Seas of Venus

Baen Books, 2002 - 400 pagina's
Earth is a dead cinder. The last of the human race struggles for survival beneath the dense clouds of Venus, where the land is ruled by savage plants and even more savage beasts, while monsters out of nightmare swim through the globe-girdling seas. Mankind huddles in domed underwater Keeps, living a purposeless static existence -- and doomed unless something changes. Few dare risk their lives to oppose the ruthless oligarchs for whom the status quo means a lifetime of luxury. But two courageous visionaries -- the fighting men Brainard and Gordon -- must struggle through both the hellish surface jungles and the equally deadly human jungles of the Keeps. And if they fail, both Venus and Mankind will die.

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Short but action filled as Johnnie Gordon comes of age on the Planet Venus. Earth's survivors live in domes and battles are fought by mercenary fleets. He takes his simulator learn skills first to ... Volledige review lezen


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Over de auteur (2002)

David Drake was born on September 24, 1945, in Dubuque, Iowa. He attended University of Iowa, where he graduated with a degree in History (with honors) and Latin. He then attended Duke Law School. He was drafted out of law school, served in the army for two years and then returned to school. He worked as an Assistant Town Attorney of Chapel Hill and then part-time as a city bus driver before he became a full-time writer. Drake is considered a master of Science Fiction and Fantasy. The Hammer's Slammers, military science fiction, was his first published series. His other titles include Northworld series, The Dragon Lord, Starliner, Ranks of Bronze, and Redliners. In recognition of his work, he won a World Fantasy award in 1976. He currently resides in North Carolina.

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