The Gift Of Righteousness: Exploring Issues In Righteousness

Kingdom Builders Pub, 2006 - 40 pagina's
What is righteousness? How can I know that I am right with God? These questions have been the subject of controversy since the early existence of the Church. However, the Christian has to understand that righteousness is in who we are and not what we do. More importantly, the Christian has to realize that ultimately righteousness is a gift. In this book, we will explore issues in righteousness while giving believers an appreciation for the gift of righteousness.

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Over de auteur (2006)

Christopher C. Young has a desire to see men and women come into a greater knowledge of Christ. His teaching gift provides practical insights into biblical truths. He is the founder of Manna from Heaven Ministries: a ministry bringing God's word through practical teaching to the masses. He currently serves on the Deacon Board and Ministry of New Salem, M.B.C. located in Weeksville, NC.

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