Official Register of the United States

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1933

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Page 127 - ... means of production, and availability of military supplies; the giving of information to producers and manufacturers as to the class of supplies needed by the military and other services of the government, the requirements relating thereto, and the creation of relations which will render possible in time of need the immediate concentration and utilization of the resources of the nation.
Page 125 - Standards; together with not more than five additional persons who shall be acquainted with the needs of aeronautical science, either civil or military, or skilled in aeronautical engineering or its allied sciences...
Page 109 - It shall be the duty of all carriers, their officers, agents, and employees to exert every reasonable effort to make and maintain agreements concerning rates of pay, rules, and working conditions, and to settle all disputes, whether arising out of the application of such agreements or otherwise, in order to avoid any interruption to commerce or to the operation of any carrier growing out of any dispute between the carrier and the employees thereof.
Page 134 - Institution is legally an establishment, having as its members the President of the United States, the Vice President, the Chief Justice, and the President's Cabinet.
Page 125 - NATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE FOR AERONAUTICS The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics was established by act of Congress approved March 3, 1915 (USC, title 50, sec.
Page 109 - The Board may designate one or more of its members to exercise the functions of the Board in mediation proceedings. Each member of the Board shall have power to administer oaths and affirmations. The Board shall have a seal which shall be judicially noticed.
Page 136 - Springfield, Mass., Baltimore. Md., Columbia, SC, Louisville, Ky., New Orleans, La., St. Louis, Mo.. St. Paul, Minn., Omaha, Nebr., Wichita, Kans., Houston, Tex., Berkeley, Calif., Spokane, Wash.
Page 136 - ... that the Federal Government cooperate more effectively with the several States and Territories and the District of Columbia in furnishing relief to their needy and distressed people.
Page 134 - The Smithsonian Institution was created by act of Congress in 1846, under the terms of the will of James Smithson, an Englishman, who in 1826 bequeathed his fortune to the United States to found, at Washington, under the name of the "Smithsonian Institution," an establishment for the "increase and diffusion of knowledge among men...
Page 109 - All disputes between a carrier or carriers and its or their employees shall be considered, and, if possible, decided, with all expedition, in conference between representatives designated and authorized so to confer, respectively, by the carrier or carriers and by the employees thereof interested in the dispute.

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