Lesbian and Gay Psychology: New Perspectives

Adrian Coyle, Celia Kitzinger
Wiley, 22 mei 2002 - 281 pagina's
Written in an accessible but scholarly manner, this is the first British-edited and authored collection on lesbian and gay psychology. Leading names in the field discuss a broad range of concerns cutting across social, health, developmental, educational and counselling psychology. These include topics such as development during adolescence, girls' friendships, identity formation and disclosure, parenting and family issues, health issues, psychotherapy and social attitudes.

The struggle to legitimise lesbian and gay psychology has been a local as well as an international one, and the contributors to this volume share some of the characteristics which have distinguished the development of the discipline in Britain. Typical of the British approach are engagement with both feminist and critical perspectives, the use of qualitative as well as quantitative methods, and theoretical and epistemological sophistication.

The volume as a whole takes lesbian and gay psychology forward into the twenty-first century.

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Over de auteur (2002)

Adrian Coyle is Senior Lecturer and Joint Course Director of the Practitioner Doctorate in Psychotherapeutic and Counselling Psychology in the Department of Psychology at the University of Surrey.

Celia Kitzinger is Professor of Conversation Analysis, Gender and Sexuality in the Department of Sociology at the University of York.

Both editors are well-established in the field of lesbian and gay psychology.

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