The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V, Volume 1


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Pagina 283 - He is a good christian who comes frequently to church ; who presents the oblation which is offered to God upon the altar; who doth not taste of the fruits of his own industry, until he has consecrated a part of them to God ; who, when the holy festivals approach, lives chastely, even with his own wife, during several days, that with a safe conscience he may draw near the altar of God ; and who...
Pagina 22 - God by means not unlike to those which they had employed in order to appease their false deities. Instead of aspiring to sanctity and virtue, which alone can render men acceptable to the Great Author of order and of excellence, they imagined that they satisfied every obligation of duty by a scrupulous observance of external ceremonies.
Pagina 146 - The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V. ; with a View of the Progress of Society in Europe, from the Subversion of the Roman Empire to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century.
Pagina 284 - A young girl richly dressed, with a child in her arms, was set upon an ass superbly caparisoned. The ass was led to the altar in solemn procession. High mass was said with great pomp. The ass was taught to kneel at proper places ; a hymn no less childish than impious was sung...
Pagina 235 - Priscus in his history of the embassy to Attila, king of the Huns, gives a striking view of the enthusiastic passion for war which prevailed among the barbarous nations. When the entertainment, to which that fierce conqueror admitted the Roman...
Pagina 352 - It was a matter of doubt and dispute (saith the historian) whether the sons of a son ought to be reckoned among the children of the family, and succeed equally with their uncles, if their father happened to die while their grandfather was alive.
Pagina 28 - ... monk, who conceived the idea of leading all the forces of Christendom against the infidels, and of driving them out of the Holy Land by violence, was sufficient to give a beginning to that wild enterprise.
Pagina 83 - ... and generosity of private persons afforded. The same spirit of enterprise which had prompted so many gentlemen to take arms in defence of the oppressed pilgrims in Palestine, incited others to declare themselves the patrons and avengers of injured innocence at home. When the final reduction of the Holy Land under the dominion of infidels put an end to these foreign expeditions, the latter was the only employment left for the activity and courage of adventurers.

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