The New English Theatre: Containing the Most Valuable Plays which Have Been Acted on the London Stage, Volume 9

J. Rivington, 1777

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Pagina 54 - Eve to" tempt, seduce, and Plague the treacherous kind.' Let me survey my captives. The Colonel leads the van; next Mr. Vizard, He courts me out of the Practice of Piety...
Pagina 52 - twere a dangerous cast for a beau baronet to be tried by a parcel of greasy, grumbling, bartering boobies, who would hang you purely because you're a gentleman.
Pagina 75 - Nay, I have known two wits meet, and by the opposition of their wit, render themselves as ridiculous as fools. 'Tis an odd game we're going to play at: what think you of drawing stakes, and giving over in time? MEL. No...
Pagina 2 - I'll grant you anything. O Lord, no. But be sure you lay aside all thoughts of the marriage, for though I know you don't love Cynthia, only as a blind for your passion to me, yet it will make me jealous. O Lord, what did I say? Jealous! no, no, I can't be jealous, for I must not love you; therefore don't hope, — but don't despair neither. Oh, they're coming, I must fly.
Pagina 59 - Why, so I do, fool : I wear this because I have the estate, and you wear that because you have not the estate : you have cause to mourn indeed, brother. Well, brother, I'm glad to see you, fare you well ! [Going.
Pagina 61 - Sir, my fortune is equal to yours, my friends as powerful, and both shall be put to the test, to do me justice.
Pagina 73 - I often smile at your conceptions. But there is nothing more unbecoming a man of quality than to laugh; 'tis such a vulgar expression of the passion!
Pagina 43 - How the devil she wrought my lord into this dotage, I know not; but he's gone to Sir Paul about my marriage with Cynthia, and has appointed me his heir. MEL. The devil he has! What's to be done?
Pagina 2 - I know love is powerful, and nobody can help his passion. 'Tis not your fault; nor, I swear, it is not mine. How can I help it, if I have charms? And how can you help it, if you are made a captive? I swear it is pity it should be a fault. But my honour, — well, but your honour, too — but the sin! — well, but the necessity — O Lord, here's somebody coming, I dare not stay.
Pagina 41 - I have discovered so much manly virtue; thine, in that thou shalt have due reward of all thy worth. Give me thy hand. My nephew is the alone remaining branch of all our ancient family: him I thus blow away, and constitute thee in his room to be my heir MASK.

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