everlasting gospel, for the turning and gathering many thousands from darkness to the light of Christ Jesus, the foundation of true faith; bis manifold sufferings, afflictions, and oppositions, which he met withal for his faithful testimony, both from his open adversaries, and from false brethren; and his preservations, deliverances, and domipion in, out of, and over them all,' by the power of God : to whom the glory and honour always was by him, and is, and always ougbi to be by all, ascribed.

After the meeting was ended, his body was borne by friends, and accompanied by very great numbers of friends, and other people, to friends' burying-ground near Bunhillfields : where, after a solemn waiting upon the Lord, and several living testimonies borne, recommending the company to the guidance and protection of that divine Spirit and power, by which this holy man of God had been raised up, furnished, supported, and preserved, to the end of his day, his body was decently committed to the earth ; but his memorial shall remain, and be everlastingly blessed among the righteous.

An Epistle of dear George Fox's, which was writ with

his own hand, and left sealed up with this superscription, (viz. Not to be opened before the time ;) which after his decease being opened, was thought meet to be printed, being as followeth : viz.

For the Yearly and Second-days Meeting in London, and

to all the Children of God in all places in the world. By and from G. F.

This for all the Children of God every where, that are led

by his Spirit, and do walk in his Light, in which they have life, and unity, and fellowship with the Father, and the Son, and one with another :

Keep all your meetings in the name of the Lord Jesus, that be gathered in his name by his Light, Grace, Truth, Power, and Spirit; by which you will feel his blessed and refreshing presence among you, and in you, to your comfort, and God's glory.

And now alì friends, all your meetings, both men's and women's, monthly and quarterly, and yearly, &c. were set up by the power, and spirit, and wisdom of God; and in them you do know, that you have felt both his power, and spirit, and wisdom, and blessed refreshing presence among you, and in you, to his praise and glory, and your comfort: so that

you have been a city set on a hill, that cannot be hid.

"And although many loose and unruly spirits have risen betimes to oppose you and them, both in print and other ways; but you have seen how they have come to nought : and the Lord hath blasted them, and brought their deeds to light, and made them manifest to be the trees without fruit, and wells without water, and wandering stars from the firmament of God's power, and the raging waves of the sea, casting up their mire and dirt : and many of them are like the dog turned to his old vomit, and the sow that was washed, turned again to the mire. And this hath been the condition of many, God knoweth, and his people!

6 And therefore all to stand stedfast in Christ Jesus, your head, in whom you are all one, male and female, and know his government, and of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end; but there will be

an end of the devil's, and of all them that be out of Christ, and do oppose it and him, whose judgment doth not linger, and their damnation doth not slumber : and therefore in God and Christ's light, life, spirit, and power, live and walk, that is over all (and the seed of it) in love and in innocency, and simplicity; and in righteousness and holiness dwell, and in his power and Holy Ghost, in which God's kingdom doih stand. All children of New and Heavenly Jerusalem, that is from above, and is free, with all her holy, spiritual children, to her keep your eyes.

And as for this spirit of rebellion and opposition, that hath risen formerly and lately, it is out of the kingdom of God and Heavenly Jerusalem; and is for judgment and condemnation, with all its books, words, and works. And therefore friends are to live and walk in the power and spirit of God, that is over it, and in the seed, that will bruise and break it to pieces : in which seed you have joy and peace with God, and power and authority to judge it; and your unity is in the power and spirit of God, that doth judge it: and all God's witnesses in his tabernacle go out against it, and always have and will.

< And let no man live to self, but to the Lord, as they will die in him; and seek the peace of the church of Christ, and the peace of all men in him : for blessed are the peace-makers. And dwell in the pure, peaceable, heavenly wisdom of God, that is gentle, and easy to be entreated, that is full of mercy; all striving to be of one mind, heart, soul, and judgment in Christ, having his mind and spirit dwelling in you, building up one another in the love of God, which doth edify the body of Christ, his church, who is the holy head thereof. So glory to God through Christ, in this age and all other ages, who is the rock and foundation, and the Emanuel, God with us, amen, over all, the beginning and the ending; in him live and walk, in whom you have life eternal, in whom you will feel me, and I you.

All children of New Jerusalem, that descends from above, the holy city, which the Lord and the Lamb is the light thereof, and is the temple; in it they are born again of the Spirit: so Jerusalem that is above, is the mother of them that are born of the Spirit. And so they that come, and are come to heavenly Jerusalem, are them that receive Christ; and he giveth them power to become the sons of God, and are born again of the Spirit : so Jerusalem that is above, is their mother. And such do come to heavenly Mount Sion, and the innumerable company of angels, and VOL. II.


to the spirits of just men made perfect; and are come to the church of the living God written in heaven, and have the name of God, and the city of God, written upon them : so here is a new mother, that bringeth forth a heavenly and a spiritual generation.

There is no schism, nor division, nor contention, nor strife, in heavenly Jerusalem, nor in the body of Christ, which is made up of living stones, a spiritual house. And Christ is not divided, for in him there is peace. Christ saith, In me you have peace. And he is from above, and not of this world; but in the world below, in the spirit of it, there is trouble : therefore keep in Christ, and walk in him. Amen.

6 And Jerusalen was the mother of all the true Christians before the apostacy; and since the outward Christians are broken into many sects, and they have gotten many mothers : but all they that are come out of the apostacy by the power and spirit of Christ, Jerusalem that is above, is their mother, (and none below her ;) who doth nourish all her spiritual children.'

G. F. Read at the Yearly Meeting

in London, 1691.

Reader, please to note, that these following papers and

epistles (some of which being mentioned in the Jour-
nal, page 246. v. ii. &c. and there omitted) are found
meet to be here inserted, and are as followeth :

A Warning to the Magistrates and People of the City

of Oldenburg

Friends, Have you not seen and felt the judgments of God upon your city, the Lord sending lightning from heaven that destroyed and burnt it? And as I passed through your city on a first-day of the week, which you call your sabbath, I saw some drinking, and soldiers playing at shuffleboard, and others with their shops open and trading, when they should have been waiting upon God and worshiping him; and your people were light and vain, without any sense of God's judgment or repentance. O'therefore repent, lest the all-seeing God, who sees all your actions

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and is over all, do bring swift judgment upon you in his wrath and fury, and indignation. And so repent, and lay away all manner of evil and wickedness, and ungodliness, and unrighteousness; for the day of the Lord will come upon all that do evil, and the workers of iniquity; and this mighty day of the Lord will find them all out, and will burn as an oven, and burn up all the proud and wicked, and neither leave them root nor branch. And therefore all ye magistrates, priests and people, search in yourselves to find out the cause, and what wickedness and evil it has been you have committed, that has brought the wrath and vengeance, and judgments of God upon you and your city in burning it. And therefore all return and come to the light of Christ in your hearts, and to God's Spirit, and to the grace and truth in your hearts, that comes by Jesus Christ, that with it ye may search your hearts. And so do not grieve, nor vex, nor quench God's good Spirit in your hearts, and walk not despitefully against the Spirit of grace, nor turn from it into wantonness; and yet make a profession of God and Christ in words, when your hearts are afar off, and living in pleasures and wantonly upon the earth, sportin? yourselves, killing the just, and crucifying to yourselves Christ afresh, and putting him to open shame; and so dishonouring God and Christ, and Christianity, and making a profession and a trade of the scriptures, keeping people always learning, that they may be always paying,

• Therefore cease from man, whose breath is in bis nostrils, and look unto the Lord, all ye ends of the earth, and be saved; for the Lord God of heaven and earth is come, to teach his people himself by his light, spirit, grace and truth, and to bring them off all the world's teachers. And God hath raised up Christ Jesus his Prophet, whom people should hear, and saith, “ This is my beloved Son, hear ye him ;” and Christ saith, “ Learn of me, I am the way, the truth and the life; and no man comes to the Father, but by me.” And there is no salvation by any other name under the whole heaven but by the name of Jesus, who saith, “ I am the good Shepherd, and have laid down my life for my sheep, and my sheep hear my voice and follow me, and will not follow the bireling;" for Christ feeds them in the pastures of life that will never wither. And God hath anointed Christ Jesus to preach, if you will hear him; and God bath given Christ for a counseller and a leader, if you will be led and counselled by him; and God hath given Christ for a Bishop to oversee you, and a King to rule you, if you will be overseen and ruled by him. And you that will not have Christ to rule over you, who never

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