kingdom through the inward Holy Spirit, and the divine light and power of God; and a mightier wisdom which is from above, pure and peaceable; which wisdom is above that which is below, that is earthly, sensual and devilish, by which men destroy one another; yea, about their religions, ways and worships, and churches ; but this they have not from God nor Christ. But the wisdom, which is from above, by which all things were made and created, which the holy fear of God in the heart is the beginning of, that keeps the heart clean : and by and with this wisdom are all God's children to be ordered, and with it come to order all things to God's glory. So this is the wisdom that is justified of her children; and in this fear of God and wisdom my desire is, that thou may be preserved to God's glory. For the Lord is come to teach his people himself, and to set up his ensign, that the nations may flow unto it. And there bath been an apostacy since the apostles' days, from the divine light of Christ, which should have given them the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus; and likewise from the Holy Spirit, which would have led them into all truth; and therefore have people set up so many leaders without them, to give them knowledge; and also from the holy and precious faith, which Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of; which faith purifies the heart, and gives victory over that which separates from God; through which faith they have access to God, and in which faith they please God; the mystery of which faith is held in a pure conscience and also from the gospel which was preached in the apostles' days, (which gospel is the power of God) which brings life and immortality to light in man and woman, by which people should have seen over the devil that has darkened them, and before he was; which gospel will preserve all them that receive it, in life and in immortality. For the eyes of people have been after men, and not aiter the Lord, who doth write his law in the hearts, and puts it into the minds of all the children of the new covenant of light, life, and grace, through which they all come to know the Lord from the least to the greatest; so that the knowledge of the Lord may cover the earth, as the waters doth the sea. And this work of the Lord is beginning again, as it was in the apostles' days, that people shall come to receive an unction in them again from the Holy One, by which they shall know all things, and shall not need any man to teach them, but as the anointing doth teach them; and also to know, what the righteousness of faith speaks, the word nigh in the heart

and mouth, to obey it and to do it; which was the word of faith the apostles preached; which is now received and preached again, which is the duty of all true Christians to receive. And so now people are coming out of the apostacy to the light of Christ and his spirit, and to receive faith from him, and not from men; and to receive the gospel from him, and their unction from him, the Word; and as they receive him they declare bim freely, as his command was to bis disciples, and is so still to the learners and receivers of him. For the Lord God and his Son Jesus Christ is come to teach his people, and to bring them from all the world's ways to Christ ihe way, the truth, and the life, who is the way to the Father, and from all the world's teachers and speakers, to him the Speaker and Teacher, as Hebr. i. 1. and from all the world's worshippers, to worship God in the spirit and in the truth, (which the devil, the destroyer, is out of,) which worship Christ set up above sixteen hundred years ago, when he put down the Jews' worship at the temple at Jerusalem, and the worship at the mountain where Jacob's well was; and to bring people from all the world's religions, which they have made since the apostles' days, to the religion that was set up by Christ and his apostles, which is pure and undefiled before God, and keeps from the spots of the world; and to bring them out of all the world's churches and fellowships, that they have made and set up since the apostles' days, to the church, that is in God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Thess. i. 1. and to bring to the unity and fellowship in the holy spirit, that doth mortify, and circumcise, and baptise, to plunge down sin and corruption, that has got up in man and woman by transgression; and in this holy spirit there is a holy fellowship and unity: yea, it is the bond of the Prince of princes, and King of kings, and Lord of lords' peace; which heavenly peace all the true Christians are to maintain with spiritual weapons, not with carnal.

And now, my friend, the holy men of God did speak forth the scriptures, as they were moved by the Holy Ghost; and all Christendom are on heaps about those scriptures, because they are not led by the same Holy Ghost as they were that gave forth the scriptures; which Holy Ghost they must come to in themselves, and be led by, if they come into all the truth of them, and to have the comfort of God, and Christ, and them. For none can call Jesus Lord, but by the Holy Ghost; and all they that do call Christ Lord without the Holy Ghost, take his name in vain. And likewise all that name his name are to depart

from iniquity; then they name his name with reverence in truth and righteousness. And Otherefore feel the grace and truth in thy heart, that is come by Jesus Christ, which is a teacher that will teach thee how to live and what to deny; and it will establish thy heart, and season thy words and bring thy salvation, and will be a teacher unto thee at all times, and by it thou mayest receive Christ from whence it comes; and as many as receive him, to them he gives power, not only to stand against sin and evil, but to become the sons of God; if sons, then heirs of a life, and a world, and kingdom, that is everlasting without end, and of the eternal riches and treasures thereof. So in haste, with my love in the Lord Jesus Christ, that has tasted death for every man, and bruises the serpent's head, that has been betwixt man and God, that through Christ man may come to God again, and so can praise God through Jesus Christ the Amen; who is the spiritual and heavenly rock and foundation for all God's people to build upon, to the praise and glory of God, who is over all, blessed for evermore.'

George Fox. Amsterdam, the 7th of 6th month, 1677.

Postscript. • The bearer hereof is a daughter-in-law of mine, that comes with Gertrude Dirick Nieson and George Keith's wife, to give thee a visit.'


The Princess Elizabeth her Answer to the aforesaid

Letter. Dear friend, I cannot but have a tender love to those that love the Lord Jesus Christ, and to whom it is given not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for him; therefore your letter and your friends’ visit, have been both very welcome to me. I shall follow their and your counsel, as far as God will afford me light and unction; remaining still

Your loving friend,

ELIZABETH.' Hertfort, the 30th of August, 1677.

Next day John Claus and I took boat and passed to Buyckslote, and thence to Purmerent, where having state awhile, and refreshed ourselves at an inn, we wen 15 waggon through the country to Alcmaer, miles from Amsterdam. We went to a friend's WLS

there, whose name was Willem Willems, where I had a meeting that night. . I had also another meeting there next day, which was larger; for several professors came to the meeting, and al] was quiet and well. When the meeting was done, I went and visited some friends, and then taking boat, passed by several places to Hoorn, which is counted the chief city in North Holland. We lodged at an inn there that night, and taking waggon again early next morning, we passed through the country, to Enckhuysen, where we took ship for Friezeland; and landing in the afternoon at Workum, took waggon there again, and rode along upon the high bank of the Friezen seas, till we met two friends coming with a waggon lo meet us; with whom (discharging our waggon at Mackum, a village hard by) we went in their waggon to Harlingen, the chief sea-port town in Friezeland. We went to a friend's house, whose name was Hessel Jacobs, whither several friends came to visit us that night. Next day we went among the friends of the place and visited them; and I wrote a paper directed, To all them that persecute friends for not observing their fast-day.'

The day following was the first-day of the week, and friends had a meeting there, to which we went, and many professors came to it. I declared the everlasting gospel amongst them, John Claus interpreting, and they were all very civil and heard attentively; and when the meeting was done, departed peaceably without making any opposition. After meeting I went to Hessel Jacobs his house again, whither after a while came a calvinist to ask me some questions, which I answered to his satisfaction, and he departed friendly. Soon after he was gone, a preacher of the collegians came to discourse with me, and he seemed well satisfied also, and we parted lovingly. That evening I had another meeting with the friends there, and next morning, when we had taken our leave of them, we passed to Leuwarden, the chief city in Friezeland, and lodged that night at a friend's house there, whose name was Sybrand Dowes.

Next morning early, taking boat, we passed to Dockum, and walking through the city, took boat again to Strobus, which is the utmost part of Friezland. There we baited at a commissary's house; and then taking boat again, we passed to Groningen, the chief city of the province of Groningland. One of the magistrates of that city came with us from Leuwarden, with whom I had some discourse on the way, and he was very loving. We walked near

" through the city, and then took boat for Delfziel;

and passing in the evening through a town called Appingdalem, where had been a great horse-fair that day, there came many officers rushing into the boat, and being somewhat in drink, they were very rude. I spake to them, exhorting them to fear the Lord, and beware of Solomon's vanities. They were a sort of boisterous fellows, yet they were somewhat more civil afterwards, We landed at Delfziel about the tenth hour at night, having travelled much about fifty English miles that day. We went to an inn to lodge, and as we passed through the guards, they examined John Claus, whether I was not a militia soldier; and when he had told them that I was not, they let us pass peaceably on.

This city (Delfziel) stands on the River Eems, over which we passed next day to the city Embden, a place where friends had been cruelly persecuted, and from which they had been often banished. I went to an inn, where I staid and dined with some men that understood English, with whom I had a fine time, and they were loving. Meanwhile John Claus went with his wife to her father's, who lived in Embden, whither, after I had dined, I went also, understanding the old man was desirous to see me, In the afternoon John Claus and I walked through the city to the place where the waggon, which he had hired, was to meet us; and while we tarried for it, the friends that were in the city came to the house where we were, and there we had a little meeting. When the meeting was over, and the waggon came not, we sent to know the reason; and the master of the waggon sent us word that he durst not let his waggon go, for the bishop of Munster's soldiers were up in the country, and he was afraid they would take away his horses. So being disappointed of our passage, we returned to John Claus, his father-in, law's house, where I left him, and went myself to my inn at night.

We took shipping next day, and passed about fifteen miles upon the river Eems, to a market town in EastFriezland, called Leer, where lived a friend that had been banished from Embder; and when we had visited him, we hired a waggon in that town, and passed to a garrison-town, called Strikehuysen, where the guards examined us; and then we went on to Deteren, where hiring another waggon, we passed through the country to another garrisoned town, where we were very strictly examined. From thence we passed unto Apre, in the king of Denmark's country, where we lodged that night. In our travel this day, we met the

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