the Rev. Mr. Spring, Capit. Moses


On Friday, 10th inst. of a linger. On Sunday morning last, by the

ing illness, Mr. John Davidson, Rev. Mr. Townley, Mr. John

On the 6th inst. at his late resia Lorocque, to Miss Tansey Eliza

dence at Oysterbay, on Long Island, Doyer, daughter of Mr. Henry

in the 73d year of his age, the Rev. Doyer, merchant, all of this city.

Benjamin Coles, for many years the On Sunday 12th inst. by the Rev.

pastor of the Baptist Church in that Mr. Townley, Mr. Samuel Ham- place, much lamented by all his acmond, to Miss Cornelia Brooks,

quaintance ; it may be justly said, both of this city.

that he was a kind Husband, and an

affectionate Parent, and much enAlso, by the same, Mr. Jacob Webb, to Miss Sally Brewster, both saged in the cause of his divine mas

ter--he has been a faithful preacher of this city.

of the distinguishing doctrines of the On Wednesday Evening last, by Gospel, for about Afty years, he was

a real friend to the American revoMiller, to Miss Ann Bushfield, both | lution, and a great advocate for of this city

civil and religious liberty. In St. John's (Lower Canada) || upright, for the end of that-man is peace.

Mark the perfect man and behold the Licut. Wm. Blacquire, of the 49th Tegiment, to Miss Violet Woods.

Ai Charleston, Mr. Samuel RogHe chanc'd to rove, one morn in May, ers, organist of St. Michaels Church.

Among the Woods to pluck a flower ; Also, Mr. John Brailsford, jun. He snatch'd the Violet, sweet and gay, To crown with bliss the nuptial hour."

At Baltimore, Thorowgood Smith, At Belfast, Ireland, on the 5th of | Esq. President of the Baltimor InJune, Capt. I'rancis Bronde, of the

surance Company, and late Mayor brig Neptune, of this city, to Mis: | of that city. Blackwood, of that place.

At Fort M'Henry, Norfolk, on

the 9th inst. Lieut. Solomon Go DIED,

Conkling, of the U. S. artillery. On Tuesday last, Frederick

In Nashville, on the 28th ult. Roorback, aged 76, an old and re

Capt. George West, late of the spectable inhabitant of this city.

county of Montgomery, in the 52d On Sunday last, Vincent Mat

year of his age. This gentleman thews, Esq. in the 34th year of his

was a native of North Carolina, an

attractive and enterprizing officer in age, son of the late David Matthews

the Navy of the U. States, during Esq. formerly Mayor of this city.

a great part of the war which tere On Friday, 10th inst, Mr. Wil-ll minated in American Independence. liam Balster, aged 48.


Now pausing--and now swelling in the

wind, Swept its sad tone o'er Hudson's rolling



Or else, when night's damp umbrage

fell, Along some green sward path Istray'd, Whither the cool zepbyrs on their

wings conveyed, The gentle tinklings of the hamlet's rill, Or the vibrations of the Ploughman's


Floating the misty mountains brow For the Lady's Miscellany.


While the majestic Moon, in glory Messrs. Printers,


Saild up the arch of Heav'n involyed By allowing the subsequent Stanzas, a

in clouds of light. place in your paper, you will confer a par. ticular favour on Yours, etc. 0. W. Sweet were those bours-malas they fed Kip's Bay, August 13, 1810.

too soon!

But Infancy (unweeting of the cares STANZAS.

That crowd uncall'd upon life's sultry

noon) Slow as descends the shadowy car of Looks forward with desire to riper eve,

years. Amid a silent train of fragrant dews, While twilight's soft and varigated | Oh! with what magic then does Fancy hues

raise, Fade on the clear and undulating wate. To the charm'd eye her phantoms of

delight, Then pensive Memory to my view

Friendship and Love, and wreaths of pourtrays,

purest praise, Some fairy scene of many a long past

And mornings calm, and suns forever year,

bright. That from mine eyelids starts the glitttering tear,

She veils the evils that attend our prime, And turns my wishes back to former Hiding behind a rose each treacherous days.


Till her sad victims by impatince torn, Such days as when upon a bank reclin'd,

Upbraids the slow and lagging steps of Wearied with infant sport, I courted



Yet raptured, mark'd the sun's last

trembling beam, Sink in the gold and crimson of the

west : W bile from a distant shore the Thrush's

note, (Warbled within some lonely wood re.


Too fast they come, and disappointments

dread, Pales the soft cheek, and dims the

sparkling eye, The young adventurer droops his lan

guid head, Wipes off a trickling tear, and leartis

to sigh.

Pain, Sickness Sorrow, bow his spirits

For the Lady's Miscellany.

down ;

Loud in his ears Contumely's clarion peals,

EPITAPHS. The withering hand of Indigence he feels

On a Negro who died of Love. The deed ungrateful, and the proud man's UNER disa tone, · frown.

Puta a taller-face Pomp :

He die for Sally Cuss ! Days of blest CUILDHOOD, ye foresaw

Ih he lib, be aut too't, not this !!

She hab'monow he die like a fool, Ah! no-each hour evolving did ye

She see'm dam fuss. hail, Mirth floated on the boxom of the

gale, And every fleeting scene was fraught On a much esteemed Dog, whose name with bliss.

was. Good Luck.

Benrath this stone, was put Good No care forbade the heavy lids to close

Luck, No sickly dream the midnight slumber

'Twas Death!(Bad Luck) that caus'dit. broke ; But o'er your pillow bover'd sweet repose,

May Death :-by death one day be

stuck, and conscious Peace attended when

That Good Luck have revenge for':. you woke.

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At war's alarms-at denth's 'grim span, PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY 'Midst ocean's horrors--battle's

M'CARTY & WHITE, strife, Undaunted heroes,-god-like man, No. 317 Water-street, New York: Archieves'—though at the risk of

in half-yearly volumes, containing twentylife.

six rumbers each, (issued weekly) at These are the blessings of mankind, One Dollar the volume, payable quar.

Nature has form’d them for delight, l terly. Distant patrons to pay in adVet if they'r false in heart or mind,

Postage to be paid on all letters

directed to the Editors JUNIL'S,

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Saturday, August 25,.... 18 10.

[No. 18.

accident than from voluntary ere CONSTANTIA;

ror, I am inclinod to reproach my

own heart for those murmers, OR, UNEXAMPLED MAGNANIMITY.

which, sometimes, I confess to A TALE.

you, escape from it in solitude ;

yeţ, if I were to give you a genuConcluded.)

ine account of all that I endure,

you, I know, would kindly assure Constantia, tho' she shed many me, that the discontent, which I tears as she spoke, yet spoke in strive in vain to subdue, has not the tone of a determined martyr. amounted to a crime." She then I repeated every argument that entered into a detail of many doreason and friendship could sugo mestic scenes, and gave me so gest, to shake a resolution so per. strong a picture of life, destitute nicious to herself; but I could of all social comfort, and harassed make no impression on her inind ; by such an infinitude of dispiriting shehad determined to adhere strict vexations, that I expressed a very ly to the letters as well as the spirit sincere admiration of the meek of her father's interdictions; and, and modest fortitude which she as I perceived, she had an honest had displayed in supporting it so pride, in her filial piety, I could long. I have, indeed, suffered no longer think of opposing it. In a great deal,” said Constantia, with stead, therefore, of recommending a deep sigh; “ but the worst is 10 her a new system of life, I en not over; I am afraid that I shall deavoured to reconcile ber mind to lose all sense of humanity ; I can her present situation. "Perhaps,' take no interest in any thing ; and, replied Constantia, “no female to confess a very painful truth to orphan, who has been preserved you, I do not feel as I ought to do, by Providence from absolute want, the undeserved attention and friend. from infamy and guilt, ought to re ship which I am at this moment pine at her condition, and, when

and, when receiving from you." I would I consider the more deplorable have tried to rally her out of these wretchedness of some unhappy gloomy phantasies; but she interbeings of my own sex, whose mis. rupted me, by exelaiming, with a ery, perhaps, has arisen more from

stern, yet low voice, " Indeed it is

rue ; and I can only explain my li tionate air of kindness, that, as she sensations to you, by saying, that had some very rich relations in I feel as if my heart was turning Jamaica, she should be tempted to into stone." This forcible ex carry the poor girl to the Westpression, and the corresponding Indies, to try all the chances of cast of countenance with which she new acquaintance in a warmer uttered it, rendered me for some climate. I perceived the cheek moments, unable to reply; it struck | of Constantia begin to redden al me, indeed, as a lamentable truth, this language of her aunt. As to which different parts of her the expressions of that.good lady much-altered frame bore a strong grew more and more painful to though silent testimony. In ber | her ingenuous pride, the unfortuface, which was ance remarkable nate Constantia, who found it imfor a fine complexion, and the possible to suppress her tears, now most animated look of intelligent | quitted the room ; but she returngood-nature, there now appeared a

ed again in a few minutes, with an sallow paleness, and, though not a air of composed sorrow, and of sour, yet a settled dejection ; her

meek endurance. hands also had the same bloodless

I soon ended my mortifying visit, appearance, retaining neither the warmth'nor the colour of living | tia resided, with a disposition to

and left the town in which Constanflesh ; yet Constantia was

at this time perfectly free from every

quarrel with fortune for her injusnominal distemper.

tice and cruelty to my amiable

friend. It seemed to me as if na. The entrance of Mrs. Braggard ture had designed, that an affecgave a new turn to our conversa

tionate activity, and a joyous benevtion, but without affording us re

olence, should be the vital springs lief. That good lady endeavoured in Constantia's existence; but that to entertain me with particular at

chance having thrown her into a tention ; but there was such a

situation, which afforded no nourstrange mixture of vulgar dignity ishment to the lovely qualities of and indelicate facetiousness in her | her heart and mind, she was perish. discourse, that she was very far ing like a flower in an unfriendly from succeeding in her design.-- soil., She asked me, if I was not greatly My imagination was wounded struck by the change that a few by the image of her destiny ; but years hud made in the countenance

the good Constantia feeling the of her neice, hinting, in very impression which her sufferings coarse ternis of awkward jocularity had made upon me, wrote me a that tiie loss of her complexion letter of consolation. She was to be imputed to her single raigned herself, with an amiable life ; and adding, with an affec li degree of injustice, for having


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