A DEFENCE of the People of England, in answer to Salmasius's Defence of

the King...


A Treatise of Civil Power in Ecclesiastical Causes: showing, that it is not law-

ful for any Power on Earth to compel in Matters of Religion.....


Considerations touching the likeliest Means to remove Hirelings out the

Church, &c...


A Letter to a friend, concerning the Ruptures of the Commonwealth..... 170

The present Means and brief Delineation of a free Commonwealth, easy to be

put in practice, and without delay. In a Letter to General Monk........ 173

The ready and easy way to establish a free Commonwealth, and the Excellence

thereof, compared with the Inconveniences and Dangers of readmitting

Kingship in this Nation.....


Brief Notes upon a late Sermon, titled, “The Fear of God and the King,"

preached, and since published, by Matthew Griffith, D. D. and Chaplain to

the late King, wherein many notorious Wrestlings of Scripture, and other

Falsities, are observed....

.. 191

The History of Britain, that Part especially now called England; from the first

traditional Beginning, continued to the Norman Conquest. Collected out

of the ancientest and best Authors thereof. Published from a Copy cor-

rected by the Author himself........


Di true Religion, Heresy, Schism, Toleration, and what best Means may be used

against the Growth of Popery. Printed in the year 1673.....


A brief History of Moscovia, and other less known Countries lying Eastward of

Russia, as far as Cathay, gathered from the writings of several Eye-witnesses 350

A Declaration, or Letters Patents for the Election of John the Third, King of

Poland, elected on the 22d of May, Anno Dom. 1674, containing the Rea-

sons of this Election, the great Virtues and Merits of the said serene Elect,

his eminent Services in War, especially in his last great Victory against the

Turks and Tartars; whereof many Particulars are here related, not pub-

lished before.....


Letters of State to most of the Sovereign Princes and Republics of Europe, during

the Admninistration of the Commonwealth, and the Protectors Oliver and

Richard Cromwell........


Letters written in the Name of the Parliament...


Letters written in the Name of Oliver the Protector....


Letters written in the Name of Richard the Protector....


A Manifesto of the Lord Protector, against the Spaniards......


The Second Defence of the People of England, against an anonymous Libel,

entitled, “ The royal Blood crying to Heaven for Vengeance on the English


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