mistake, but that you will shoulder it. In 3d par. 5th line, though I could not at this time of writing, have been very “tempting.” You have made me appear so. I was only “attempting.” And in same paragraph, 15th line, you have made me say “ most” sincere, when I intended “not,” sincere. Do, dear Messrs. Editors, have the goodness to correct these mistakes, as I fear Henry will have additional reasons to think very poorly of my talents and understanding. Your's, obliged, KITTY.

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A Wom AN's Logic.

A Musselman coming to a mosque, observed his wife in close conversation with a strange man, and desired her to follow him. The woman replied, it is written in the Koran, Thou shalt not command in any house but thine own. The husband asked her what she was about 2 Ask no questions, replied the wife, for the same holy book saith, Thou shalt not meddle with what does not concern thee. He again in a perenptory style ordered her to come away ! When she exclaimed, The holy volume declares, that mosques belong to God—disturb not therefore his temple. He then attempted to compel her to depart—but she exclaimed, The scripture saith, Whosoever is in a mosque, to that person is an asylum. The husband was now confounded, and said with some heat. Ten thousand plagues upon a learned wife : she has begun to study the Koran, and I believe she has come here to finish it.

Won DERs.

M. Degen, a watchmaker, of Vienna, has invented a machine, by which a person may rise into the air, flying in various directions with the celerity of a bird. Baron Lutgendorf has invented a machine, by means of which, a person may exist under water, without fear of beingdrowned. It is expected to be extremely useful


This celebrated public character is just dead. It had been confidently believed for many years, that the Chevalier was a female, but on dissecting the body the contrary has been found to be a fact. It may be remembered, that about 36 years ago, policies were actually opened to ascertain the sex of this extraordinary non descript, to the amount of 200,000 pounds, which were eventually decided and paid, upon a surgical certificate, and an investigation by a jury of matrons, that the chevalier was a female !—They decided thus, it was supposed, because a just verdict would have involved the character of a brave officer. The deceased was formerly French charge d' Affaires at our court.


Among the many illiberal reproaches made use of by the Solicitor General against Dr. Franklin, which were so far upon the Greek model, that they highly par. took of the Athenian Billingsgate. He spoke of his being a man of letters with great contempt, by punningly saying, he was so far a man of letters, that he was homo trium literarum (a term of reproach applied by Platus to the worst characters, and which may be translated “abecedarian") and ought to be expelled the Royal Society, and ignorantly as wantonly compared his conduct to that of Zanga in Dr.

Young’s “Revenge,” which he concluded by observing was in fa. vour of the African Prince, who was by much the honester manThere is no party man so violent as an apostate.


In an Ohio paper we have received a ludicrous account, to the tune of the battle of the kegs, of a “Grand Duel,” between two gentlemen, anxious to have their names inscribed on the scroll of honor, at as little expence or risk as possible ; and who therefore in their combat substituted tow wads for !eaden bullets. At the first fire. neither shot took effect ; but at the second, one of the parties received the wad on his hip, to his no little pain and affright. The ditty concludes with the following salutary caution. True Mmer.

“Ye men who sigh to take the lie, Yet hate your lives to expose so, These tactics new you may pursue, And all your quarrels close so. But still beware, and have a cares. Now listen to your bard, sir, Whene'er you show this warot tow; Don’t have the wads too hand, sir.

A man should learn to sail with all winds. e

He who would have good offices done to him, must do them to others.

Little wealth, little trouble,

* *

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Lone Evity.

A Dublin paper of May 10, has the following paragraph : “A few days ago, two old men went on board a Whitehaven vessel at George's quay, to purchase coal. One of them had a little boy by the hand, apparently about three or four years old. “This (observed the captain) is your grand-son, I suppose,”—“Nay (replied the former) he is my son.” Your son " “Yes, and that old fellow there is another of my sons; but there is a difference of seventy years in their ages " This turned out to be the fact—the father is a hundred ; and about four years ago, he married a girl of twenty two, by whom he had this youngest child 12”


The temperate zone of moderate fortune,eqaually removed from high and low life, is most favourable for the permanence of friend. ship. A

by a bull.


A FEw, years ago, a man lived at Allerton (Eng.) by trade a tailor, but who occasionally could handle his fiddle as well as his needle. On his way home from whence he had been exercising his musical talents for the entertainment of his musical neighbours, in passing through a field about 3 o'clock in the morning, in the month of June, he was attacked After several efforts to escape, he attempted to ascend a tree : not, however, succeeding in the attempt, a momentary impulse directed him. to pull out his fiddle, and fortifying himself behind as well as he could, began to play, upon which the enraged animal became totally disarmed of his ferocity, and appeared to listen with great attention. The affrighted Joe SNIP, finding his fierce and formidable enemy so much appeased, began to think of making his escape, left off playing, and was making off without even the slightest desire to know who should pay the piper. This, however, the bull would not suffer—for no sooner had our Orpheus ceased his fascinating strain, than the bull's rage appeared to return with as much violence as before. He was glad therefore, to have recourse a second time to his fiddle, which as instantly operated again as a magic charm upon the bull, who became as composed and as attentive as before. He afterwards made several

| attempts to escape, but all in vain;


or no sooner did he stop the fiddle than the bull’s anger returned, so that he was compelled to continue fiddling away till near six o'clock (about three hours) when the family came to milk the cows, by which he was relieved, and rescued from a tiresome and frightful situation.

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this town, and walked up to the Cupola of the new State-House with the informant. He was in good health, reads without glasses, and retains his full powers of mind. He was born A. D. 1707, his age 103. The thanksgiving before last he sat at his table with rising seventy of his children, grand-childrea, and great-grand-children. He enumerates above 360 of his progeny. His oldest son is 80 years old; his youngest, by his third and present wife, but 13. He has seen three French wars—served in the revolutionary war at the expedition to Penobscot; and says, if our government bid, he is ready to shoulder his arms, and do his part to assert his country's rights, if he retain his present strength of body and mind.—Boston Patriot.

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been Sayed. ... "

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