Pope ; Reflections on Mr. Pope's and Mr.

Gay's Circumstances.

Letter 38. Mr. Pope's Answer : His Situ-

ation, and Contentment: An Account of bis

other Friends,

Letter 39. Lord Bolingbroke to Dr. Swift ;

A Review of his Life, bis Thoughts of

Oeconomy, and concerning Fame.

Dr. Swift's Answer.

fortunes attending great Talents ; concerning

Fame, and the Depre of it.

Letter 41., Dr. Swift to Mr. Pope. Con-

cerning toe Dunciad, and of his Situation of


Letter 42. From Lord Bolingbroke. That

the Sense of Friendship increaseth with the
increase of Years. Concerning an History of

his own Times, and Mr. Pope's moral Poem.
Letter 43. Of the Style of his Letters, of his

Condition of Life, his past Friendships :
Dislike of Party-spirit, and Thoughts of

Penfons and Preferment.
Letter 44. Of Mr. Westly's Dissertations on

Job. Poftscript by Lord Bolingbroke on the
Pleasure we take in reading Letters.

From Lord Bolingbroke to Dr.
Swift: Inviting him to England, and con-

cerning Reformation of Manners by writing.
Letter 46. From the same. The Temper proper

to Men in Years : An Account of his own.
The Character of his Lady.- Postscript by

Mr. Pope on his Mother, and the Effects of

the tender Pasions.

Letter 45.

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Letter 47: From the fame. Of his Studies,

particularly a metaphysical Work, Of Retire-
ment and Exercise. - Postscript by Mr. Pope.
His Wifh that their Studies were united in
Some Work useful to Manners, and bis Diftaste
of all Party-writings.


Letter 49.

Letter 53:

Letter 48. Concerning the Duchess of Queens-
bury. Persuasons to Deconomy.

On the same Subjects.


A Letter of Raillery,!
Letter 51. In the same Style, to Mr. Gay and

the Duchess.
Letter 52. A ftrange End of a Law-fuit, His
Way of Life, &c. Postscript to the Duchess.

Two new Pieces of the Dean's :
Answer to his Invitation into England,

Advice to write, &c.

More on the same Subjects. An
happy Union against Corruption. Postscript

to the Duke of Queensbury, and the Duchefs.


Mr. Gay to Dr. Swift. His Ac-
count of himself: His last Fables : His Decor
nomy. Poftfcript by Mr. Pope, of their
common Ailments, and Oeconomy; and against

Party-spirit in writing.
Letter 56. From Dr. Swift to Mr. Gay

Congratulation on Mr. Gay's leaving the
Court; Lord Cornbury's Refusal of a Pension.
Character of Mr. Gay,


Letter 65. Answer to the former. His Temper

of Mind since his Mother's Death. The Union

of Sentiments in all bis Acquaintance. Letter 66. Concern for his Absence. Of a Li

bel against him. Reflections on the Behaviour

of a worthless Man.
Letter 67. Melancholy Circumstances of the

Separation of Friends. Impertinence of false
Pretenders to their Friendship. Publishers of
Night Papers. Of the Efsay on Man, and
of the Collection of the Dean's Works.
Postscript by Lord Bolingbroke, concerning

his Metaphysical Work. Letter 68. From Dr. Swift.

The Answer.
Of his own Amusements, the Essay on Man,

and Lord Bolingbroke's Writings.
Letter 69. Of the Pleasures of his Conversation ;

of Dr. Arbuthnot's Decay of Health ; of the

Nature of moral and philosophical Writings. Letter 70. From Dr. Swift. On the Death

of Friends. Letter 71. From the same. On the Offence taken

at their Writings. Of Mr. Pope's Letters.

Character of Dr. Rundle, Bishop of Derry. Letter 72. Concerning the Earl of Peterborow,

and his Death at Lisbon. Charities of Dr.

Letter 73. From Dr. Swift. On the Death of

Friends. What Sort of Popularity he hath in

Ireland. Against the general Corruption. Letter 74. From the same. His Kindness for Mr. Pope, and his own infirm Condition.


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Letter 75. Mr Pope to Dr. Swift. His Plan
for the second Book of Ethic Epifles, of the
Extent and Limits of Human Reason and
Science; and what retarded the Execution of
it.-Of Lord Bolingbroke's Writings. New

Invitations to England.
Letter 76. 'From Dr. Swift. His Resolution to

preserve Mr. Pope's Letters, and leave them
to his Disposal after his Death.

His Defire to be mentioned in the Ethic Epistles. Of the

Loss of Friends, "and Decays of Age.
Letter 77. What Sorts of Letters he now

writeth, and the Contraction of his Corre-
Spondence. Of the human Failings of great
Geniuses, and the Allowance to be made them.
His high Opinion of Lord Bolingbroke and

Dr. Swift as Writers.
Letter 78. From Dr. Swift. Of old Age, and

Death of Friends. More of the Ethic Epistles.
Letter 79. Of the Complaints of Friends.-One

of the best Comforts of old Age. Some of his
Letters copied in Ireland, and printed.
Of Lord Bolingbroke's Retirement.Of some

new Friends, and of what Sort they are. Letter So. The present Circumstances of his

Life and his Companions. Wishes that the

last Part of their Days may be past together. Letter 81. From Dr. Swift.

From Dr. Swift. Reasons that obstruct bis coming to England. Defireth to be remembered in Mr. Pope's Epistles. Many of Mr. Pope's Letters to him loft, and by what



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