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This actor being asked ‘if he had ever been in Scotland, and how he liked the people?” “If you mean the lower order of them (replied he) I shall be at a loss to answer you ; for I had no farther acquaintance with them than by the smell. As for the nobility, they are numerous, and for the most part proud and beggarly. I remember when I crossed from the North of Ireland into their d—d country, I came to a little wretched village, consisting of a dozen huts, in the stile of the Hottentots, the principal of which was an Inn, and kept by an Earl. The whole village was up in an instant to salute me, supposing, from the elegance of my appearance, that I must be some person of a large fortune and great family. The Earl ran, and took hold of my stirrup while I dismounted; then turning to his eldest son who stood by us without breeches, said, “My Laird, do you tak the gentleman's horse to the stable, and desire your sister, Lady Betty, to draw him a pint o' twopenny, for I suppose so great a mon will ha' the best liquor I’ the whole hoos.” I was obliged, (continued Quin) to stay here the whole night, and to make a supper of rotten potatoes and bad smelling eggs. The old nobleman was indeed very complaisant, and made me accept of his own bed. I cannot say that the

dormitory was the best in the

world, for there was nothing but an

old box to sit upon in the room, and neither sheets nor curtains to the bed. Lady Betty was kind enough to apologize for the apartment, assuring me, “many per., sons of great dagnaty had frequently slept in it; and that though the blonkets lak'd sae block, it was not quite four years sin they had been washed by the Countess her mother, and Lady Matilda Caroline Amelia Eleonora Sophia, one of her younger sisters. She then wished me a good night, and said, that “the Viscount, her brother, would tak particular care to greaze my boots.”

Sufficiently illiberal this, but every general reader will recollect the names of men greater than Quin,

who have been still more illiberal

towards poor Scotland.


A young man, a shoemaker, who was deaf and dumb, was married to a sprightly young girl :At the wedding there were prescnt three of the bridegroom's sisters, with two young men, who were all born deaf and dumb, so that there were six dumb persons convened on this occasion. The minister asking the bride how he should marry them, she told him to do the best he could to buckle them together.

Milton said onc tongue was

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The City Inspector reports the death of 46 persons in this city and suburbs during the last week-viz. 12 men, 10 wo. men, 10 boys, and I4 girls.


Melancholy accident—During the rain on Monday last, a boy of about nine years of age, took shelter under the brow of Bayards Mount, commonly called Bunker’s-Hill, where the carmen had been digging ; when instantly, a part of the hill gave way, and fell on him —he was immediately extricated ; physicians were called, and on examination it was found that his collar bone was broke, and neck disjointed.

...An alarming accident happened on Tuesday morning last, in the family of Chancellor Livingston, at Clermont. The Chancellor, with his lady and grandchild, the daughter of Robert L. Livington, Esq. were riding in their coach, when the horses started and ran, and overturning the carriage, dashed the passengers to the ground, to the imminent danger of their lives. Mrs. Livingston had an arm broken —the Chancellor was badly cut and bruised in his head and hands, and the child was severely injured.

Le Chevalier D’Rom—This celebrated public character is just dead —It had been confidently believed for many years, that the Chevalier was a female, but on disseting the body, the contrary has been found to be the fact. It may be remembered, that about 36 years ago, policies were actually opened to ascertain the sex of this extraordinary non-descript, to the amount of 200,000 pounds, which were eventually decided and paid, upon a surgical certificate, and an investigation by a jury of matrons, that the Chevalier was a female !— They decided thus, it was supposed, because a just verdict would have involved the character of a brave officer. The deceased was formerly French charge d'Affaires at Our Court. Lon. fiaft.

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A dreadful gale of wind from the South-East came on at Orschosh in Siberia, at the latter end of January, and which lasted for two days. The water of Ochota, which, after passing through that city, empties itself into the sea, was elevated twelve feet above its ordinary level, and carried over the tops of the houses situated in the neighbourhood of its banks. The tempest coming on at night, between two and three hundred of the inhabitants perished in their sleep. A transport belonging to the India Company, which the tempest had carried into the river in 1808, was raised by the waves, and forced into the middle of the town.

Rio Juneiro, March 15.

On the 13th of the present month, the Spanish Prince Don Pedro, will be married to the Princess Royal of Portugal, niece to his Catholic Majesty Ferdinand the 7th,

Errata—In 13th No. of the Miscellany, in the piece signed Cupid, instead of “though they demand interest,” read “though the demon interest.”

MARRIED, On the 23d July, at Harlen:, by the Rev. Dr. Remaine, Mr. Josefth De Jongh, of Liverflool, to Miss Henrietta Williams, daughter of Christopher Williams, Esq. of South Caralina.

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directed to the I’ditors.

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