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v I 2.
I. On the Original Purity of | VIII. On the Growth of
Human Nature.

II. On its present Depravity. || IX. Of Declension in the
III. Of the Defects which

1. Power of Religion; its
attended the Doctrine of

Causes, and the Ways and

Means of a happy Revi-
Morality, as taught by

val under Decays of
Philosophers and Poets.

IV. Of Regeneration, Con-

"! X. On the Temptations of
version, and San&ification.

| the present Āge; and
V. On the Difference be-

| Cautions against them.
tween real Conversation,

|| XI. Of Communion with
and the Semblance of it.

God, in the Course of
VI. Of the Aflurance of

that Obedience, which we

are required to yield unto
VII. On the Life of Faith." U Him.

Wherein various difficult Cafes of Conscience
· are answered, as they occur, on the feve-

ral SUBJECTS treated of.

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Printed for GEORGE Keith, at the Bible and Crown,



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Mr. John Brine; and Sold by GEORGE' Keith, in

OP DE WATTSSTcacy of the Death in various Subica in which chilled, The Ruhrist; in Anfüren

I. A Vindication of natural and revealed Religion, in

Al Answer to the false Reasoning of Dr. JAMES Foster. Price 5 s., II. The certain Efficacy of the Death of Christ; in Answer . to Dr. Watts's Book, called, The Ruin and Recovery

of Mankind; in which the Mistakes of that Author on

various Subjects are Discovered and Corrected. 4 s.. III. A. Treatise on various Subjects, viz. 1. On the Origi

nal Purity of Human Nature, and its present Depravity. 2. The Defects of the Doctrine of Morality, as taught by Philosophers and Poets. 3. Of Regeneration, Conyerfion, and Sanctification. 4. Of the Difference between real Conversion and the Semblance of it. 5. Of Assurance of Faith and a Life of Faith. Of Growth in Grace. 6. Of Declension in the Power of Religion with the

Causes of it, and the Ways and Means of a happy Re. vival under Decays of Grace. 7. Of the Temptations

of the present Age and Cautions against them. 8 Of

Communion with God in the Course of our Obedience. 5s. LIV. The Covenant of Grace opened. 6 d.

V. God the Defence and Glory of his Church. 6d. . VI. A Discourse on the Prayer of Jabez, being the Sub

Atance of several Sermons. is. 1 VH. Remarks on the Supralapsarian Scheme, with a Deo

fence of it, against Mr. BoURn. 6 d.
HIVIH. The Believer's Triumph over Death. 6d.

IX. A Sermon at the Ordination of Deacons. 6d.
X. An Answer to Christianity not founded on Argument. 6d.

X. The Chief of Sinners saved by Jesus Christ. 6.d. "XH. The true Nature of Gospel Holiness. 6d.

XH. A Refutation of Arminian Principles. 60.

XIV. The solemn Charge of a Gospel Minister. 6d. ILXV. An Antidote against a spreading Antinonian Prin

ciple. 6d. XVI: The Christian's Duty and Divine Efficiency. 6d. 1qXVII. A Defence of the Doctrine of Eternal Justification. 15. LXVIII. The Causes of Salvation and Vocation. 6d. . A XIX. The true Scripture Sense of Atonement for Sin by

the Death of Christ, Stared and Defended; in Answer to

Dr. John TAYLOR. Is. XX. Motives to Love and Unity amongst Calvinists. 9d. XXI. The proper Eternity of the Divine Decrees. 6d. XXH. A Vindication of Divine Justice in the Infiction of

endless Punishment for Sin. 68. XXI. A Charge of a palpable Falsity proved against the Monthly Reviewers, being a Defence of the above. 6d.


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