Harper & brothers, 1892 - 509 pagina's

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Pagina 238 - Come, my Corinna, come; and, coming, mark How each field turns a street, each street a park Made green and trimmed with trees; see how Devotion gives each house a bough Or branch; each porch, each door ere this An ark, a tabernacle is, Made up of white-thorn, neatly interwove; As if here were those cooler shades of love.
Pagina 485 - Some fiery fop, with new commission vain, Who sleeps on brambles till he kills his man ; Some frolic drunkard reeling from a feast, Provokes a broil and stabs you for a jest.
Pagina 240 - Peter and Paul the apostles, every man's door being shadowed with green birch, long fennel, St John's wort, orpin, white lilies, and such like, garnished upon with garlands of beautiful flowers, had also lamps of glass, with oil burning in them all the night; some...
Pagina 87 - ... Iron and steel will bend and bow, With a gay lady. Build it up with wood and clay, Dance o'er my Lady Lee; Build it up with wood and clay, With a gay lady. Wood and clay will wash away, Dance o'er my Lady Lee; Wood and clay will wash away, With a gay lady.
Pagina 371 - Another pleasing creature Like unto her would make, Let her remember this — To make the other true : For this, alas ! hath left me, Falero, lero, loo...
Pagina 372 - Follow a shadow, it still flies you, Seem to fly it, it will pursue : So court a mistress, she denies you; Let her alone, she will court you.
Pagina 488 - There, in a lonely room, from bailiffs snug, The muse found Scroggen stretch'd beneath a rug. A window, patch'd with paper, lent a ray, That dimly...
Pagina 402 - ... darker, appeared more and more, and in corners and upon steeples, and between churches and houses, as far as we could see up the hill of the City, in a most horrid malicious bloody flame, not like the fine flame of an ordinary fire.
Pagina 231 - These maskers, after they had entered the manor of Kennington, alighted from their horses, and entered the hall on foot ; which done, the prince, his mother, and the lords, came out of the chamber into the hall, whom the mummers did salute...
Pagina 159 - That I wol live in povert wilfully? Nay, nay, I thoghte it never trewely! For I wol preche and begge in sondry londes; I wol not do no labour with myn hondes, Ne make baskettes, and live therby, Because I wol nat beggen ydelly.

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