To Know and to Be Known in the Kingdom: The Now Kingdom

AuthorHouse, 11 dec. 2009 - 280 pagina's
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There are two major themes throughout the book. The first major theme involves the dual nature of the Kingdom being both here and now and yet to come, but with the focus being on the here and now aspect and learning to live everyday life in it. The second major theme involves knowing and being known in Christs Kingdom. Another significant focus is on all relationships, starting with our personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and then all other relationships with all people in our daily lives.

Strong comparisons and some examples attack the principles and practices of Religion, as true Christianity is shown by our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This book is about Relationship-vs-Religion. This book is full of controversy as it actually faces and deals with real problems, issues, and lies instead of avoiding them. This book provides teaching on how to have better, stronger, and healthier relationships with all people from all walks of life.

This book is very exciting because of its unique and aggressive attacks on institutionalized systems of religions and religious Churches and people. The approach and writing style is so Non-Traditional and Non-Religious that it stands alone, separate and unique, like no other Christian book has ever been written. This book reveals many secrets of the Kingdom, exposes many lies and false doctrines, and upholds the truth of Christ, His WORD, and His Kingdom, and supports the common people of the world.

With the many problems and issues we face in our world today, this book addresses many of them and provides possible solutions to help and improve on them.This book draws from personal life experience and exposes our human inadequacies and faults, while demonstrating the Non-failing awesomeness of an all-powerful, all-knowing God.

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Over de auteur (2009)

One thing I hope all readers see and understand in my book (and future books), and Ministry is just how much I love the common people. As you will read in my books however, is how much I hate religion and religiosity, and anyone who chooses to remain in their self-righteous religious stubbornness. I also have a heart to reach out to and help Pagans of all sorts. However, I will not hold back any punches, I will expose lies and promote truth, and in doing so Im sure to upset some people along the way. If you get upset, I simply and humbly ask to slow down and really look at what I am saying, and also look in the mirror and evaluate your own life.

I do have many great accomplishments, too may to tell here and now. Some are included within this book, others will be expressed as time goes on. Im just not much for tooting my own horn, instead I want each reader to be the judge. I write from my heart, and I take my writing and Ministry very seriously. Above all I hope each reader can feel, see, and understand my love, compassion, and especially my vigilance. I hope each reader enjoys my book, but I also hope everyone learns much from it as well.

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