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| Bolingbroke, and how dear the $ Duke of Ormond is to me : Do you imagine I can be easy while their enemies are endeavouring to take off their heads ? * I nunc, & versus tecum meditare

Do you imagine I can be easy when I think of the probable consequences of these proceedings, perhaps upon the very peace of the nation, but certainly of the minds of so many hundred thousand good subjects ? Upon the whole, you may truly attribute

silence to the eclypse, but it was that eclypse which happened on the of first of August.

I borrowed your Homer from the Bishop (inine is not yet landed) and read it out in two evenings. If it pleaseth others as well as me, you

have got your end in profit and reputation : Yet I am angry at some bad Rhymes and Triplets, and pray in your next do not let me have so many unjustifiable Rhymes to war and gods. I tell you all the faults I know, only in one or two places you are a little obscure; but I expected you to be so in one or two and twenty. I have heard no soul talk of it here, for indeed it is not come over, nor do we very much abound in judges ; at least I have not

the || 'Henry St. John.

§ James Butler, Duke of Ormond, who went to France in the Year 1715, and lived at Avignon, where he died in 1745, being the last Duke of that antient Family, by whose Death the Title became extinct.

* Go now and meditate the tuneful Song. + Queen Anne died August 1, 1714.

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the honour to be acquainted with them. Your Notes are perfectly good, and so are your-Preface and Efay. You were pretty bold in mentioning Lord Bolingbroke in that Preface. I saw the Key to the Lock but yesterday: I think you have changed it a good deal, to adapt it to the present times.

God be thanked I have yet no parliamentary business ;

and if they have none with me, , I fhall never seek their acquaintance. I have not been very fond of them for some years past, not when I thought them tolerably good, and therefore if I can get leave to be absent, I thall be much inclined to be on that fide, when there is a parliament on this: but truly I must be a little easy in my mind before I can think of Scriblerus.

You are to understand that I live in the cor, ner of a vast unfurnished house, my family confifteth of a steward, a groom, a helper in the stable, a foot-man, and an old maid, who are all at board-wages, and when I do not dine abroad, or make an entertainment, (which last is very rare) I eat a mutton-pye, and drink half a pint of. wine : My amusements are defending my small dominions against the ArchBishop, and endeavouring to reduce my rebellious Choir. * Perditur hæc inter misero lux. I desire you will present my humble service to Mr. Addison, Mr. Congreve, and Mr. Rowe, and Gay, I am, and will be always, extream


ly yours, &c.

* Thus all my Hours of Light and Life are loft,



Mr. Pope to Dr. SWIFT.


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June 20, 1716. Cannot suffer a friend to cross the Irish feas

without bearing a testimony from me of the constant esteem and affection I am both obliged and inclined to have for you. It is better he should tell you than I, how often you are in our thoughts and in our cups, and how I learn to sleep less and drink more, whenever you are named among us. I look upon a friend in Ireland as upon a friend in the other world, whom (popishly-speaking) I believe constantly welldisposed towards me, and ready to do me all the good he can, in that state of separation, tho' I hear nothing from him, and make addresses to him but very rarely. A protestant divine cannot take it amiss that I treat him in the same manner with my patron Saint.

I can tell you no news, but what you will not sufficiently wonder at, that I suffer many things as an Author militant: whereof, in your days of probation, you have been a sharer, pr you had not arrived to that triumphant state you now deservedly enjoy in the Church. As for me, I have not the least hopes of the Cardinalat, tho' I suffer for my Religion in almost every weekly. paper. I have begun to take a pique at the Psalms of David (if the wicked

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may be credited, who have printed a scandalous one in my name). This report I dare not discourage too much, in a prospect I have at present of a post under the Marquis de Langallerie, wherein if I can but do some signal fervice against the Pope, I may be considerably advanced by the Turks, the only religious people I dare confide in. If it should happen hereafter that I should write for the holy law of Mahomet, I hope it may make no breach between you and me; every one must live, and I beg you will not be the man to manage the controversy against me. The Church of Rome I judge (from many modern symptoms, as well as ancient prophecies) to be in a declining condition ; that of England will in a short time be scarce able to maintain her own family : fo Churches sink as generally as banks, in Europe, and 'tis time to look out for some better security.

I don't know why I tell you all this, but that I always loved to talk to you ; and this is not a time for any man to talk to the purpose, Truth is a kind of contraband commodity which I would not venture to export, and therefore the only thing tending that dangerous way which I shall say, is, that I am and always will be with the utmost sincerity,

Yours, &c.



From Dr. SWIFT to Mr. POPE.

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Aug. 30, 1716. Had the Favour of yours by Mr. F. of whom,

before any other Question relating to your Health, or Fortune, or Success as a Poet, I enquired your Principles, in the common Form, " Is he a Whig or a Tory?” I am sorry to find they are not so well tallied to the present Juncture as I could wish. I always thought the Terms of Facto and Jure had been introduced by the Poets, and that Possession of any Sort in Kings was held an unexceptionable Title in the Courts of Parnafsus. If you do not grow a perfect good Subject in all its present Latitudes, I shall conclude you are become rich, and able to live without Dedications to Men in Power, whereby one great Inconvenience will follow, that you and the World and Posterity will be utterly ignorant of their Virtues. For, either your Brethren have miserably deceived us these hundred Years past, or Power conferreth Virtue, as naturally as five of your popish Sacraments do. Grace. You sleep less and drink more. But your Master Horace was * Vini somnique benignus : And as I take it, both are proper for Trade. As to mine, there are a thousand


your Trade.

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