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Thousands of Christian Scientists, rep- The meeting opened with the singing of resenting the worldwide outreach of their Mrs. Eddy's hymn “Christ My Refuge" movement, convened in Boston on June 8 (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 256). The for the Annual Meeting of The Mother outgoing President, Miss L. Ivimy Gwalter, Church. The large gathering listened to then read passages from the Bible and from reports from Church officers and a stirring Science and Health with Key to the Scripmessage from The Christian Science Board tures and other writings of Mrs. Eddy: of Directors. The theme of last year's An


MRS. Eddy's nual Meeting was, “What Can We Do for


I Cor. 16:13

S.&H. 483:30-2
Our World?” The theme of this year's meet-

Isa. 60:1, 22 Pul. 3:26-27 ing and of the meetings held on the days Isa. 6:1, 2 (to ;), Pul. 4:1-2, 7-14 following emphasized individual effort with

3, 6-8

(to 1st.)

Mis. the question, “But What Can I Do?" A film

177:1-4 (to shown during the Annual Meeting brought

1st.), 15 out vividly and concretely how Christian

The congregation united in a few mo

ments of silent prayer, followed by the Scientists in the United States and around the globe are answering this question in the audible repetition of the Lord's Prayer. most effective way-by their individual

Miss Gwalter announced the new officers actions based on individual prayer. All who

of The Mother Church for the ensuing saw the film went home with renewed in

year: President, Clem W. Collins, of spiration to follow the example of their Boston, Massachusetts; Clerk, Charles Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer Henry Gabriel, of Boston; Treasurer, and Founder of Christian Science, who by Roy Garrett Watson, of Boston. her actions and her prayers showed how much a lone dedicated individual can do Miss Gwalter then introduced the incomfor all mankind.

ing President.


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ADDRESS BY THE INCOMING PRESIDENT fellowmen depends entirely on our willingWelcome to our first Annual Meeting in

ness to advance the cause of freedom by this new decade; and a special welcome to developing and exercising spiritual vision. all of you who are here as new members

Can we choose to do less? of The Mother Church.

We don't have to look very deeply into A new decade!

the trends of these times, into the numerous What a vast potential this suggests—fresh protests that supply so much of the news, hope, new possibilities, new views, and

to see the deep needs and sense the endless great promise for the advancement of man

frustrations that weigh upon so many. But kind everywhere.

are these protests effective? Are they really Standing at the threshold of an era of accomplishing what is needed? Are they religious renaissance, Mary Baker Eddy moving society toward the goals men long

to reach? sent out this call to mankind: “Citizens

What is the effective protest? Christ of the world, accept the 'glorious liberty of the children of God," and be free! This Jesus was the ideal example of the effective

protester. The great depth of his spiritual is your divine right." This was more than a call to inspire spiritual vision were apparently developed

insight and the phenomenal power of his hope. It was a mighty vision based on an

through his active protests. When mortal understanding of God and of man's in- mind, termed the "devil” in the Bible, separable relationship to Him.

tried to bring Jesus under its power and Today you and I have come to this influence through the three temptations in Annual Meeting from all around the world the wilderness, Jesus took up three firm to consider one specific question: "But Scriptural protests of Truth. And he was what can I do?" "What can I do to help successful. He was rewarded with greater make this vision of freedom a reality for spiritual vision, for as we read in Matthew, my fellowmen?"

“Angels came and ministered unto him” Many of us here today are living testi- -the concepts of divine Mind poured into mony that this freedom is real. But how his consciousness. And this launched him on long will it take to bring everyone every his career of healing and teaching and of where to the point of seeing this and claim- revolutionizing the lives of countless millions. ing his God-bestowed liberty? To human His is the authentic protest. Mrs. Eddy reasoning it appears that it could take many

that it could take many describes his method when, speaking of more generations, even centuries. But time healing prayer, she says, “It is neither Sciis entirely subordinate to vision.

ence nor Truth which acts through blind Thomas Jefferson with all his brilliance belief, nor is it the human understanding and great hope for America is said to have of the divine healing Principle as manifested predicted it would take a thousand years to in Jesus, whose humble prayers were deep settle the West. But that indomitable qual- and conscientious protests of Truth,-of ity of vision inspired and drove men to man's likeness to God and of man's unity exceed the timetable of human reasoning, with Truth and Love.”Here are the “proand they settled the West in less than one tests of Truth,” based on spiritual vision.

God has provided the world with this Progress doesn't take time. It takes example of effective action against human vision. Vision is freedom. Vision is a spiri- bondage-mental, physical, economic, sotual quality; therefore it is inherent in cial, environmental bondage. every individual. What we can do for our It's the sacred duty of every Christian

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hundred years.

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of every denomination to join in this our protest. This is where, as one of our prayer protest, to exercise this spiritual hymns reads, we're needed vision, to hold in sight the all-power of

to work God's work, God, divine Love, and His infinite care

To prosper and increase for man.

The brotherhood of all mankind, We have a world of humanity in a wil

The reign of the Prince of Peace.5 derness right outside the doors of our

As Ezekiel says, "The days are at hand, churches in every community crying out

and the effect of every vision.” 6 for help, for peace, for freedom from limi- 1 Science and Health, p. 227; 2 Matt. 4:11;

3 Science and Health, p. 12; Prov. 29:18; tation and frustration. They don't know

5 Christian Science Hymnal, No. 82; 6 Ezek. 12:23. where help can possibly come from. They're protesting, but they don't know how to make their protest effective. Isn't this where REPORT OF THE TREASURER, we can take action?

ROY GARRETT WATSON We must break out of our church edi- In accordance with the provisions of fices, go beyond our traditional sense of Article XXIV, Section 3, of the Manual church activity and inturning prayer to of The Mother Church by Mary Baker carry our Christian ministry where people Eddy, the Treasurer reported the amount live and work and play. This doesn't mean of funds which the Church had on hand, secularizing church work, but it means and the amount of its indebtedness and of openly sharing the blessings of scientific its expenditures for the year ended April Christianity with our neighbors—where 30, 1970. The report indicated that apart they are.

from current bills and accrued taxes The Bible warns, “Where there is no The Mother Church has no outstanding vision, the people perish.” 4 What do we indebtedness. mean by vision? Spiritual vision sees, knows, The books of the Church Treasurer were and is therefore able to prove that Love is audited by the firm of Ernst & Ernst. The dominant over hatred, that health is the auditors certified that they had examined fact over the illusion of sickness, that intelli- the records of the Treasurer of The Mother gence is intrinsic in every individual and Church as of April 30, 1970, and that in leaves no room for confusion. Spiritual their opinion the Treasurer's report with

. vision sees, knows, that forgiveness is natural respect to the amount of unexpended and and revenge has no place, that purity is real uninvested cash funds, the amount of and sensuality fantasy, that dignity is domi- indebtedness, and the amount of expendinant over depravity, abundance over lack. tures is correct. Spiritual vision sees, knows, that man, the The remainder of the Treasurer's report loved of God, was never put in bondage. read substantially as follows: Spiritual vision is our ultimate protest. It What is the treasure of The Mother requires great courage based on spiritual Church? Surely it is our demonstration of understanding and motivated by Love. the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy. There

We must act often singly, stand often fore, to a Christian Scientist, the answer alone. But we always stand alone with to the question "What can I do for our God. And in standing with God we stand impoverished world?” is plain. Each can together—every member of this Church, share with all mankind whatever degree together in love, one for another, taking of spiritual understanding he has by using the spiritual view, the healing view of our it. This way he enriches both himself and communities and the people in them. This the world—and ensures the success of our is what we can do most effectively. This is Church.

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3 ووو

Why? Mrs. Eddy made this statement to Ours is the same method of financing a newspaper correspondent: “The con- established by Mrs. Eddy for building the tinuity of The Church of Christ, Scientist, original edifice of The Mother Church. In is assured. It is growing wonderfully. It Pulpit and Press we find the secret of this will embrace all the churches, one by one, method. Mrs. Eddy writes: “Not a mortbecause in it alone is the simplicity of the gage was given nor a loan solicited, and the oneness of God; the oneness of Christ and donors all touchingly told their privileged the perfecting of man stated scientifically.' joy at helping to build The Mother Church.

Christian Science and our Church are There was no urging, begging, or borrowbased on man's rich heritage as the perfect ing; only the need made known, and forth son of a perfect, loving Father-Mother God. came the money, or diamonds, which served That's why neither The Mother Church to erect this ‘miracle in stone.' nor its members need ever fail in their No drive for funds to finance the present demonstration of substance and supply. building project has been made. No fundThe substance of the Church is divine Love. raising promoter has been employed Its supply is the demonstration and recip- "only the need made known.” And your rocal love of its members.

response has been magnificent. Over 90 The success of our Church tends to ensure percent of those churches with more than the success of each member. So the insti- one hundred members, and nearly 90 pertution and the individual member are in- cent of all Christian Science students' assoterdependent. The unfoldment of Mrs. ciations have contributed most generously. Eddy's concept of Church appears through And so it goes on. Progress and expanits branches and members. Through the sion! Rising costs, and more and more practice of Christian Science they bear "love currency" supplied! the leaves of healing and the fruits of uni- There have been large demands made versal freedom to mankind.

upon our Relief Fund during the past year As for the Christian Science Church to help both Christian Scientists and those Center, it's being constructed on land turning to The Mother Church for financial already paid for. A working balance of assistance. As you can realize, the cost of funds is on hand to proceed with the plans. maintaining the three charitable institutions This is all due to your love, your heart- has been rising steadily, too. And other warming, generous support. But your con- growing demands for furthering our worldtinued support is essential until it's officially wide activities are requiring a constant announced that financial contributions are demonstration of our ability to prove Love's no longer needed. Then an invitation will adequacy to meet the human need. be extended for all of you to come and see Higher than human duty, however, is for yourselves the result of your unselfish the inexhaustible Love whose legitimate participation in this stupendous undertaking. demands enable each of us to fulfill that

Your · loving support of the building duty. Divine Love enables us all to faithproject shows your ability to activate the fully support The Mother Church in its law expressed in our Leader's statement, work of extending the Cause of Christian “Divine Love always has met and always Science. In this way each individual will will meet every human need." 2 In this

demonstrate more fully the oneness of particular instance you're proving your un- God and man and so share God's treasure derstanding that substance is Love. Your gratefully and unstintingly with all mangifts are the expression of this Love. “Love kind. currency,” Mrs. Eddy calls it (see The First

1 The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and MisChurch of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, cellany, p. 342; 2 Science and Health, p. 494;

3 Pulpit and Press, p. 8.

p. 14).

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