The Logic of Political Economy, and Other Papers

Ticknor and Fields, 1872 - 387 pagina's

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Pagina 118 - is that portion of the products of the earth which is paid to the landlord for the use of the original and indestructible powers of the soil." Can this definition be sustained ? Certainly not. The word " indestructible " is liable to challenge ; and, in order that
Pagina 3 - AND FIELDS, according to the amplest extent of any power to make such a transfer that I may be found to possess by law or custom in America, I wish this transfer were likely to be of more value. But the veriest trifle, interpreted by the spirit in which I
Pagina 50 - English court. Amongst others, Evelyn saw them, and thus commemorates the spectacle: — " December 17. Early in the morning, I went into St. James's Park to see three Turkish or Asian horses, newly brought over, and now first showed to his Majesty
Pagina 114 - quarters. He would receive these wages to enable him to live just as well, and no better than, before ; for, when corn was at 4 per quarter, he would expend for three quarters of corn, at 4 per quarter, . . 12 OO And on other things, . . . 1200 When wheat -was at 4, 10s., three quarters of
Pagina 116 - the questionupon it in this shape, — " Whether the appropriation of land, and the consequent creation of rent, will occasion any variation in the relative value of commodities, independently of the quantity of labor necessary to production?" Whether, in short, the proportions between the two labors producing A and B will continue, in spite of rent, to determine the prices of A and
Pagina 321 - 26* the door outside. What presumption is this? exclaimed the chairman, immediately leaping up. However, on opening the door, it appeared that the fury of the summons was dictated by no failure in respect, but by absolute necessity : necessity has no law ; and any more reverential knocking could have had no chance of being audible.
Pagina 112 - other things," by alleging (p. 97) that " in rich countries a laborer, by the sacrifice of a very small quantity only of his food, is able to provide liberally for all his other wants.
Pagina 113 - is peculiar to Ricardo in his theory of wages : — 10* " When wheat was at 4 per quarter, suppose the laborer's wages to be 24 per annum, or the value of six quarters of wheat, and suppose half his wages to be expended on wheat, and the other half (or 12) on other things, he would receive
Pagina 334 - would the Count Fitz-Hum be pleased to take supper? But this question the Count Fitz-Hum referred wholly to the two ladies ; and for this one night he notified his pleasure that no other company should be invited. Precisely at eleven o'clock the party sat down to supper, which was served on the round table in the
Pagina 276 - of Ali; but the Turks, with the utter shamelessness to which they had been brought by daily familiarity with treachery the most barefaced, were openly descanting to Samuel upon the unheardof tortures which must be looked for at the hands of Ali, by a soldier who had given so much trouble to that Pacha

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