RULES. This was thought to be better for young learners, who require firm and clear dogmatic statements of fact and duty, But the skilful teacher will slowly work up to these rules by the interesting process of induction, and will—when it is possible-induce his pupil to draw the general conclusions from the data given, and thus to make rules for himself. Another convenience that will be found by both teacher and pupil in this form of rules will be that they can be compared with the rules of, or general statements about, a foreign language — such as Latin, French, or German.

It is earnestly hoped that the slight sketches of the History of our Language and of its Literature may not only enable the young student to pass his examinations with success, but may also throw him into the attitude of mind of Oliver Twist, and induce him to “ ask for more.

It is also intended that the book shall be useful to Acting Teachers who are preparing for their Certificate Examination,

The Index will be found useful in preparing the parts of each subject; as all the separate paragraphs about the same subject will be found there grouped together.

J. M. D. M.

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