1835 TO 1868.

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(Lord Glenelg

Marquis of Normanby |(Lord J. Russell Viscount Howick (T. B. Macaulay, Esq.

Lord Stanley W. E. Gladstone, Esq. (Sir H. Hardinge Sir T. Fremantle (Sidney Herbert, Esq. Lord Ellenborough Lord Fitzgerald Earl of Ripon Earl of Ripon W. E. Gladstone, Esq.

Sir J. C. Hobhouse

IC. P. Thomson, Esq. H. Labouchere, Esq. (Lord Holland Earl of Clarendon

Lord G. Somerset

Earl of Lichfield

Lord Lowther

Earl of Minto

Earl of Mulgrave

Lord Morpeth

Viscount Duncannon

R. L Shiel, Esq.

Earl of Haddington
Viscount Ebrington
Earl De Grey
Lord Heytesbury
(Lord Eliot
Sir T. Fremantle

Earl of Lincoln (W. E. Gladstone, Esq. Lord Dalhousie

Sir T. Wilde Sir F. Pollock Sir W. Follett Sir F. Thesiger Sir W. Follett

Sir F. Thesiger (Sir William Rae (D. McNeil, Esq.

Sir J. Campbell

Sir R. M. Rolfe Sir T. Wilde J. A. Murray, Esq.



Motion : -- Address at Motion :Second readopening of Session. ing of Irish Coercion



210 Against 360 Against

292 Majority 91 Majority

Colonial Secretary

War Secretary
Board of Control (India)
Indian Secretary
Board of Trade .

Duchy of Lancaster


First Lord of Admiralty

Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland

Chief Secretary of Ireland
Woods and Forests (Public Works).
Vice-President of Board of Trade .


Solicitor-General .
Lord Advocate of Scotland

Majorities determining the fate of

above Ministries.

73 (See Aug. 28, 1841, p. (See June 25, 1846, p.

203.) Duration, 6 yrs. 5 ms. Duration, 4 yrs. to ms


next folio.)

July 1846.

Feb. 1852.

Dec. 1852.

Feb. 1855.


EARL OF ABERDEEN VISCOUNT PALMERSTON Lord Cottenham (res.) Lord St. Leonards Lord Cranworth

Lord Cranworth Lord Truro

Earl Granville Marquis of Lansdowne Earl of Lonsdale

Earl Granville
(Lord J. Russell

Duke of Argyll
Earl of Minto
Marquis of Salisbury Duke of Argyll

(Earl of Harrowby Sir C. Wood

SW.E.Gladstone, Esq.res.
B. Disraeli, Esq. W. E. Gladstone, Esq.

Sir C. Lewis
Si G. Grey
S. H. Walpole, Esq.
Lord Palmerston

Sir G. Grey
TLord Palmerston

Earl of Malmesbury
\Lord J. Russell

Earl of Clarendon
Earl Granville

Earl of Clarendon

(S. Herbert, Esq. (res.) Sir J. Pakington

Duke of Newcastle
Earl Grey

Lord J. Russell
Sir George Grey

Sir W. Molesworth

(H. Labouchere, Esq. Fox Maule, Esq. W. Beresford, Esq. Sidney Herbert, Esq.

Duke of Newcastle Lord Panmure Su]. C. Hobhouse

Sir C. Wood }J. C. Herries, Esq. Earl of Dalhousie

Sir C. Wood

R. Vernon Smith, Esq. Eari

E. Cardwell, Esq.

KE. Cardwell, Esq: # Labouchers, Msa. } J. W. Henley, Esq.

\Ld. Stanley of Alderley {Lond Campbell

Edward Strutt, Esq.

Earl of Harrowby ||Earl of Carlisle R. A. Christopher, E3q. Earl of Clarendon M. T. Baines, Esq.

Viscount Canning Marquis of Clanricarde Earl of Hardwicke Viscount Canning

Duke of Argyll | Earl of Auckland

Sir J. Graham (res.)
Sir F. T. Baring
Du. of Northumberland | Sir J. Graham

Sir C. Wood
Earl of Besborough
Earl of Eglinton
Earl St. Germans

Earl of Carlisle
Earl of Clarendon
Labouchere, Esq.
Lord Naas
Sir J. Young

Edward Horsman, Esq.
Sä W. Somerville
Lord Seymour

Lord J. Manners Sir W. Molesworth Sir B. Hall I. Milner Gibson, Esq.

SE. P. Bouverie, Esq. Lord Colchester

Ld. Stanley of Alderley | R. Lowe, Esq. Sir J. Jervis

Sir A. J. E, Cockburn Sir J. Romilly Sir F. Thesiger Sir A. J. E. Cockburn

Sir R. Bethell
St A. J. E. Cockburn

Sir R. Bethell
SD. Dundas
Sir F. Kelly

Sir R. Bethell
Sir J. Romilly

J. S. Wortley, Esq.

(Sir H. Keating A Rutherford, Esq. John Inglis, Esq. J. Moncreiff, Esq. J. Moncreiff, Esq.


Motion :- Militia Bill; Motion Budget reso

Motion : Sebastopol Motion Second readsubstitution of “regu lutions.

Committee of Inquiry. ing of Conspiracy to lar" for "local."

Murder Bill. For 126 For 286 For 148 For

215 Against . 135 Against 305 Against 305 Against

234 i Majority 9 | Majority 19 Majority 157 Majority

19 (See Feb. 20, 1852, p. (See Dec. 16, 1852, p. (See Jan. 29, 1855, p. (See Feb. 19, 1858, p. 347) 371) 429.)

510.) Duration, 5 yrs 7 ms. Duration, 10 months. Duration, 2 yrs. 9 ms.

Duration, 3 years.

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Lord Privy Seal.
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Home Secretary
Foreign Secretary
Colonial Secretary



(Lord Campbell Lord Chelmsford Lord Westbury (res.) *

Lord Cranworth Marquis of Salisbury Earl Granville

Duke of Argyll Earl of Hardwicke

Marquis of Clanricarde B. Disraeli, Esq. W. E. Gladstone, Esq. /S. H.Walpole, Esq. res.) Sir G. C. Lewis (S. Estcourt, Esq. Sir G. Grey

Earl of Malmesbury Lord J. Russell Lord Stanley

Du. of Newcastle (res.) (Sir E. B. Lytton E. Cardwell, Esq.

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(S. Herbert, Esq. Colonel Peel

Sir G. C. Lewis

Earl De Grey
ĮLd. Ellenborough (res.)!
Lord Stanley
Lord Stanley

Sir C. Wood
UJ. W. Henley, Esq.
Farl of Donoughmore

T. Milner Gibson, Esq.

Sir G. Grey
Duke of Montrose E. Cardwell, Esq.

Earl of Clarendon

Earl of Elgin Lord Colchester Duke of Argyll

(Ld. Stanley of Alderley) Sir J. Pakington

Duke of Somerset Earl of Eglinton Earl of Carlisle Lord Naas

(E. Cardwell, Esq.

Sir R. Peel
Lord J. Manners H. Fitzroy, Esq.
Earl of Donoughmore

{W. F. Cowper, Esq.
W. Hutt, Esq.

Sir R. Bethell
Sir F. Kelly

Sir W. Atherton

Sir William Atherton Sir H. M. Cairns

Sir R. Palmer Charles Baillie, Esq. J. Moncreiff, Esq.

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Motion : - No confi Lord Palmerston died dence.

in office, Oct. 18,

1865. For

325 (See p. 718.) Against


Attorney-General .

Solicitor-General .
Lord Advocate of Scotland

Majorities determining the fate of

above Ministries.

Resigned July 5, 1863.

13 (See p. 708.)
(See June 10, 1859, p.

Duration, 1 yr. 4 ms.


[blocks in formation]

Motion :- Borough Fran. The Earl of Derby, re

chise ; "rating" in signed through failing stead of "rental." health, Feb. 25, 1868.

304 (See p. 805.) Against


* Resigned on Reform Vajority

Bill, March 2, 1867. (See June 18, 1866, p. (See p. 776.)

Mr. Disraeli resigned Ministerial Majority.

before the assembling Irish Church Bill (third of the new Parlia reading). ment, Dec, 1868.


361 (See p. 850).


247 Majority (See May 31, 1869, p.

742.) Duration, 6 yrs. 5 ms.




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