret of their union. To prevent any accident, the farmer was prevai'ed upon te

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be the bearer of the paper which contained these sentiments, and, on his return produced the followepisthe.


The sudden death of my father will occasion my embarking for England to-morrow. It is not therfore possible to visit the cottage before my departure ; but you may be assured, that I still entertain the warmest gratitude for the favours which were there

conferred upon me by the virtuous

Horatio, and his amiable daughter. "

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Your most devoted, humble

servant, Doliscus.”

“ Gracious God l’’ exclaimed Amelia, and fell senseless to the ground. For a while, a convulsive motion shook her frame, but, grad'ually subsiding, the flame of life seemed to be extinct, and all her terrors at an end. The poor farmer, petrified with horror and amazement, stood gazing on the scene , but the exertions of his homely spouse, at length, restored Amelia to existence and despair.

It has often been observed that despondency begets boldness and enterprize ; and the female heart, which is susceptible of the gentle

sentiment, is, likewise, capable of the noblest fortitude. Amelia ; perceived all the baseness of the desertion meditated by Doliscus, she foresaw all its ruinous conse- | qugnCes upon Horatio’s peace, her own character, and the fate of the innocent being which she bore, and, wiping the useless tears from her cheek, she resolved publicly to windicate her honor, and assert her rights. Animated then, with the important purpose, supported by the presumption of her marriage, and hoping yet to find Doliscus in New-York, she immed:ately repaired to that city—but, alas! he was gone ! This disappointment, however, did not defeat, nor could any obstacle retard the prosecution of her design : a ship that sailed the succeeding

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Doliscus had arrived about a fortnight earlier than Amelia.-The title, influence, and fortune which devolved upon him in consequence of his father's death, had swelled his youthful vahity to excess, and supplied him with a numerous retinue of flatterers and dependants. At the moment that he was listaning in extesy to that servile crew, the victim of his arts,

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