and of pious and judicious Churchmen, we have no overwhelming fears on account of the inconsiderate efforts of a comparatively small number of partizans, who do not speak the language of their respective brethren. With regard to the Clergy we know this to be the fact; and with regard to the Dissenters we have reason to believe that the unhallowed hostility of late shewn to the Church of England is creating for her not a few new friends in the opposing ranks, and that many, who once hastily thought National Church Establishments unlawful or unnecessary, have been led by the late discussions to consider the question, and have come to conclusions the very opposite of their first impressions.

With regard to the conduct of our own labours, in reference to these and other matters, we purpose, by the blessing of God, continuing our wonted course; endeavouring to support what we believe to be right, but not apologizing for what is wrong; and if for many years our duty has appeared to us to be rather on the side of the reform of abuses, not less zealous shall we be in buttressing than in amending, in defending the walls than in repairing their breaches. We are to our inmost hearts friends of the Church of England : we believe her to be the most Scriptural Church in all Christendom, and the chief instrument in the hands of God for the spiritual welfare of our land : and if this conviction has made us anxious for her purification, wherever she needed it, no less will it operate in making us zealous in her defence against those who would compass her ruin.

We may say the same of many other of our national institutions. They may require reform ; but in this day of restless change every friend of his country ought to beware that the good be not plucked up with what is evil, and that the axe be not used, instead of the pruning-knife.

Of our efforts during the past year it is rather for our readers to judge, than for us to speak. It has been our duty to address ourselves to many subjects of pressing, and often painful interest; and sometimes to embark in controversies more necessary than recreating and we would hope these labours have“ not been in vain in the Lord;”—but we have wished that every Number of our work should also contain important matters of spiritual edification; and, though we do not obtrude upon our readers much of fiction and imagination, we have always endeavoured to afford them higher and more valuable entertainment, mixed with instruction, and par

ticularly in the article of interesting biography, in which our present volume has certainly not been deficient. But, alas ! we are reminded that sorrow mixes with these narratives. We have lost many valued friends; among whom the names of Wilberforce and Hannah More stand conspicuous. But we shall have again to speak of these two eminent Christians and public benefactors, and will therefore not do more at present than passingly record our affection, our gratitude, and our regrets.

The times are serious, but not, in our apprehension, calculated to encourage despondency. What is best among us, will, we believe, be rendered more than ever firm and pure, after temporary agitations have passed away. We have much reason to bless God for comparative tranquillity at home, and for the continuance of peace with other nations ; for the speedy abolition of West-India Slavery, and some other acts of legislative duty and wisdom; for the spirit of brotherly union which prevails in most of our religious societies, and the improvement and prosperity of others; for the striking increase of piety in the land, and remarkably so in our Universities and amongst our Clergy. May the Father of mercies look down upon us and visit us ! May He disappoint the designs of those who have evil will at Zion; and cause the knowledge and practice of His Truth to abound among us more and more!




RELIG. AND MISCELL. Con.-Walking with

God.. Imputed Righteousness.. Children of

Religious Parents.. Burton's Sacramental

Tract.. Scruples in the Observance of the

Lord's Day.. Enthusiasm of the Methodists

.. Prospects of Britain.. Anomalies of Dis.

sent.. Åbuse of Predestination ..........1-28

Rev. oF--Hough's Missionary Vade Mecum

.. Archbishop Howley's Primary Charge . 37

MISCEL. INTEL.--Clergy Assurance Society

..Hampstead Chapel.. Burial of Suicides
.. Church Commission of 1689. . Bishop Law

on Tithes. Theological College, Geneva..

Malan's Retractation..Genamb's Pilgrim-

age.. Trappist Monks.. Turkey.. American

Lottery.. Sabbath in New York. .Drunken.

Dess.. Universalist Publications.. Value of

the Scriptures to a wrecked Crew


PUB. Api.- Elections : Middlesex, West-

minster,Finsbury,Manchester, Leeds,Tower

Hamlets, Oldham, &c.; London ; Scotland

and Ireland.. Reform Acts..Church Reform





SUPP. TO RELIG. INTEL.–Bible Society..
Brit. and For. School Society



R&Lic. AND Mıs. Com.-Tears of Parents

(continued).. Reconciliation.. Being led by

the Spirit.. Ministerial Errors.. Party Spirit

.. History of the Prophet Samuel..Imputed

Righteousness .. Little Books .. Abuse of

Predestination.. Cottage Allotments ....61-91

Rev. Op-Life and Writings of Robert Hall 95

PUB. App. First Reformed Parliament..

Church Reform.. Dissenters.. Distress of
Clergy in Ireland.. West-India Slavery..
South Africa..Infant Labour. Lord's Day

National Education..Poor-Laws in Ire

land .. American Temperance Societies ..

American States.. Holland and Belgium..

Turkish Empire




SUPP. TO RELIG. INTEL.-Bible Society .. 124


RELIG. AND Mıs. Com.-Memoir of Bishop
Davenant.. Spirit of the Lord not straitened

Relinquished Missions .. Trials of the

Christian.. Parallel Passages of Scripture..

Hutchinsonian Theology.. History of the

Catechism.. Ministerial Errors.. Worship of

the Serpent.. Religious Negroes..Sacred

Poetry : Confidence in God; Isaiah xxxv.

1, 2 ; Nahum i. 3--8; Morning; “ He that

loveth Father or Mother," &c. ......125—169

Rev. op-Bishop J. B. Sumner's Charge..

Young Christian, by Abbott. The same with

Corrections by Rev. J.W.Cunningham 169-181

PUB. AFF.- Parliament.. King's Speech..

Ireland..Church Establishment.... 186



SUPP. To Relig. INTEL.-- Bible Society .. 188


RELIG. AND Mıs.Cox.-American Divines :

Dr. Payson.. Hobart and Strachan on Eccle-
siastical Establishments.. Children of Reli-
gious Parents .. Eliezer of Damascus ..
Letters of Secker .. Expounding .. Burial
Servico over Suicides.. Hutchinsonianism


..Being moved by the Holy Ghost. . Cottage

Allotments.. Poetry: Calvary ..189--224

Rev. or-Taylor's Life of Cowper ........ 225

Relig. INTEL.-Evangelical Society of Ge-

Deva.. ProtestantChurch of France.. United
States Episcopal Church


LIT. AND Mis. INTEL.-Authorized Text of

the English Bible.. HolyOrders.. American

Packets.. Luther's Bible.. Courts of Justice

Superstitious Notion .. Warburton ..

Homilies .. Sherlock .. Horsley.. Poole..
Irving .. New Brotherhood .. . Purgatory..
Baptismal Names


OBIT.-M. Kieffer


PUB. AFF.-Irish Church Reform.. Irish Co.

ercion.. Lord's Day.. Factory Bill.. Slavery

.. Thanksgiving




SUPP. TO RELIG. INTEL.–Bible Society..

Hibernian Society.. Brit. and For. School




RELIG. AND Mis. Com.-American Divines :
Dr.Payson (continued)..Faith of Abraham

Charleston Prison.. Simplicity in Ser-
mons..John iii. 3, 7.. Pious Negroes : So-
lomon Bayley.. The Martyr's last Breath


Rev. OF-Taylor's Life of Cowper [con-

cluded).. Publications on Church Reform:

-1.“ Hints, by a Country Clergyman"

2.“ Re-distribution of Church Property"

3. “ Outline, by one of the Priesthood”.

4. " Address, by J. Douglas, Esq.”-5.On

Establishments, by T. M'Crie, D.D."-

0.“ Residence, without interfering with

Rights; by the Son of a Lawyer"

7. " Revision of the Book of Prayer "-

8.“ Address, by the Rev.W. Pullen" 286—306

LIT, AND Mis. INTEL. - Poor Laws.. In-

proved Investigation.. Copying from Publi-

cations. . Roman-Catholic Priesthood .... 307

PUB.AFP.-Parliament. Irish Coercion Bill ;

Irish Church Bill; Church-of-England

Reform; Lord's-Day Bill; Extinction of

Slavery ; Factory Bill; Corporal Punish-

ment by Flogging; Finance ; Beer Shops

.. Admiral Gambier and Rowland Hill.... 310



SuPf. to RELIG. INTEL.–Bible Society..

Lord's-day Bill



RELIG, AND Mis.Com.-American Divines :

Dr. Payson (concluded) .. Pious Negroes

(continued).. Faith of Abraham (con.

cluded).. Works before Justification

Tracts of the Christian Knowledge Society

..Burial Service. .Rejecting the Gospel..

Jay on Rowland Hill.. Being moved by the

Holy Spirit


Rev. Op-Sargent's Life of Thomason

Publications on Church Reform (continued]:

-9.“ Principles of Church Reform;" by

Dr. Arnold--10.“ A letter to the King;"

by J. Perry-11.“ A Letter to the Bishop

of London ; ” by Rev. G. R. Gleig-

12. " Cui Bono? by the Rev. H. Cotton,

LL D.-13. “ Clerical Education ; by a

Clergyman"-14. “ On the Office of Dea-

by the same – 15. “ Non-secular

Episcopacy;" by the Rev. T. Sims ..363 – 372



PUB. AFP.-Parliamentary Proceedings .. vice.. Ministerial Labours dependent upon

Lord's-day Bill .. Abolition of Slavery. Family Instruction .. Christian-Knowledge
Factory System.. Irish Church Bill. . Pilgrim Tracts. Parents at the Baptism of their
Tax in India

370-378 Children.. Baptism of illegitimate Children

OBIT.-T. Bainbridge

379 ..Montanists .. Unauthorized Applications


379 of Texts.. Liturgical Revision and Modem

Supp. to RELIG. INTEL.-Bible Society 380 Dissent. Theban Legion


Rev. OF-Bishop Wilson's Ordination Sermon


Publications on Church Reform (con-

RELIG. AND Mis. Com.-Address to Tra.

tinued) :-24.“ A Petition ;” by the Rev.

vellers, on the Observance of the Lord's-day

H. Budd


..The “ Second Spira ".. Forged Sanscrit Obit.-W. Wilberforce, Esq. [continued)..

Reference to Noah..Burton on the Obser-

Death of Hannah More


vance of Sunday.. Pietists in Germany.. PUB. AFF.-Great Britain .. Parliament:

Works before Justification.. Italian Martyr King's Speech : Address of the Speaker,

Algieri .. Rejection of the Gospel .. Ex-

&c. &c.


pounding.. Evangelical Pharisaism ..381-407 ANSWERS - Methodist Magazine .. Record

Rev. or--Sargent's Life of Thomason (con-

Newspaper on Slavery

tinued] ..Works on the Christian-Know- Supp. ro Relig. InTel.-Bible Society .. 636
ledge Society :--1. Strictures on “ Death-
bed Scenes"-2. Observations on ditto-

3. Stanley's Letter to Bishop Gray

Relig. AND Mıs. Com.-Relation of Chris.
4. Record Newspaper

428 tianity to Civil Government in the United
PUB. AVF.-Remarks.. Irish Church Bill..

States (continued]..Apathy in Missionary
Anti-Slavery Propositions.. India. .Oaths.. Efforts.. Anecdote in Gregory's Life of Hall
Local Jurisdiction .. Military Flogging

..Mysterious Stories.. Sickness of Hezekiah
Beer Act.. Party Politics.. Lord's-day Bill ;

.. Simplicity in Tracts.. Associating with

437 the Worldly-minded..Charitable Societies


444 in Churches..John xii. 31, 32..Criticisms

SUPP. TO RELIG. INTEL.–Bible Society.. upon Cowper.. Milner on the Montanists

Irish Society.. Brit. and For. School Society 444 .. Proposed Memorial of Wilberforce..637-665

Rev. Of-Life of Dr. A. Clarke, edited by J.


B. Clarke. . Publications on Church Reform

RELIG. AND Mis. Com.---Address to Tra. (continued) :--25. “ Impediments of ex-

vellers, on the Observance of the Lord's-day isting Interests ;" by a Layman-26. “ The

(concluded)..Oaths.. Pietists in Germany Church its own Reformer;" by the Rev. J.

.. Baxter on Slavery.. Concurrence of Holí.

Sandford-27. “ Church Rates ;" by the

days.. Political Partizanship in Religious

Rev. C. Girdlestone ...

..606 - 692

Persons ..German Universities .. Eulogies RELIG. INTEL.-Society for poor pious Cler-

on Sir W. Scott., Poetry ...........445-482



Rev. Or-Works on Christian-Knowledge LIT.PHIL. AND Mıs.INTEL.--Captain Ross..

Society (continued]: -1. Strictures on Wreck of the Boyne.. Clerical Residence :

" Death-bed Scenes"--2. Observations on Inhabited Houses.. Irish Education..Lost

ditto-3. Stanley's Letter to Bishop Gray

Acts of the Irish Parliament

..697, 698

-4. Record Newspaper.. Publications on PUB. AFP.


Church Reform (continued]:--16."Curates' ANSWERS-Park Chapel


Plea;" by LLB.--17.“ A second Letter;" Supp. To RELIG. INTEL.--Bible Society :
by C. Girdlestone--19. “ Endowments;" Memoir of Hughes

by W. Walters

...... 483--505
Obit.-Lord Gambier


Pub. AFF.-Lord's-day Bill .. Jewish Dis- RELIG, AND Mis. Con.-S. on Baptism of

abilities .. Extinction of Slavery.. Irish illegitimate Children..X. Y. on the same
Church Reform

508 ..Abbott's “ Young Christian".. Applica-

508 tion of Proverbs viii... The Record News.
Supp. To Relig. INTEL.-- Bible Society.. paper and Slavery : Every Man his own
Society for Universal Peace

508 Property-Rejected Letter to the Record

--Proceedings of the Record , . Address of

the Methodist Conference.. Character of

RELIG. AND Mıs. Com.--Cholera at Bi'ston the Montanists .. Reading School Exami-

.. Burton's Tract.. Eusebius of Cæsarea..

nation. . Malan's Tract, “ The true Cross”

Rejection of the Gospel. . Associating with


the Worldly-minded.. Pastoral Visits.. Ex- REV. or-Life of Dr. A. Clarke (continued] 741
pounding Church Lessons..Pious Neeroes : RELIG. INTEL, -- Efforts in Geneva .. St.
Cornelius of St. Crois .. Poetry: See a

David's College

Christian die......

...509--510 Mis. INTEL. – Profane Advertisement ..

Rev.or-Works on the Christian-Knowledge Ornamenting Public-houses, &c. &c. 738

Society (continued]: -1. Strictures on OBIT.- Rev. G. Burder


* Death-bed Scenes"-2. Observations on SUPP. TO RELIG. INTEL.–Bible Society:

ditto-3. Stanley's Letter to Bishop Gray-- Rev. J. Hughes..B. and F. School Society

4. Record Newspaper .. Publications on

763, 764

Church Reform continued]:-19. “ Pe-


tition;" by Preb. Wodehouse - 20.“ A RELIG. AND Mis. Cox.- Malan's Tract,
Plan;" by Lord Henley--21. “ Steps to- “ The true Cross" (concluded).. Query on
wards an efficient Reform," &c.; by a Titus i. 12..Comprehension with the Dis-
Clergyman--22.“ The Church and its Tém-

senters .. American Episcopal Letter ..
poralities;" by Rev. J. Sandford-23. Re-

Neglect of the Week-Day Church Services
form without Re-construction ;" by Rev. .. Education not based on the Bible.. Mixing
Uvedale Price

..541-565 with the Worldly-minded.. Clerical Ma-

OBIT.-W. Wilberforce

507 gistrates


Pue. AFF.--Slavery Abolition Act..Jewish Rev. or-Life of Dr. A. Clarke (concluded] 791

Disabilities Bill.. I'ithe Actions

572 Mis. INTEL --Saturday Magazine.. Christ-


572 mas Carols.. Public Executions..Prayer of
SUPP. TO RELIG. INTEL.—Bible Society 572 Charles I.. . Yorkshire Memorial of Mr. Wil-

berforce.. Anecdote......

..... Srs



RELIG. AND MIS. COM.--Relation of Chris- ANSWERS-Church Reform.. Prices of the

tianity to Civil Government in the United

Christian Knowledge Society's Tracts 811

States. , Relinquished Mission to the Jews SUPP. TO RELIG. INTEL.–Bible Society..

...Neglect of the Week-Days Church Ser.

Hibernian Society


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