Environmental Impact of Polymers

Thierry Hamaide, Rémi Deterre, Jean-François Feller
John Wiley & Sons, 8 aug. 2014 - 384 pagina's
This text addresses the common negative perception of polymer materials on the environment with a thorough analysis of what really occurs when industry and academia collaborate to find environmental solutions. The book examines the environmental and social effects of polymer materials and explains methods of quantifying environmental performance. With an emphasis on the importance of education, the authors stress the importance of awareness and activity in negating polymers' environmental impact.

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What is the role of the course and of the teacher?
Some Notes on Two Controversies around Plastic
Polymers and Marine Litter
How Plastics
A Look
Are Bioplastics Green Plastics?
Different Strategies for Ecoplastics Development
Thoughts about Plastic Recycling Presentation of
Recyclable and Biobased Materials Open Up
New Directions for the Control
Biodegradability andor Compostability?
The Regulation by Law of Nanosciences
Teaching Sustainable Development

Environmental Characterization of Materials for Product
Formulation and Development of Biodegradable and Bio

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Over de auteur (2014)

Thierry HAMAIDE, Professor?University of Lyon, France>

Rémi DETERRE, Professor University of Nantes, France.

Jean-François FELLER, Professor University of Lorient, France.

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