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Letter 19.

Letter 16. Defires for his Return, and Settle

ment in England: The various Schemes of his

other Friends, and his own.

Letter 17. From Mr. Gay and Mr. Pope. An

account of the Reception of Gulliver's Travels,

in England.

Letter 18. On the same Subje&t from Mr. Pope.
Advice against Party-writing.

From Dr. Swift. - About Gulliver,
and of a second Journey to England.
Letter 20. From the

same. Concerning Party,
and Dependency: and of the Project of a
joint Volume of Miscellanies.
Letter 21. The Answer. On the fame Subjects.
Letter 22.

On Dr. Swift's second Departure
for Ireland.
Letter 23. From Dr. Swift : His Reasons for

From Dr. Swift. His Remembrance
of Mr. Pope's Friendship; with some Confi-

deration of his Circumstances.

Letter From Mr. Gay. Raillery : What

Employment was offered bim at Court, and

and why he refused it.

Letter 26. Dr. Swift to Mr. Gay. On the

Refusal of that Employment, and bis quitting
the Court. Of the Beggars Opera.


From Lord Bolingbroke and Mr.

Pope. Of the Dunciad; Advice to the Dean

in the manner of Montaigne.

tiers, and of the Beggars Opera.


Letter 24

Letter 28. Of a true Jonathan Gulliver in

New-England; The Dunciad; and the Trea-
tise of the Bathos. Reflections on Morality
and Decay : What is desirable in the Decline

of Life.

From Dr. Swift.

Answer to the

former : His Situation in Ireland.


30. From the same. His own and Mr.

Pope's Temper.

Letter 31. Lord Bolingbroke's Life in the

Country. More about the Dunciad.


From Dr. Swift. Advice how to

publish the Dunciad: Concerning Lord B. and

Mr. Gay.

Letter 33:

Letter 34.

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